The Rotten

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“Your mother ate my dog!”

- Paquita Maria Sanchez, Dead Alive (1992)

“It should be near, this mall is not very big,” Ben tells the group while they move through the mall looking for the drug store, “Ok, but we have to keep our eyes opens we might find some of the infected around and we can find other useful stuff,” Leonard tells to the group as peeks in some of the stores. Since they started to look for the store Jhon and Cole have been talking all the way Ben and Leonard were surprised to see Jhon talk to him because they thought that with the attitude that he had he might be racist too, but he wasn’t he just had a very bad attitude. “Hey does this mall have a gun shop?” Cole asks Ben as he grabs something from the floor, “No, but it would be useful. What do you get there Cole?” Ben asked as he goes near Cole, “I think it’s a gun shell, there might be someone here” