Delilah's Shadow

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Chapter 15

Doctor Meyer reviewed the video file of Jane Doe #11576 and Detective Crane interaction on his computer several times. It did appear, at first glance, as though she was assaulting the Detective somehow. Doctor Meyer concluded that it was not an assault, but a coincidence, simply witnessed by Jane Doe. After all, how could she possibly assault her in such a way without poisoning the Detective ahead of time? It was clearly not a physical assault by any means. Doctor Meyer decided the Detective became violently ill for some reason yet to be determined and Jane Doe watched. Simple as that. If Jane Doe was faking her catatonia, it stands to reason she could sit up and watch as this woman fell to the floor, ill from whatever happened to her.

“Doctor Meyer, Nurse Meade just called. Jane Doe is awake and in a state.” Miss Packard’s voice came across on the intercom.

“What kind of state?” Doctor Meyer pushed the intercom button and asked.

“Well, she didn’t really say, Doctor.”

“Have you received any more information from Doctor Warner.” He asked.

“I’m sorry, no. He did say that the detective had a medical file from Jane Doe’s adolescence.”

“Thank you, Sheila. Let’s see if we can schedule a meeting with that detective.” Doctor Meyer stood up and walked to his window. It took Jane Doe a lot longer to come to than he anticipated. It was almost five o’clock, he was looking forward to leaving a little bit earlier. Maybe even leave the same time as Miss Packard, show her that her advice and concern mattered to him. Well, maybe tomorrow. He knew she was leaving soon. Doctor Meyer left his office and lingered at Miss Packard’s desk a minute. She looked at him the whole time she finished filing and putting everything on her desk away. Her end of the day ritual. She knew he wasn’t going home and kept glancing at him, waiting for him to say it. She collected the final stack from her desk and grabbed her purse from beneath the desk, setting it on top of her desk. She stood up and put her jacket on, then smiled at him, “Shall we?” She grabbed her purse.

“After you.” Doctor Meyer put his hand out for her to go first.

“I see you aren’t ready to go home yet.” She observed as they walked across the waiting area together.

“No, no, I’m not.” He said with a smile on his face, as usual he was a bit embarrassed. She badgered him and he promised her, and yet they always ended the day like this, “I’m going to, uh,”

“I know, Martin, I know.” She smiled at him and patted his cheek, “Goodnight, Martin, don’t sleep here tonight, ok?”

“Goodnight, Sheila, I won’t. I promise.” Doctor Meyer walked with her to the elevator.

“Goodnight.” She said again as the elevator doors shut between them.

Doctor Meyer smiled to himself thinking about Sheila. He waited for the elevator to return and considered what she would say if he ever invited her to dinner. He liked to imagine she would say, it’s about time or, of course Doctor. The only problem was he never seemed to find time to follow through with that fantasy. Such was his life. The elevator opened again, and Doctor Meyer entered, then pressed seven. He thought about Miss Packard all the way down until the doors opened again. For an instant, he fantasized she would be waiting for him when the doors opened. Doctor Meyer stopped at Nurse Meade’s desk. Orderly Miller was there talking to her when Doctor Meyer arrived. He popped up from her desk like he was electrocuted and waited at attention for Doctor Meyer to speak. Nurse Meade also stood up and walked around her desk to Doctor Meyer.

“Doctor, Jane Doe has been moaning and crying since she came to. She is in four, fully restrained as you ordered.” Nurse Meade gave him a summary as usual, “Mister Burke has been very agitated this evening as well.”

“Yeah, he’s been a particularly worse prick than usual.” Orderly Miller mumbled. Doctor Meyer looked at him, and Orderly Miller’s eyes went wide in anticipation of being reprimanded.

“Hmm, and Miss Mercer?” Doctor Meyer asked glancing between the two of them.

“She’s been…” Orderly Miller started then opted to let Nurse Meade finish for him.

“Well,” Nurse Meade looked at Orderly Miller like they didn’t know how to say it, “Well,” Nurse Meade led the way to the door to the hall that held the patient’s rooms, “Come with me, Doctor.” Doctor Meyer looked at Orderly Miller with curiosity, then followed Nurse Meade. Orderly Miller followed just behind Doctor Meyer. Nurse Meade stopped in front of room number four and put her finger to her lips and listened. Doctor Meyer stopped and again gave her a curious look. He listened at the door a moment with the others. He could hear Jane Doe crying and whimpering in a very familiar way. He couldn’t quite place where he heard it before. Nurse Meade motioned for him to follow her further down the hall. She led him down to room eight. Right away, Doctor Meyer could hear Miss Mercer moaning and whimpering, the familiarity between the two women was uncanny.

“I want a fucking cigarette!” Yelled Mr. Burke from across the hall and then banged on the door looking out the window at them, startling Nurse Meade, making her jump and put her hand to her chest.

“Shit!” She said, “Excuse me, Doctor.” Orderly Miller was also startled but reacted differently. He slapped the glass of the door with his open palm.

“Shut the fuck up, you asshole!” Orderly Miller yelled then stood in front of the door to stare down Mr. Burke.

“I’m not a prisoner, Miller! I’m here for help, not torture, ya fucking sasquatch.” Mr. Burke yelled back at him. Doctor Meyer walked across the hall and tapped Orderly Miller’s arm and he stepped aside.

“Mister Burke,” Doctor Meyer adjusted his glasses then checked his watch, “I need you to remain calm, please, and not act out.”

“Just let me have a cigarette, doc.” Mr. Burke said through the glass.

“That is not an unreasonable request. However, in the future if you want something, let’s try to ask in a more civil manner.” Doctor Meyer looked at Orderly Miller, “After we are done with Jane Doe go ahead and take him out for a cigarette before dinner.”

