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It's been 10 years since England has been colonized by the Lycanthrope cursed race. Some say it's a curse but science says otherwise - some virus has gone wild.After her betrayal and being banished from the only safe land there was by her mate Lucy goes back into the wild ugly world. There she struggles to survive but she also finds herself and she finds out that Alexander's pack is not the only pack out there. She also learns that werewolves aren't the only species her kind should be worried about. BOOK1 available on Patreon &GALATEA

Horror / Fantasy
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“Not like that Lucy!” Amara slapped my arm hard and I groaned as I held my bow tighter. I was so annoyed , Amara could be a bit extreme whenever she gave me these lessons. She was a great friend but definitely an impatient tutor. “Lower your shoulders a little,relax and concentrate on your target. Don’t be too tense just relax and let go,”

I did as I was told,I breathed in deep and let my arrow travel exactly were it was supposed to go. I smiled when it landed on the rabbits head that Amara had nailed to the tree for target practice. “yes!” I squealed and she smiled at me shaking her head. I met Amara six months ago after I got banished from Alexanders land. I had nowhere to go so I bunked in an old run down truck. I was starving to death when Amara found me dehydrated and half unconscious at the back of the truck. She saved my life by taking me to her crew,they called themselves the ‘travelers’ because they never stayed in one place for too long.

I am part of that crew now making us ten and I have come to love everyone.They are like my family now. I try hard not to think of the past, not staying in one place for too long is good for me especially if it means I get further and further away from ‘him’. Amara ran a hand through her dirty brown shoulder length straight hair “don’t get too excited it takes at least four perfect shots to take a wolf down”

“Oh please, I am getting a hang of this” I said releasing another arrow and it hit the rabbit head again,I smirked as she rolled her eyes.

“Hey there ladies!” Trevor called out in a playful tone walking towards us with John.

I smiled as I watched them get closer,Trevor was a tall 26 year old man and his younger brother John was 23 years old. They didn’t look anything alike with Trevor being extremely blond you could almost mistaken his blond hair for white with spiking crystal blue eyes and pale skin. Sometimes the children would tease him and call him a vampire. John was the exact opposite with a mop of curly black hair ,doe brown eyes and skin perfectly tanned by the sun.He was also slightly shorter than Trevor but they were both on the lean side. The only thing that they had in common was their funny sense of humor.

“Have you come to join us for hunting?” Amara grinned

John scratched the tip of his pointy nose “Uh obviously! How is your game Night angel?” he asked me with a smirk.

“Oh I’m good now,I have a good tutor.“I smiled nudging Amara who grinned at me. I earned the name night angel after we all realized I was good at hunting for our food in the dark,the poor animals wouldn’t even see me coming. Trevor always said it was because my dark jet black curtain of hair hid me well by blending in with the night but I begged to differ-I was just good at hunting period.

“You heard her I am the best,” Amara said stretching her arms as she adjusted the bow hanging on her arm.

Hakim scoffed as he suddenly appeared behind me , “Are you going to hunt or spend the entire time discussing and bragging about who is good at what”

“Ah Hakim always the responsible and sensible one” Trevor sang with in his usual playful tone

Hakim didn’t even try to hide his annoyance. I smiled,he would have been the perfect mother hen. Hakim was a smart boy in his late teens, at just 18 he felt as though he could carry on all the responsibilities. He was a cute boy,literally,he had the perfect shade of blond curls tied in a small pony tail and braided in some parts. He was tall with a bit of muscles ,you could clearly see that the boy was growing up to be a proper giant.He had eyes the perfect shade of silver grey.

“Lets go before my children starve to death,” I said walking forward with Amara by my side

She nudged my shoulder playfully “Our children”

I grinned and we ran hiding behind every tree or bush we could find.We all knew better than to get ourselves caught by the werewolves. We were in the outer skirts of what was once a great England,Alexanders men wouldn’t be here but that was just the worst part because every wolf is different. They are animals at the most and wild animals kill. In the past six months I had learned a lot including the fact that there were rogue wolves. Wolves that acted as If they were dogs with rabbis,they were uncontrollable and murderous. There was no point in thinking twice before killing them.

“Get down we have one!” Hakim whispered harshly gripping my right shoulder and I went down immediately laying on my stomach. Amarah did the same,we crawled behind a small bush,Trevor and John were hidden quite well behind a large tree.

“What is it ?“I whispered very lowly

Amara peeked for a second before replying me with a large grin on her face “Its a big one,Kudu”

John gave us four fingers with excitement glittering in his blue eyes and my eyes widened mirroring Amara’s “that can’t be right though,”

“Yeah it’s too good to be true,especially in this area.” Hakim said behind me,he waved his left hand at the two brothers. A signal for them to wait and not make any other moves.

Trevor widened his eyes with a frown as he mouthed “Are- you- crazy”,he pointed at his bow and arrow then at the kudus. He wanted to hunt,he knew that this meat would save us for months before we ever got hungry again and he was right but the only problem was that this situation was ‘too good’. Hakim shook his head furiously but Trevor was already on his stomach crawling towards the animals.

“There is something else here” Hakim whispered harshly and my breathing increased as I held my bow and arrow ready to use them at any second.

“what the fuck is that!” Amara said a little too loud and John quickly went after his brother.

I peeked through the bush and immediately wished I hadn’t. A large slimy beast the size of a baby elephant dived in out of nowhere as it went for one of the Kudus .It was like nothing I had ever seen before with all its teeth sharp like razor blades and large enough to tear into any type of flesh. Its skin was all slimy as it ran on all its fours that included what looked like two large hands and feet. It looked like a deformed human being yet it also looked like some sort of animal I have never seen with skin a shade of milk and butter with ugly angry red veins.

“shit!” Hakim exclaimed as he aimed his arrow at the unknown predator . As if it sensed the attack its large bald head immediately snapped in our direction and it screeched.It was so fast ,almost as fast as the werewolves. I watched in horror as it pounced on John who was going to warn his brother. I didn’t even think twice as I released my arrow and It went straight through its heart and the beast went down immediately.

“John!” Trevor shouted as he ran to his brother who was breathing harshly laying on his back in shock.

We all ran to him,“Are you okay?” Amara asked checking for wounds

“My fucking leg!” he groaned and we all looked at each other in horror,his leg had been ripped off.

“Fuck they are more,oh my God!” Amara cried out in horror. There were suddenly loud angry screels as more of the beasts appeared from a distance.

“Run,leave me here.” John said with a groan.

I shook my head as we picked him up by the shoulders while Amara wrapped her t-shirt on his leg to slow down his bleeding. “We leave no man behind”

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

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