Delilah's Shadow

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Chapter 35

They descended on Doctor Meyers building, housing Jane Doe #11576 like ants on a jolly rancher. The building was two hundred and fifty thousand square feet with over two hundred living spaces. By the time Doctor Meyer was notified of their arrival, Detective Crane, Detective Waters, Doctor Alejandro, and the seven soldiers that accompanied them, were already at the door to the patient’s wing. Lieutenant Crosby was arguing with Orderly Miller, who refused to open the door without Doctor Meyer’s say so.

“What is going on here?” Doctor Meyer asked as he exited the elevator to the floor. Nurse Meade hurried to Doctor Meyer’s side.

“Doctor, they just barged in demanding to see Jane Doe.” She informed him.

“Doctor Meyer,” Detective Crane said, “This is important. We need to see her immediately.”

“Who are they? Why are they here?” Doctor Meyer asked looking at Lieutenant Crosby, Doctor Alejandro, and the armed soldiers accompanying them.

“Open this door, now!” Lieutenant Crosby demanded of Orderly Miller who looked at Doctor Meyer.

“Hello Doctor, I’m Doctor Isabel Alejandro, with the C.D.C., we are here to see your Jane Doe.” She said smiling and extending her hand, “I apologize for all of this, but we’re working with the military on the incident at Paradise Falls.”

“Doctor, you know why we’re here.” Detective Crane said, “She has a sister, and her sister can do the same thing she can.” Doctor Meyer looked at Orderly Miller and nodded. Orderly Miller opened the door and the armed soldiers filled the hall leading to Jane Doe’s room.

“What the fuck is going on out there.” Mr. Burke yelled from his room. Orderly Miller walked to Burkes's room and looked in the window and shook his head. Burke struggled to look into the hall, “What the fuck is it, Miller? What’s going on?” he yelled. Orderly Miller turned away and walked past the soldiers that filled the hall to Jane Doe’s room. Doctor Alejandro, Detective Crane, Doctor Meyer, Detective Waters and Lieutenant Crosby waited at the door as Nurse Meade unlocked it. Orderly Miller made his way to the door before it was unlocked and grabbed the handle from Nurse Meade just as it clicked. He looked in the window at Jane Doe sitting on the bed looking back at him.

“She’s waiting.” Orderly Miller said without looking back at the others.

“Let me go in first.” Detective Crane said trying to take the handle from Orderly Miller.

“With all due respect ma’am,” Orderly Miller said. Then, from inside the room, Jane Doe could be heard.

“It’s ok, you’re not needed here, Mister Miller.” She said, in unison with Doctor Meyers. It was as if she spoke through Doctor Meyers. Then in a quick response, Orderly Miller spoke.

“It’s ok, I’m not needed here.” He let go of the handle and left. Not just the hall, but the floor. He went all the way down to the break room and began eating his lunch. Doctor Meyer looked at the others slightly shaken. He looked at the door. Then at Detective Crane with fear in his eyes.

“I,” he said, “She’s not sick. She’s something else. You don’t need me, Detective.” Doctor Meyer backed away.

“Doctor, we need you to observe us and her. Maybe you can help us get a read on her.” Detective Crane said trying to persuade him to stay.

“Detective.” Lieutenant Crosby spoke, anxious to get moving.

“I won’t hurt you, doctor. You’ve been so kind to me.” Delilah said from just behind the glass window, startling everyone. Doctor Meyer shook his head and backed away from the door.

“I’ll stay out here.” He said. Detective Crane turned away from him and pulled the door open. Delilah was back at her bed sitting on its edge as if she never left.

“Hello, Jane,” Detective Crane said walking into the room. Delilah stood up and extended her hand to shake Detective Crane’s hand. Detective Crane looked at her hand surprised at Delilah’s demeanor.

“It’s ok, Detective Crane, I won’t bite. I’m better now.” Delilah said with a smile. “Hi Sarah, Tommy, fellas.” She said looking at the others who entered the room, “Doctor Isabel. You’re looking for my sister.”

“Jane.” Detective Waters nodded to the young girl.

“Jane, you know why we’re here?” Doctor Alejandro asked.

“Detective Crane, it’s ok.” Delilah said, “I know you have questions, and I have answers.” She swayed in place like a branch in the wind.

“How are-” Doctor Alejandro began.

“Able to know your thoughts?” Delilah asked then looked at Detective Crane, “Yes, Detective Crane, I could leave anytime. But I choose to stay. After all, she’s coming here. So, I’ll wait for her.” She walked back to the bed and sat on the edge, putting her hands in her lap, “My name is Delilah.”