“Ok,” Orderly Miller slammed his palm against the window again suddenly startling Mr. Burke and then laughed.

“You’re an asshole, Miller!” Mr. Burke yelled then kicked the door.

“Mister Miller, you are not diffusing the situation.” Doctor Meyer said sternly. Orderly Miller could not conceal his smile. Doctor Meyer checked his watch again, “I need you to remain quiet until Orderly Miller returns and takes you out for your cigarette, Mister Burke. Do I have your word, sir?”

“Yeah, alright.” Mr. Burke walked away from the window of his door. Orderly Miller walked to the door of room number four. His keys rattled as he searched for the right one. Nurse Meade stopped Doctor Meyer at door number six.

“Listen, Doctor.” She said and listened, looking left to right, she narrowed her eyes trying to hear. Doctor Meyer listened and he could hear both women moaning and whimpering the same, as if they were both singing a song together. It gave him goosebumps. He and Nurse Meade looked at each other. She shook her head slowly and he started to smile.

“That is, uh…” Doctor Meyer started.

“It’s fucking creepy as hell, doc.” Orderly Miller announced loudly from the door to room four, then put his key in the lock. It clicked.

“Ms. Meade, please ready a sedative, then join us directly.” Doctor Meyer joined Orderly Miller outside the door. He stood a few feet back from the door, facing it. He waited until Nurse Meade returned with the sedative then nodded for Orderly Miller to open the door. When the door opened, Doctor Meyer walked in, followed by Nurse Meade, then Orderly Miller, who shut the door behind the three of them, then posted up at it. Nurse Meade walked to the left side of the bed next to Jane Doe. Doctor Meyer stood at the foot of the bed and looked down at Jane Doe.

“Hello, Jane. My Name is Doctor Meyer, how are we feeling?” He asked smiling at her with his hands behind him, one in the other. Jane Doe rolled her head back and forth and sniffled. She glanced at Doctor Meyer then at Nurse Meade.

“Why?” Jane Doe sniffled again, “Why am I in restraints, Doctor? I haven’t tried to hurt myself again.”

“Have you tried to hurt yourself before, Jane?” Doctor Meyer asked.

“Yes, after my baby...” She tried to raise her arm to wipe her nose, “Why am I tied down, Doctor Meyer? Why are you calling me Jane?”

“You know who I am? Good. What is your name, what would you like me to call you?” Doctor Meyer was ecstatic she was talking. This was far better than he expected.

“What is this? Some new game to make me get back to who I am, why are you doing this to me?” She started to cry, “Why can’t I just die?”

“Jane,” Doctor Meyer walked to the side of the bed opposite of Nurse Meade, “Why do you want to die? What happened to you?”

“I’m not Jane!” she cried, “I’m Jenny, I’m Jenny Mercer! I don’t understand why your calling me Jane?” She whimpered. Doctor Meyer looked her over carefully, she was a small framed teenaged girl. He looked at Nurse Meade who had a shocked look on her face. He looked over at Orderly Miller who had the same look.

“You, are a very clever girl, Jane.” Doctor Meyer smiled at the way the other two bought into the young girls masterfully played personality imitation of Miss Jenny Mercer down the hall. Doctor Meyer nodded and walked back to the end of the bed, turning to face Jane Doe. She cried and whimpered just like Miss Mercer down the hall. Doctor Meyer had a thought and walked to the wall behind him and listened carefully. He walked its length listening. He could faintly hear Jenny Mercer in her room whimpering. Doctor Meyer turned back and walked to the foot of the bed again. “Jane, would you like to have a seat? Maybe eat some dinner?”

“Why do you keep calling me Jane?” she started to try and sit up, “You know my name, stop calling me that!”

“Your name is not Jenny Mercer. Let’s try again. What is your name?” Doctor Meyer asked.

“I’m Jenny! I’m Jenny! I’m Jenny!” She yelled then started screaming. Doctor Meyer nodded to Nurse Meade. She injected Jane Doe without hesitation. It was quick. She was out.

“Orderly Miller, I’d like you to release her when she wakes up and feed her. No more restraints. Treat her as if she is whoever she pretends to be when she comes to, is that understood?” he walked to the door and opened it, “Who else is on tonight?”

“Korrell, and I think you leave at eight, right, Becky?” Orderly Miller asked Nurse Meade. Doctor Meyer looked over at Nurse Meade.

“Norma comes on at eight.” She said nodding yes to them.

“Make sure you’re not alone.” He said to Orderly Miller, “I’ll be back in the morning.” He walked out of the room. “Don’t forget Mister Burkes cigarette, Mister Miller.”

“Yes, sir.” Orderly Miller nodded. Doctor Meyer went to the elevator and took it back to his office floor. His floor had a lobby, then his, and Miss Packard’s offices. He went back through to his office and sat down at his desk. He smiled to himself. This girl, this Jane Doe was quite a character. He wondered, at her age, was she a Jane Doe by choice? He wanted more information on her background, desperately. She was exhibiting an extreme personality disorder known as a Chameleon effect. This young girl, manifesting in such close proximity to her mirror was rare, potentially faked, but very clever. Doctor Meyer thought if it was real it was rarity, either way she was interesting. Doctor Meyer considered that it was also possible this young girl could have faked the coma. But why? For attention? Doctor Warner said she was a Jane Doe that disappeared years ago, and suddenly reappeared in a coma. No history, no parents, no name, no friends. Doctor Meyer picked up his phone then set it back down again. It was too late in the day to call anyone. He started rummaging around on his desk looking for Doctor Warner’s number. He couldn’t find it. He left his office and looked around on Miss Packard’s desk. One look at her completely organized desk and he knew he would never find it. Oh, how he wished she were there. He smiled, thinking how useless he was without her. He didn’t know where anything was. Doctor Meyer decided it was probably best he went home for the day.

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