Delilah's Shadow

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Chapter 36

The asylum perimeter was lit up very well, there were many lights that shined on the building so that its ornate structures and statuettes could be admired in the night. It was an old historic building, renovated and repurposed from its original design to suit Doctor Meyer’s endeavors. The interior was not as liberally lit as the exterior. It was lit only in the spaces used by the staff and the few patients. The halls were all lit, as was the day room, lobby and break room. From the outside, it was an ominous looking building. Colonel Scott had soldiers stationed just inside each entrance to the building, waiting and ready, with rifles loaded with the tranquilizer concoction created by Doctor Alejandro.

The young woman, Hummingbird, who had been completely taken over by the woman of the woods, since Delilah left, she seized the opportunity for control, the only one who truly knew what both children were capable of. She approached the building on foot, walking down the middle of the road, dressed in only the skirt that once belonged to the woman of the woods, once again, armed with her paring blade. She was barefoot, the woman of the woods cleaned her up. She came out of the darkness and reached the sidewalk along the stone wall surrounding the building. She licked the blade as she stood examining the wall and readying herself to kill. She considered climbing it, but her back felt stiff at the thought.

“You know, if you let one of us take over, we could hop this fence really easy? Her body is young, not like the body you remember?” Perry Tucker spoke taking control long enough to do so.

“Ya mind ya tongue, ya snake!” she cocked her head to the side as she spoke, once again the woman of the woods.

“You’re so gross.” Melissa said. She grabbed her head with both hands, almost poking her own eye with her paring knife.

“Shut it!” she yelled. She took a moment and a breath, then started along the wall following the sidewalk, looking for an entrance into the property. “I am in charge here, girl. Ya best get ya mind right bout dat!” Melissa could hear the thoughts of the soldiers on the other side of the wall at an entrance to the building. She giggled. “What you know girl? Tell me!” The woman of the woods demanded.

“God, you don’t even hear them? How do you expect to get in there, if you can’t use Hummingbirds abilities? You think you’re driving a car or something?” Melissa asked.

“Girl, iffin’ ya don’t start showin’ me what ya know, we’s all in trouble, ya heya? No bodies fo none uh us.” The woman of the woods said.

“Ok.” Melissa relented. The woman of the woods was suddenly let in on the ability to hear the thoughts of people around her. She was overjoyed when it came to her. She almost lashed out and killed the first mind she sensed, but stopped herself, realizing it would alert them to her arrival.

“Military’s involved now. They’re all over this place. We need to find a way in. Quiet.” Perry spoke.

“You tryna play some game wit me, mista snake?” The woman of the woods responded, “I say’s what we do now, ya heya?” She put her hand on the stone wall, then leaned her back against it, taking a moment to decide what to do. “Might I just kill’s ’em all from here?” She said.

“You can’t do that. Delilah will know we’re here.” Melissa informed her. The woman of the woods hissed and slapped the wall. She didn’t want to alert Delilah.

“I listen’s to dem in dere, somethin a come ta me.” The woman of the woods resumed walking along the wall with her hand trailing against it, sensing the precise location of the people on the other side. Listening to them for an opportunity. The woman of the woods was angry she had to share her Hummingbird with all these others. She was going to give herself life outside of Hummingbird. Be her momma again, once that Delilah was dead.

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