Delilah's Shadow

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Chapter 22

There was a knock at the motel room door. Delilah sat on the floor watching cartoons while Perry dozed off, a typical day lately. The knock startled Perry and he jumped up off the bed. Delilah ignored it. Perry started to think he was mistaken, but then, the knock at the door came a second time, dispelling any doubt. Perry cautiously walked to the door, looking through the peephole. It was the girl from the grocery mart, Lisa. Perry checked his watch, it was nine-thirty p.m. He looked back at Delilah. She appeared oblivious to anything but the television. Perry ran his fingers through his hair trying to quickly comb it to look presentable. He opened the door partially.

“Hi.” He said, the surprise was evident in his voice, “What are you doing here? How did you find me?” Lisa smiled at him and walked to the door trying to enter. Perry stepped out of the motel room stopping her and shutting the door behind him, “What are you doing?”

“Ya wanted me, right?” Lisa asked, smiling a wickedly familiar smile.

“What are you talking about?”

“Come on, Perry, let me in so we can get started. I wanna see ya do it in front of me.” Lisa stepped closer to him trying to reach for the doorknob. Perry put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back.

“You need to stop.” He said shaking her slightly, “I don’t know what you’re thinking, but right now is not a good time.”

“Perry, let me in so ya can satisfy yo’self with ma blood squirtin’ all ova ya body, whiles ya stickin’ me like ya likes ta do.” She sounded like Delilah. He squinted his eyes, still holding her by her shoulders. She smiled wide, almost laughing, “Play wit me, Perry, I want watch ya do it ta her.” Perry looked around to see if anyone was watching, “Ain’t nobody see nuttin, let her in, now. No camera round here.” She finished with a whisper. Perry opened the door and let the young woman pass him into the room. He looked passed her at Delilah who was standing in the kitchenette with half-shut, sleepy eyes, like she was dozing off, but trying to stay awake. He shut the door behind him. Lisa stopped at the bed and turned around, looking at Perry. She started to unbutton her blouse.

“Stop it, Delilah.” Perry looked at Delilah, still looking on from the kitchenette, her head lolling back and forth. Perry wasn’t sure if he could do this in front of her.

“What’s wrong, Perry?” Delilah and Lisa spoke as one, in stereo, creeping Perry out.

“This is not how I like to do it.” He said looking between the two women.

“Perry,” Delilah said in her sleepy voice, “Whatcha think? I don’t know whatcha like?” Delilah straightened up. Her eyes were still almost shut. She started puffing her breaths rhythmically. Perry looked back at Lisa, who faded away until she was gone, the whole room disappeared. Perry was in complete darkness. He started to panic looking around, suddenly blind. He reached forward to feel for Lisa, but felt nothing.

“Delilah!” He called out in panic, “I can’t see!” He felt two little hands, in the darkness, grab his right hand and place something in it. He tried to reach out to whoever it was but felt nothing. His vision slowly came back and he found himself standing in the middle of a small copse of trees. It was night time, the stars were bright and the crickets were loud. Perry looked down at his hand and in it was Delilah’s paring knife. He looked around the immediate area, finding his bag of tricks on the ground in front of him. Perry crouched down as the wind blew a warm breeze through his hair. It felt nice, it was incredible and all in his mind. How did Delilah do it? He wondered. It felt so real, he had a hard time believing his body was still in the hotel room. He opened his bag, inspecting the items inside. Everything was there. He decided to give in and see what Delilah had in store for him. He put Delilah’s knife in his bag and stood up. Perry could see a car parked some distance ahead of him, on a dirt road in front of a barn, beyond the trees where he was kept hidden. Perry could see there were people in the car. He made his way, stealthily, to the car. He crept up to the back bumper, low, almost a crawl. He listened and could hear a girl giggling and a boy talking. The radio was on. They listened to music and talked, oblivious to his presence. Perry looked around the back corner of the car to the side-view mirror. He could see the passenger, a young boy, maybe seventeen. He had freckles and curly dark hair. He moved out of the mirror's view. Perry moved back to the center of the trunk. He glanced up into the vehicle again and watched the couple kiss awkwardly. The young girl was Lisa, but she appeared much younger, with pigtails. Perry did not recognize her at first. Perry felt his desire surging. He felt his lower jaw quiver. He took a long slow breath, trying to remain quiet. He heard giggling again, then an awkward, “Sorry,” by the young man and another giggle from the young girl. Perry moved around to the passenger side of the car, waiting, slowly putting his hand on the handle. When he heard the kissing begin again, he stood up and yanked the door open. Before the young couple could react, or even comprehend what was going on. Perry reached in and grabbed the young man by the back of his shirt and pants. Then pulled him hard, yanking him out of the car with such force, he flew and landed on the ground. Perry followed the flying boy, meeting him as he landed, then punched him repeatedly, almost to unconsciousness. The young girl’s screams pierced the air. Perry stood up and kicked the passenger side door shut, instantly muffling the sound. Perry walked back to the trunk to his bag he left on the ground. He pulled Delilah’s knife and slid it into his belt. Then pulled out some zip ties from his bag. Perry was back on the young man as he was starting to get to his knees. He kicked the young man in the face, just as he turned his head toward Perry, knocking him back to the ground with a sickening smack. He caught his head like a soccer ball. Perry zip-tied the man’s wrist and left him there. He walked around the front of the car to the driver’s side. He watched the young woman in the car the whole time as he came for her. She screamed in horror looking around for salvation that would not be coming. As Perry opened the driver’s side door, the young woman slid to the passenger’s side trying to escape. Perry was much quicker than she was, catching her by her ankle just as she was pushing the passenger door open. Her screams doubled in intensity feeling his hand on her ankle. She clawed the seats for help, then started trying to climb into the back seat. Perry grabbed her other ankle, and once he had control of both legs, he pulled her quickly and cleanly out of the driver’s side door. She landed fully prone on the dirt road, air knocked from her lungs with a loud, uh! Perry jumped on her upper back, sitting on her shoulders, immobilizing her. She kicked her legs hard in futility. Perry grabbed the hair on the top of her head, yanking her head back, hard enough to quiet her momentarily.

