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The Trios Claim

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1)When It All Started

The students which surrounded me just a few minutes ago in the school corridors had now begun vacating the hall and making their way towards the school auditorium.

Working at one of the most prestigious schools in the state as a teacher was not an easy job. Being their permanent teacher I had to deal with the parents, students, annual meets, various other gatherings and one such gathering was about to take place today.

Lorcan Windsor and his best friend Ivor O'Malley were invited as our chief guests. Their security guards had seized almost three fourth of our entire school.

Well, why won't the proprietors of this expensive and magnificent school possess guards??

Lorcan Windsor was the only heir of the British Royal family while Ivor O'Malley was his best friend. Many also speculated that they both were the British Mafia and had connections with the High Table.

If rumours were to be believed then possibly they had an alliance with Nikolas Ferdinando and Arjun Goenka; The Kings who ruled the High Table.

I was making my way towards the auditorium when I received a harsh push from someone bringing me to land over my butt and just like that my bifocals broke.

I glanced above to be met with three security guards with a black shirt on which had inscribed an "L" on it. They didn't even infer it was integral to help me out.

Yeah, their status, of course, was way too greater than mines after all they serve the royal heir.

I straightened up myself and without uttering a word entered the auditorium.

Good, I had my speech assembled and I didn't have to read it out cause my bifocals were broken and I wouldn't be able to read.

I was prescribed bifocals by that asshole of a doctor from a very young age as I had complications that would cause my eyes to strain while reading.

I delivered my speech and stood at a corner so that the Trustee could welcome the chief guests.

I was donning a denim skirt and had paired it up with a white shirt along with sneakers which complimented my overall look.

When the door of the auditorium was wide open, in came a whole bunch of men in black with the most advanced gun "The Liberator" with them. They were encircling two men whom I wasn't able to see.

They were escorted to their seats with their men chasing behind them and I was told to serve them their welcome drink which wasn't a fruit juice or pulp but cognac for Mr Ivor and Sherry for Mr Lorcan.

Lorcan Windsor lent the motivational speech to the young students and went back to his seat while Ivor O'Malley came off to be laughing at something Mr Lorcan had just spoken of. They both seemed very good friends. Anyone could tell that.

I still couldn't see any one of them cause their back was facing me and it's not that I wanted to see them. I needed to hurry back home. My husband and I had a party to attend.

When I and the other teachers went to serve both the high profile men we were ceased by their guards, thoroughly inspected and only then were allowed in near them.

The day had come to an end. Everyone was permitted to leave while I and the other two teachers were told to leave after attending to the guests.

When I was in front of them both, I called out their names.

Both of them turned over and that's when everything came to halt.

Jesus christ what were these two men made up of?

Ivor O'Malley cleared his throat and that's when I appeared back to reality, my cheeks would he stained red by now if it wasn't for the melanin.

I greeted them both and sprinted out of the auditorium with my bag embarrassed of the stunt I just pulled in there in front of the two wealthiest men.

I was stepping down the stairs when someone harshly grabbed me into the dark janitor closet and latched it from inside, I was about to scream for help but two men buckled me to the barricade of the closet rendering my eyes to go wide.

Christ. Who were they? Some drunkards? How did the security let them in?

"Giving us that look with those pretty doe eyes and leaving us alone there, all hard and needy for you. That's not how it works darling" someone rasped into my ears while unbuckling their pants bringing me to thrash in their hold. The man was stroking himself over my clothed core and moaning shamelessly.

"Leave me, please. I don't know what are you both talking about" I cried when the man manhandled me and whirled me with my face now slammed across the wall as he heaved my skirt above my ass, he smacked my ass carving me to fight back harder.

The other man who was clutching me in an iron grip clamped my jaw and placed a soft kiss on my lips as he began unbuttoning my shirt amassing nothing but my cries.

"Please leave me. What did I do to you two" I panted hard when he had successfully unbuttoned my shirt while the other man who was blabbering how I was theirs now was brisk in pressing himself against me and moaning. They both seemed high to me.

The very next moment he tore my thong, took in the whiff of my thong and passed it to the man beside me.

"Ummm, divine" the other man who just sniffed my thong moaned now pinching my nipples while I still had my bra on.

The other man had his hands dived in between my folds as he was about to rip off my entire skirt when the man beside me spoke,

"Are you crazy? How will we take her with us? I don't want anyone glimpsing at our woman naked with our marks all over her body" he gritted at which the other man nodded and started looking for the zipper of my skirt and that's when I commenced struggling to get away from them both.

"Listen to me darling, my day today was full of meeting shitty and trashy people who spoiled my whole day by their ridiculous talks and the motherfucking brats there were successful in making my day even duller. You see, I will just fuck you here a little and rest work we will do way back to our home but still, if you don't cooperate darling than" asserting that he pulled out a handkerchief and fastened both my hands behind my back, grabbing my throat.

"Did you think after gazing at us with those lovely eyes you could get away with it?" the other man next to me rumbled making me jerk my head in denial.

Who were these two?? Why were they doing this to me??

The man who clamped my hands grabbed a hold of my hairs and attempted to compile them giving rise to my whole cleavage apparent to his eyes. I watched how his eyes darkened at this which made me quiver away a little.

"You Fool, can't you see her hairs are coiled, you cannot work on those spiralled hairs" the one beside me snarled.

"Those are my afros" I cried.

"Teacher taught us a new word" one of them chuckled as he stretched my legs wider and initiated to examine my ass and vagina while the other man was forcefully propelling me suck his thumb.

Both of them discarded their pants and were ready to drill themselves inside me when I yelled,

"Please, I am a married woman"


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