“After-” Detective Crane started, but Delilah cut her off.

“My mother. Yes. So is my sister, for now. She’s confused, you see. We touched minds and some of me became her, mostly my anger. She is a sweet little girl named Hummingbird.” Delilah looked at Doctor Alejandro and answered her before she could ask her question, “I could, doctor, but it would be much easier if I just showed you.” The room went dark and they stood suddenly in a forest clearing, surrounding Delilah. The soldiers raised their rifles and aimed them at Delilah. She smiled and the weapons disappeared, “Those are useless here.”

“Where are we, Ja-, Delilah?” Doctor Alejandro asked stepping closer to Delilah.

“You were all here before, remember?” Delilah asked and looked at Detective Crane, “You remember now, Detective Crane, don’t you?”

“The last event.” Doctor Alejandro answered.

“Yes.” Delilah said, the forest wavered around them, changing suddenly. They were at the bottom of a waterfall. “This is my sisters favorite place.” She said sadly. “This is her mountain. This is where she is from.” In a flash, they stood inside a beat down hut, standing around a dirty, half-dressed woman in her forties. She was talking to herself and milling about the hut, tending a small fire. She suddenly walked to the door and peeked through a hole.

“Are ya here?” a voice called from outside. Then the whole horrific scene that ended with the death of Delilah Barnes played out before them. Delilah turned her back as the others watched the murder of her mother and her birth. The room lit up and they were once again in the asylum. Soldiers again held their rifles and raised them up quickly after being rearmed. Doctor Alejandro raised her hands to the soldiers to stop them from firing.

“As you were.” Lieutenant Crosby said reigning in the soldiers.

“It’s Ok, Sarah. They can’t hurt me. Y’all ants down dere, like a cloud I looks down, see y’all.” Delilah said imitating the woman of the woods. “None can snatch me up!” she snarled and then winked at Lieutenant Crosby. “If I wanted, I could kill each of you.” Delilah looked around the room pointing at each person.

“Delilah,” Detective Crane started to speak.

“Don’t worry, Detective Crane.” Delilah giggled, “I won’t kill you. But, my sister will.” Delilah started to pace around her bed. “Hummingbird’s out of control, and when she gets here, most of you are going to die.”

“Wh-” Doctor Alejandro started to speak.

“Why don’t you help us, Delilah?” Delilah asked before Doctor Alejandro could get it out, “I won’t let you hurt her. I know you, what you want from her, from us. You can’t have it.”

“Delilah, we just want to help you.” Detective Crane said warmly with a smile. Delilah erupted in a laugh so hard she almost doubled over.

“I believe you, Ann, I really do,” She said still laughing, “Look around you,” She said motioning to the soldiers. “What do you think they want with me, us? Do you think we can go and live a nice life, now that they know we exist?” Doctor Alejandro glanced at Lieutenant Crosby while Detective Crane had Delilah distracted, “They want to contain us.” Delilah said making quotes in the air with her fingers, “Do you understand what that means, Ann?” Delilah was getting agitated, “You’re so naïve. Like my mother, a mother to me. She wanted me to go to the doctor. I had to go inside her mind and, oh you wouldn’t understand it. She was a good woman. Took good care of me. For a time.”

“Delilah,” Doctor Alejandro spoke, “You know what your sister has done? How many lives were lost?” Delilah started to walk in a circle.

“It’s not her fault!” Delilah shouted, “It’s the others inside her. She isn’t herself, right now!”

“Well then help us, Delilah, help us, help her.” Detective Crane walked over and grabbed Delilah’s arms, stopping her from pacing.

“I know in your heart of hearts you want a happy ending. I know you want the best for us. I know you want a happy ending for your little lost Jane Doe,” She smiled holding Detective Crane’s hands, “But I am not a Jane Doe, and there is no such thing as a happy-endings. I can’t help you with her, any more than you can save me from them.” There was, a pop and then a thud, as a dart hit Delilah in the chest. She was out in seconds. Detective Crane caught her before she hit the floor. Detective Waters and Doctor Alejandro helped Detective Crane carry Delilah on to the bed. Colonel Scott entered the room with more soldiers.

“I take it that’s our girl?” Colonel Scott asked, then said, “Your tranquilizer works, doctor.”

“We need to get ready.” Doctor Alejandro went to Colonel Scott, “They’re sisters, the one that killed Paradise Falls is on her way here. We need to talk.” She motioned for him to follow her out of the room.

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