“Shut up or you’ll die!” Perry said then shoved her face back in the dirt. The girl whimpered, crying in fear. She stopped fighting and Perry zip-tied her ankles, then her hands behind her back. He stood up and threw her over his shoulder. The young man had gathered himself enough to roll over to his back. Perry walked along the driver’s side of the car to the hood. “Get up,” He said to the young man, who was face up trying to look at what had become of his date. The young man rolled back and forth trying to comply, struggling like a turtle to flip over. During that time Perry walked back alongside the car with the crying, whimpering girl, over his shoulder, then retrieved his bag of tricks. The young man finally made it to his feet.

“What do you want from us, we don’t have anything!” The scared young man said to the taller, frightening Perry.

“You got plenty kid, start walking,” Perry growled, the young man started to walk off the road into the field beyond, “The barn, go to the barn.” Perry watched the young man stop and turn around. He came back to where Perry waited. The young man looked at the crying girl over Perry’s shoulder, “Don’t say a fucking word, just keep walking,” Perry followed the young man to the barn door, “Open it.” Perry ordered. The young man looked at the door confused. Perry smirked, waiting to see how the young man was going to open the barn door with his hands zip-tied behind his back. The boy started to cry.

“I can’t!” he cried. Perry chuckled and set the young Lisa down, leaning her up against the outer barn wall. She looked down, still crying, trying not to make eye contact. Terrified. Perry grabbed the young freckle-faced man by the nape of his neck and shoved it hard against the barn, breaking his nose, stunning him silent. Perry pushed the door opened easily. He grabbed the young man again by the back of his neck again and shoved him into the barn. The young man tripped over his own feet trying to keep his balance, but couldn’t and fell to the barn floor, which was covered with hay. Perry turned back to the young girl in pigtails.

“No, no, no, no, no,” She cried begging him and shaking her head as tears flowed down her cheeks.

“Shhh,” Perry whispered as he reached her, “You’re going to be just fine.” He said, grabbing her chin with his fingers.

“Please,” She burst out a crying gasp. Perry nodded yes to her then leaned down and threw her over his shoulder again. She yipped and screamed as he lifted her. Perry dropped her to the ground once inside the barn, then shut the door behind them. Perry left the couple on the floor next to each other as he wandered the barn inspecting it and its contents. He could hear them whispering and crying to one another. He found a light switch that lit a singular bulb, hanging down in the center of the barn, directly over the weeping couple. Lisa squealed when the light came on. Perry found tools on a bench. He went back to the couple with some rope, he found under the bench. He threw it over a beam just above them, then he tied it around the young man’s neck. Perry pulled the other end, choking and lifting him to a standing position. The young man gasped and coughed, after finally gaining his footing. Perry picked Lisa up and stood her against a stall door. Perry went back to the bench grabbed a hammer then turned to Lisa and swung the hammer a few times in the air before him testing its weight. Lisa’s screams were ear piercing as she watched him slowly make his way back to her, twirling the hammer.

“I want to play a game, do you like games?” Perry held the hammer just under his chin. The young girl turned her head away screaming, and cringing, expecting to be hit by the hammer, “You do like games, right?”

“Leave her alone!” The young man yelled at Perry in a moment of defiance.

“And the game begins,” Perry whispered to the cringing girl. He turned away from her and quickly walked to the young man then smashed his knee with the hammer, in one precise blow. His legs flew out from under him, leaving him hanging by his neck, choking. He almost lost consciousness, from the combination of hanging and not having a leg to stand on. Perry stood by watching carefully, not wanting the young man to die just yet. He was rooting for the young man to make it up to his good leg and save himself from being hung. “Come on, you can do it,” Perry said watching the young man struggle for life. The girl behind him screamed then cried out for the young man.

“Jason!” She yelled then whimpered and cried again.

