Delilah's Shadow

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Chapter 43

Doctor Alejandro looked out the window of the door to the hallway. She could see the door to the nurse’s station and wondered to herself what could be going on out there. She imagined the door bursting open with an explosion. It was an irrational thought. How could that young girl blow the door open with an explosive device? She looked over her shoulder at Detective Crane who stood by the bed looking down at the sleeping Delilah. Detective Crane thought about what Doctor Warner told her. Delilah didn’t have a mark on her, “Well, detective, children touch things they’re not supposed to. Children are fearless, hence little scars and often broken bones. She has no signs of any such injuries.”

“Doctor,” Detective Crane started. Doctor Alejandro turned from the door and faced Detective Crane.

“Yes?” she asked. Detective Crane considered a moment what she was going to say.

“The doctor who examined her said she didn’t have injuries like other little children. Do you know what he meant by that?”

“Sure,” she nodded, “All children have minor injuries. It’s part of growing up.”

“He said she didn’t have any?” Detective Crane asked curious to what it all meant.

“I suspect not,” Doctor Alejandro smiled, “She can hear every thought we make, Detective. All her life, she’s been in every mind around her, their thoughts, experiences. She learned what they learned without touching the fire herself, per se.”

“So, no injuries.” Detective Crane said, “Shit.” She sat on the edge of the bed and combed the comatose girl’s hair from the edges of her face. “Wonder why she lived like a ghost, never letting anyone see her, except for that little girl?”

“Fear, maybe?” Doctor Alejandro asked.

“Fear of what? Her power is incredible?” Detective Crane chuckled, looking at Doctor Alejandro.

“Us.” Doctor Alejandro cocked her head, “She knew if she exposed herself, we would come for her. Maybe not us specifically, but people like us.” She looked at the girl lying in the bed. Detective Crane followed her eyes, looking back down at the young girl on the bed. She pet her hair again. “Don’t worry, detective, we’ll take care of her.”

“Yeah,” Detective Crane said, her smile left her. Doctor Alejandro walked around to the side of the bed opposite to Detective Crane.

“It bothers you we’re here for her, doesn’t it?” Doctor Alejandro waited a moment for Detective Crane to say it. Detective Crane didn’t look at Doctor Alejandro, shrugging her shoulders, unsure what to say. “Her sister killed hundreds, maybe thousands of people with just her mind. Can you imagine the two of them together?” Doctor Alejandro pointed at Delilah, “She knows how to move among us without being seen, and the other one is a cold-blooded killer. You heard her yourself, we’re ants to them. How long until the decide to start squishing us?”

“I know, I know,” Detective Crane stood up from Delilah’s side and walked to the window of the door, looking out into the hall. “I just wish we could do something for them other than make them weapons, I mean how is that going to pan out?”

“No one said anything about weapons, we just need to stop them. If we could have reached them as children maybe things could have been different, but the world got to them first, detective. I don’t have to tell you what that does to a person, let alone a child.” Doctor Alejandro walked to the foot of the bed, “She was palling around with a serial killer, for Christ sake. What do you think she learned from that mind?”

“I know.” Detective Crane said turning to face Doctor Alejandro, “But not her. She’s been living her whole life in a girl’s home. What kind of evil could she have learned there, doctor? Why wouldn’t she just leave? She hid there for eleven years being friends with, who knows how many lonely little girls, just like she was doing when she was found. In a coma.” Detective Crane looked at Doctor Alejandro and pointed at Delilah, “Her name is Delilah.” Doctor Alejandro stared at Detective Crane, saying nothing, “I wanted this one lost girl to be a happy ending, doctor. There is a woman out there who loves her, who took her in as her own and would again, if given the chance.”

“That’s not going to happen, detective. I think we both know that is not on the table for either of these girls.” Doctor Alejandro could empathize with her, but her mind was grounded in reality. She knew the danger the two girls posed.

“Yeah, I know. Death is all that waits for them.” Detective Crane walked back to the bed, then looked around the room and spotted the chair. She dragged it over to the side of the bed and sat down.

“That’s pretty bleak, detective, and extremely inaccurate.” Doctor Alejandro walked to the window in the door and looked out into the hall, “You heard the lieutenant, something is happening out there, soon it will make its way in here. We are ill-prepared to deal with these girls. If we can’t contain them, we let them go. My orders are to wake her in the event things do not go our way,” She pointed at Delilah.

“If you wake her up, you know they’ll get away for sure?” Detective Crane asked not looking away from the sleeping Delilah.

“Yep, we wake her up. Let her go. Live to fight another day. More prepared.” Doctor Alejandro went to the foot of the bed retrieving a bag, then opened it and began preparing a syringe.

“What’s that?” Detective Crane asked, perking up in her seat.


“That is a big fucking needle.” Detective Crane commented surprised at the length of the syringe.

“It has to reach her heart.” Doctor Alejandro went to the opposite side of the bed from Detective Crane who stood from her chair.

“Are you going to do it now?” She asked.

“Yes.” Doctor Alejandro pulled the blanket down to Delilah’s waist, then grabbed her gown and lifted it up to her neck, exposing her breasts.

“I thought you were going to wait, what changed your mind?” Detective Crane asked looking on.

“We came in here with your partner, Detective Waters. Was that his name?” Doctor Alejandro asked.

“Yeah, so?” Detective Crane asked puzzled.

“You didn’t notice, suddenly he disappeared? Where did he go? We may already be too late.” Doctor Alejandro stabbed the needle strategically into the chest of the sleeping girl. The world went black for the two women.

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