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This is about any other kid but with sleep paralysis. Stay tuned to see what happens!

Horror / Drama
Seth Marten
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Enter of the book

Hello welcome! Before we begin I would like to shout out somebody!

:Zachery Cent thanks for the amazing feed back and nice that you saw me on roblox

:idea by Zack Weelsmith

:writer Seth Marten

:support grammer Dash Runner

:title maker Thomas iceburg

And the brand new update maker who we have known for years

:bad word cutouts Samual Entre

Dear fellow reader I am so happy for all the support on my Chanel thank you

From Seth Marten and Dash Runner

:updates brand new opening book maker

:better grammer and better talking

:more chapters

:now accepting people’s roblox friend requests.

Acout is pizzadude8961 seeya!

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