“Come on, Jason, you can do it!” Perry yelled, then started cheering, “Jason! Jason! Jason!” As the young man finally made it back to a standing position, gasping for air. Perry turned and walked back to the young girl. She cowered from him. “What do you want me to do to him next?”

“Leave him alone!” She whimpered.

“Maybe,” He contemplated aloud, “That all depends on you!” he smiled.

“What do you want from me?” Lisa asked.

“I don’t know, whaddya got?” Perry asked moving his face inches from hers.

“I don’t have anything!” She yelled back in his face.

“Sure, ya do, Lisa.” Perry reached down and yanked the front edge of her skirt with the slightest little tug. She froze, eyeing him curiously, studying his face, “You have plenty.”

“No!” She yelled in his face. Perry turned away from her, then quickly marched over to Jason and smashed the hammer into his face repeatedly. He continued smashing his head with the hammer until there was nothing but loose skin hanging off the top of his chest. Lisa screamed the entire time, begging Perry to stop. Perry finally stopped and wiped the blood from his face with his bloody sleeve, only smearing it around. He admired his work for a second, reveling in the terror of the crying, wailing girl behind him. The body of Jason fell to the floor. No longer having a head, the rope had nothing to hang on to.

“Well,” He said turning to face Lisa, “That could have gone differently, now don’t ya think? Lisa? But, you… said… no.” Perry walked slowly to her, “Now is the game over? Is it your turn?” He said raising the bloody hammer and twirling it in his hand.

“Wait! Please wait!” She begged as he raised the hammer over his head, threatening to smash her head in next, “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” She cried out, cringing from him.

“You’ll do what?” He asked lowering the hammer slowly.

“I’ll do anything! Please!” she cried. Perry let the hammer go, dropping it over his right shoulder, letting it fall to the ground. He looked her in her eyes a moment, putting his hands on his hips.

“You’ll do anything?” he asked.

“Yes, yes, anything!” She pleaded in gasping breaths. Perry pulled the knife from his belt making her squeal, “Anything! Anything!” she started screaming in fear.

“Shhh,” Perry said kneeling down and cutting the zip tie, freeing her ankles. “Do you know what I like?” he asked as he stood back up, “I like a girl that really wants me, and makes me believe she loves me with all her heart.” He turned her around roughly, then cut the zip tie from her wrist, “Can you do that, Lisa?” he spun her back to face him. Lisa took an inhaling gulp and nodded yes. “Ok,” Perry put the knife away, “let’s see?” Perry leaned down to the girl, she tilted her head up to kiss him but burst a gasping cry of fear and disgust right into his mouth. Perry stepped back from her shaking his head, then crouched, quickly picking up the hammer, “That didn’t feel like love, Lisa?” She rushed to Perry and wrapped her arms around his waist squeezing him tightly.

“No wait! I love you! I promise, I love you, I’ll do better.” She squeezed, desperately. It made Perry so hard, he almost came in his pants. She was there. Right where he wanted her, finally. It was the apex of his desire, the breaking point. Perry let the hammer stay on the floor, returning the young girls embrace. He felt her undo his belt then unbuttoned his pants. Perry kept his hands on her shoulders as she dropped his pants to the ground and grabbed him by his cock, in a pleasurable vice-like grip. Perry moaned slightly at her touch. He tilted her head up and kissed her slowly, like real lovers. He tore her skirt off and scooped her up in his arms. He carried her into the stall, laying her down in the hay, quickly removing the rest of her clothes. He looked her in her eyes as he entered her, slowly, watching her mouth open in a gasp, and her eyes close. The knife was suddenly in his hand. His second thrust into her was the last with her alive. She clung to him with magnificently convincing desire for him. He slit her throat. Her blood squirted on to his chest. He continued entering her faster and faster, she looked up at him with shocked surprise. He came hard as she gasped her final breath.

They had never left the hotel room, Perry, Delilah, and Lisa. The scene played out in a fantasy world created by Delilah, for Perry and Lisa to play in. Perry was nowhere near Lisa in the end. It was Delilah who delivered the final cut on the bed in the hotel room, hovering above the naked Lisa, feeling all of Perry’s pleasure, as the blood squirt out from Lisa’s neck on to Delilah’s bare breast. She watched from between Lisa’s naked thighs, as the life left her eyes. Delilah put her hands in the blood and wiped it all over her face, down her neck and chest, covering herself in it. She stabbed Lisa in the chest, then ripped her open, wanting more blood to put all over her naked body. Delilah felt pleasure, Perry’s pleasure, she orgasmed in the blood and flesh of what was once Lisa. Delilah turned her head over her right shoulder and said, “Dat was delicious, Perry,” she gasped in orgasmic pleasure. After a few minutes lying atop the dead Lisa, rolling around in her corpse like a dog finding a dead mouse, Delilah rolled off the bed and wobbled to the bathroom, spent, “Go pose her some’eres, I’s gonna shower wit Melissa, help clean me up some.” She giggled as she talked to the empty motel room, “Delicious.” Wherever Perry had wandered off to, Delilah knew he would be able to hear her.

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