Princess of The Kings

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Kings are nothing before a "Princess".

Horror / Fantasy
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Princess of The Kings

At one time hundreds of years ago, all kinds of creatures on this earth lived together with each other; humans, angels and demons. Marriage and the union of two different beings are not unusual at that time.

But not all mixed marriages always produce something beautiful. Some of them should not have been born.

Until one day, the Great Prince of The Morning Star slept with an angel who was lost between the time of the appearance of a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. And from the union of the two of them, was born a little girl whose beauty surpassed the elves, as lively as a fairy, a siren's silky voice, her skin glittering like a virgin harpy, golden hair with such glory and purity of an angel, and a dark and cold heart like the ruler of the underworld.

The little girl grew up like no other kids her age. She was calm and soothing, she speaks softly and lovingly. But she has a passion for collecting various types of creatures that have died. She would cut off their heads and carry them around like a toy. The existence of the little girl caused horror and in the end, no one wanted to meet her or even mention her name. She is a terror.

Gradually, the little girl felt bored with the small creatures that she killed. She wanted something more; bigger, more power yet weak. Then began her first journey to an empire not far from where she lived. The kingdom was led by a poor king who was stupid, but greedy and rapacious. The little girl came to see the king and at the very moment the king lay his eyes and hear her melodic words, in a short time the kingdom was blessed and his people lived in suffocating sufficiency. The blessings were endless until one by one the people in the kingdom went crazy and killed each other. Until there was no one left but the king. In front of the little girl, the king slit his own throat with a golden dagger studded with precious stones. The little girl smiled and kept the king's head.

She continued her journey from one land to another, from one kingdom to another kingdom. A generous and intelligent king, but full of deception and lies. A cruel and warlike king, but barren and lonely. The king who had a queen who was very beautiful and gave birth to many children and affection, but likes to meet little girls at night. The king who was religious and founded many houses of worship, but fell in love with prostitutes in the dark alleys.

The fall and death of the kings were heard on the other side the world, into the ears of a king from a foreign land. The king heard the news that the kings and their kingdoms and people in other parts of the world had perished in a very unusual terrible end, and these kings died the same way; severed heads and their heads nowhere to be found. And before their destruction, they will be visited by a little girl with an angelic appearance and a cruel demonic heart.

The king finally prepared himself and ordered his people to hide in their homes and close their eyes and ears. The guards patrolled and stood guard. The king knew the signs of the little girl's arrival; clear skies with sulfur-smelling rain. From a distance, he found a tiny golden-haired figure who walked lightly to his kingdom. The little girl radiates an aura of godliness and apostasy.

The royal guards who looked at her, one by one dropped their weapons and blood flowed from their eyeballs as they called for joy. They fell down like cattle that dried up because of the black plague. The king widened in horror but still did not loosen the sharp sword in his grasp and strengthen his heart to not trembled. He prayed to the Old Gods to strengthen his faith until the little girl appeared at the gate of his kingdom. The king's bodyguards roared the flames of resistance and in the blink of an eye, they fell with blood flowing from their eyeballs and smiled lovingly and joyfully.

The little girl stood before the king and smiled. The king shook and fell to his knees. He heard the sound of pure heavenly voices and the miserable cry from the deepest hell as the little girl said,

"You are my last on this first journey.

And therefore I will love you more than others before you.

I turn the tables countless times,

But I will free you from despair.

Keep your gold on your head,

And lay with me for I will bring light to you. "

The king cried like a newborn baby and the little girl smiled and grabbed the head of the last king affectionately before pulling and separating it from his shoulder. Blood washed the little girl's face and her white dress and walked down the long hallway to the king's room.

The heads of the kings who were barked by their true nature painted on their faces. Yet the last king was truly special for the demonic angel-hearted girl, then she lay on his bed with sleepy eyes before The Time came for her to wake up one more time.

People of the last kingdom never knew what she truly was and no one dared to look upon her or slay her as her angelic sleeping face deceived their heart and mind. So they locked the last king's room and shielded it with nails and woods before put any written words and prays from any prophets they knew.

One thing for sure, the sleeping princess would wake up one day for one more last journey. For the New Kings.

The End

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