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A group a friends decide to go to an escape room on the 31st of October, only to find that this one room is a little different from all the others, now they must all sacrifice something to get out of their own rooms. Calley is the adventurous one, but she has many secrets that might just cost her the game itself. Kelsey is the shy one, but she has kept the one thing hidden that has made her shy, the game will exploit it in order to save her friends. George is the clown, with a dark secret hanging on his shoulders that his room shows all over, and it's up to him whether to leave or not Hades, well his name for starters shows no weakness, unless his friends are hurt, and the game will use that to their advantages. Hanna is the one, who protects but still stays away, she keeps the group from falling apart but her weakeness's could cost the group their lives.

Horror / Adventure
Addison Demis
Age Rating:

Hallows Eve

It was a dark and scary night, and Geriald was walking home all alone.

All he could hear around him was crickets and loud thundering footsteps, and the faster he walked the faster the footfalls went.

Soon enough he reached his house and went to open the door, but a loud howl cut through the air and he spun around coming face to face with a large hideous beast.

He could barely utter a scream before the beasts mouth unhinged and swallowed the poor boy whole, to never see the living daylights again.

Hanna closed the book up, the fear inside leaving quickly from the expected ending to the horror story, placing it back on the bookshelf she checked the time and started getting ready for the day of hallows eve.

Her friends and her never wanted to dress up in fairy outfits or go door to door asking for candy, instead they all took a pillow case and went to the haunted house 20 minutes from their town.

This year they decided they would do an escape room, and if they all completed their rooms in time they would write a scary story and stick it under Kelseys brothers door to give him a fright. All they had to do was wait until sundown so they could use the excuse they were out trick or treating.

There was school today, but it wouldn't stop them from making plans. Hanna was writing down ideas and was going to pass them throughout the group. Hades tried to convince everyone's parents to let them skip seeing as all they would be doing in class was watching a lame horror movie and binging on junk food, it did not seem appealing to anyone in their class.

Hanna finished throwing her shirt over her head, and her alarm went off letting her know that her friends where waiting outside in her vehicle. Two seconds after the alarm came a honk from Calleys vehicle and a text telling her to hurry her ass up.

Hanna rushed down the stairs and grabbed a bar out of the fridge, running out the door she didn't bother to lock it cause her mom would be home in an hour, "took you long enough" George teased as he opened the door for her to get in "hey guys, I was just" Hanna started to say but got cut off by her friends "reading a horror story, we know".

A light blush covered her face, she tried to hide it by looking out the window but Calley seen and let out a small laugh "I think it's cute you like reading them" she smiled. Hanna nodded and leaned against the seat taking her bag off and placing it by her feet.

"George give Hades a call and see if he's awake yet" Calley said and winked and Hanna knowing that he wouldn't be awake yet, "he won't wake up to the phone we'll have to go in" Hanna states but per usual she gets dropped off at his house while they go to pick up Kelsey.

She entered her house without knocking, his parents would be livid if she woke them up, and crept up into his room.

"Hades" Hanna whispered and shook him violently, smiling as he grumbled to life "ugh, Hanna leave me alone" Hades groaned covering his eyes with his hand. Sighing she got on the bed and dropped onto him, he let out a small oomph and pushed her off onto the side of the bed.

"It's Hallows eve" Hanna tell him, his eyes opened slowly and his hands fast out grabbing her by the waist bringing her in for a kiss. "I assume you want a kiss" Hanna raised and eyebrow in questioning, and Hades nodded at her "only if you get dressed" she bounced off of him and sat on the ground. "You wound me my precious" Hades jokes swinging his feet off the bed and walking into his closet, Hanna smiles and makes his bed for him, so he doesn't need to spend the extra minutes doing it and making them all late for school.

She grabbed his school back as he walked out of the closet, his black hair ruffled in a sexy way, while he was dressed in dark jeans and a grey hoodie "you look hot" Hanna says and pecks him on the cheek.

She runs off him on her tail, and once they get outside she lets him give her a kiss on the lips "now that's a good morning" Hades whispers and kisses her hair. Both of them standing their waiting for their friends, not even two minutes later and the black pickup truck was arriving in the street.

"We are off to see the wizard" Hanna started singing and skipping down the driveway, making sure Hades was on her tail and slipped in to the back of the car. Hades went in the front and gave every one a wry smile.

"Hanna" Kelsey said from the middle seat and Hanna raised her head to look at Kelsey, Kelsey could become a model she had a great shape of a body and this blond honey hair that is too die for, and if that's not enough her fashion sense is amazing, she was wearing a black tie up dress paired with some black thigh highs "your outfit is to die for" Hanna gushed like a kid.

Kelsey smiled, showing off two rows of perfectly white teeth, "so is yours" she points at Hannas plain white halter top and black skirt with chains over it "why thank you kind sir" Hanna made a movement of tipping an imaginary hat.

"Are y'all ready for tonight" George asked and smiled at all of us holding out his hand "on three" Hades laughed and placed his hand on top, and once they had all place their hand they throw them in the air "Hallows Eve" they shouted together before piling out of the truck.

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