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The Trios Claim

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"What if I don't want this?" I dared to ask and infer the fallouts of my denial. "This body will be marred till it breeds our moans" Vlad rasped into my ears caressing my hands. "Or this body gets afflicted till our names are etched in every plunge of your blood" Lorcan added. "You forgot your promise, Keegan?" Vlad put forward, his eyes wielded a menacing glare, today I learned why they say Russians don't smile. This psychopath would slash my hands If he wanted. Vlad was so malignant. I had promised him and now there's no backing out. Ivor didn't utter a word as his dark irises were obscured in desires when he leaned on my right side and tugged me above him with my back facing him. I felt so small in front of them, even if I would be with one of them then too, I would pray to withstand this but right now, it was three exceptionally beautiful stellar deadly men who had deduced to render me to submit. Contains :- BDSM/SMUT/SHARING/FOURSOME/ABUSE/POLYAMORY/REVERSEHAREM/HORROR ROMANCE/ TORTURE.

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This book is a POLYAMORY DARK/HORROR BOOK that's the reason am posting a WATERED-DOWN VERSION ON WATTPAD.

If you want to read the book beyond the content policies subscribe to my PATREON where it will be updated regularly. PATREON LINK IN BIO.

Book is not edited nor proof read, feel free to swipe past this book if you feel the grammar is too erratic for your taste :)
I tensed deciphering Lorcan and Ivor edging their dicks across both my openings when Vlad yanked my hairs peppering trails of hot sloppy kisses down my throat as I felt this sudden intrusion.

I gasped inside Vlad's mouth, inhaling as Vlad not once left my mouth when Lorcan and Ivor entered me.

I was getting fucked by two men while the other was kissing me with so much passion.

Lorcan pulled out once and slammed his cock inside me like an animal that carved my entire body to jostle and heave.

Ivor was moving inside me in sync as his hands were fidgeting with my navel ring, his fingers stroking my lower abdomen while now his hands were ascending towards my breasts.

My scalp burnt due to Vlad's grip over my hairs as I brought my mouth close to his cock.

Rolling my tongue over his tip, he moaned as I continued to pump his cock.

Three men were receiving pleasure from me while I was acquiring enormous pleasure from them. This was so fucked up.
I screamed in horror when I found myself crumpling over the cliff begging those three lunatics to pull me up.

"You wanted to leave us, right Keegan?" Lorcan spoke as Vlad knocked his dagger across my right palm. I was sure my howls echoed throughout the cliffs.

"Lorcan, Ivor please help me" I cried out pleading with the other two psychos to at least get Vlad away from me.

My right hand had now taken off the rock due to the injury from the brutal stab and now I had steadied my body by holding on to the rock by my left hand. I didn't see it coming when Lorcan jabbed his dagger across my left palm fastening it across the rock.

"Didn't we tell you, it is either all three of us for you or death, Keegan"


Keegan Mathews, a high school teacher, with everything planned about her future never knew her one mistake would land her in the hands of the three most dangerous men to ever exist.

Lorcan Windsor,
born in a Royal family had all the luxury and wealth but no one knew the secret he was hiding behind the facade of a rich businessman other than his best friend and enemy; Ivor O'Malley and Vlad Oblonsky.

Ivor O'Malley was the best friend of the two powerful men who had enmity in their blood for each other. What will he do when he comes to know two of his best friends are behind the same woman he is??

Vlad Oblonsky was a mysterious man, he liked to keep it all private. He was the most feared man in Russia with only one enemy, Lorcan Windsor. What will he do when he comes to know his enemy and best friend are obsessed with the same woman he has his eyes on??



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