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The Trios Claim

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"What the fuck did she just say?" Lorcan howled zipping back his pants and slamming his hands on the nearby locker while Keegan recklessly started slipping on her shirt.

"Brother we need to go," Ivor explained clutching Lorcan's hand and struggling to drag him with him but Lorcan shoved Ivor away and delivered one fierce punch across his jaw which Ivor reciprocated by punching him down his throat.

"Do you fucking think am not bothered ?" Ivor yelled tugging Lorcan on his chest compelling him to move back a little and then gripping him by his collar.

"If you're that bothered why the fuck will you let her go??" Lorcan gritted kicking Ivor right across his stomach.

Both of them were now knocking punches at each other and were immersed in causing each other utmost damage.

Keegan concluded this was the best opportunity for her to escape these two lunatics so without overseeing much she scrambled towards the door but Lorcan took a fistful of her hairs, hoisting her up by her hairs he thumped her on the floor.

"Did I fucking tell you to leave??" Lorcan growled and was about to kick Keegan when Ivor meddled.

"No, you can't kick her like that you fucker" Ivor let out challenging Lorcan.

"Oh really?" Lorcan divulged bending down as he stroked Keegan's jaw, he took a grasp of her right shoulder and dislocated it the next minute.

"What else I cannot do brother?" He gritted pressing on 'brother' now clutching Keegan's right leg.

"Please stop both of you. I will complain about you two for this physical assault and abuse" Keegan sobbed gripping her dislocated shoulder.

"She doesn't even know me and my woman wants to act like a fucking bitch who knows everything" Lorcan barked smothering her while they were still in the janitor closet which was engulfed in darkness.

Keegan was attempting to pry off their hands but whom was she kidding?

"She's married how is this her fault?" Ivor began explaining Lorcan while Keegan was relieved that at least one of the psychos had a rationale psyche.

"It's her husband's fault, not hers" Ivor added at which Lorcan nodded gawking Keegan. Keegan had wide eyes listening to Lorcan.

While Keegan was foreign to the men assaulting her, both the men were in profound thoughts.

"Let's take her with us by the time we reach our estate we will make sure she's a widow by then," Lorcan proposed scratching his chin.

"That's an excellent plan. I will inform Ezra to keep us updated about her husband as this locale comes under The Donovan's territory" Ivor said.

"No, no please leave my husband. I will come with you two readily" Keegan cried but all she got in return was an intense pain on her dislocated shoulder due to the belt which Lorcan had just whisked on her.

"My Husband" Lorcan gritted and whacked her once again with his belt.

Keegan didn't know why no one was still reaching out to help her. She was appalled cause she was sure everyone might have heard her cries.

"You both can't do this to a married woman" she shouted and received yet another slash carving her cry out loud.

After battering her for ten hits it's then Lorcan passed on his belt to Ivor.

"If I beat her like you just did am sure by the time I finish we will need a casket" Ivor mocked amassing a chuckle from Lorcan.

Ivor took off to where the battered and beaten Keegan was plopped on the floor. Clamping her hairs in braids he twisted both her hands behind her back and tied them together, after doing the same with both her legs, he tied her hairs, hands and legs jointly behind her back and now Keegan was tied in a backward bent cartwheel posture.

Both Ivor and Lorcan were laughing watching her.

"Who has a husband here?" Ivor asked this time.

"Whose Husband? Am single please just let me go" Keegan sobbed ashamed at her helplessness. Two lunatics beat her up, tied her up and were now demanding her to do things they wanted and she had to obey them or god knows what they were capable of.

"How about we use this position? I get her pussy while you will have access to her mouth" Lorcan added excited, ready to again unzip his trouser.

"I am in no mood of getting sucked," Ivor said crouching down on the floor nuzzling Keegan's cheeks and leaving sloppy kisses all over her face.

Lorcan too crouched down and turned Keegan towards him and did the same.

"You are our both's equally," he said gazing at Ivor at which Ivor lifted up his hands in the air to indicate his coalition on this subject.

Keegan was crying and desired nothing more than getting away from them both.

"It's 300 seconds since I last fucked you up Darling, these tears will compel me to just do all that once again" Lorcan grinned but Keegan was quick enough to quell those tears from sliding down her cheeks.

"Let's make her a widow already," Lorcan said when Ivor was untying Keegan.

After Ivor had untied her, Keegan saw both of them were formulating plans to kill her husband in front of her. They both were too engrossed to notice when Keegan made a run for the door and began descending the stairs.

Keegan had now exited the school edifice and was aimlessly running on the road peeking behind to glance whether they were following her or not.

She was running like a madwoman when she was about to get hit by a car but luckily the driver was quick enough to tighten breaks.

"Please help me" Keegan cried knocking on the quarterlight continuously begging for help gazing behind to see if they both were pursuing her.

From nowhere two guards appeared and shoved her away from the sleek black car.

"They both will kill me. Please help me" she cried in front of those guards who had already turned their backs on her and were now getting inside their cars.

Keegan was traumatised due to the recent occurrences with Lorcan and Ivor. She hurriedly got up and didn't mind her almost ripped dress and initiated running towards the nearest bus station that's when the car door opened,

"GET IN" was all the man instructed and Keegan was already in.

Keegan didn't dare to look at the man and was busy fiddling her purse to search for her phone.

"Sir if we drop this lady we will be late for your flight" a voice came in from the intercom.

"делай свою гребаную работу" the man grunted while his eyes strumbled on Keegan.
(Do your fucking work)

His voice was sufficient for Keegan to quiver away in fear. His dark eyes directed on her body didn't help her much too.

Taking notice of his voice Keegan gazed at the man who was willing to help her and she was stunned.

One word that could describe him would be,


When they reached Keegan's block and she got out of the car after thanking the man that's when he ceased her by clutching her hands.

"маленькая волшебница заставила Влада Облонского помочь ей" The man let out looking at her dead in the eye.

(Little enchantress made Vlad Oblonsky help her)

"Huh?" Keegan inquired confused.

"Today you came to me pleading for help, next time I see you, my enchantress, no one could help you to get out of my reach" the man asserted kissing her knuckles and leaving her.

Throwing her shoes out of his car he yelled,

"Don't go strolling around carelessly, I won't like if I see you this way the next time. Here ends your escapades"



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