The Rotten

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The calm community of Silver House will realize who the people they knew are when the horrors of the undead come knocking into their peaceful life. Cover art by Amanda Durango. Inst: @amandadurango

K.R.G Molero
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Often, a school is your best bet-perhaps not for education but certainly for protection from an undead attack.

- Max Brook

And in just a normal afternoon the people of Silver House were arriving at their houses from work, what they never thought it was how bad this day was going to end. Ben was moving out of his parents’ house, who were out on a business trip, he didn’t like living there anymore and was planning to go away without telling them, just leaving a note. As he was uploading the last boxes in the car is when all started, he heard screams from all around but without knowing from where they were, he just went back home and closed the door.

Leonard was just sitting on his favorite couch about to watch the baseball game when the news report interrupt it

“Oh come on! What idiot killed himself now! “Leonard screams at the TV when news appears.

“Where are here my dear viewers to give you the disturbing news that what appears to be an infection have spread around the city and raising the dead,” Said the announcer as a video of one of the many incidents that were occurring in the city. Leonard just freeze there watching the TV wishing we were on the fishing trip he canceled, then he heard the screams nearby. As he runs to the gates to see what was going on he watched Ben running to his house, he didn’t care he just went straight to the gate and then he saw the horror. Alice was excited to show her parents her boyfriend, they were dating for just 2 months, but she thought it was time for her family to meet him. Alice was eating and changing clothes when the doorbell sounds she just told her that that’s her boyfriend and that she wasn’t bad at him. After a couple of minutes, she was ready and went out of her room, she walks to the leaving room to see her mom and dad talking to his boyfriend, she sat next to him and grabbed him by the arm.

“What are you talking about?” Alice asked, “not much, just...” he didn’t finish talking because of a strong cough. “Are you ok? Let me get you a glass of water”. She said as she walked to the kitchen, his cough was getting to the point he was coughing blood, Alice’s father approach to him to see he was ok when he put his hand on his shoulder Alice’s boyfriend jump to him and bite him in the neck.

Ben couldn’t believe what he saw in the news he didn’t want to believe, the dead rising and people coming back after been killed, that was something he couldn’t believe he went to the front door and opened it.

“What the...!” Ben exclaimed as he watches Leonard with help of other people closing the front gate because even that Ben didn’t want to believe it the dead were there and trying to come in, the Ben heard girls scream close to him, he remembered Alice his neighbor, he ran fast to her house and then saw Alice wrestling with what he thought was one of the infected, he tried to open the front but it was close, so he just climb to the fence to help her before it was too late.

“Hey! Leave her alone!” He screamed as he jumps down, he ran as fast as he can and tackle the infected throwing it to the floor.

“Are you ok? Did it hurt you? Ben asked as he grabbed her, Alice didn’t speak she just showed him her hand, which was bitten.

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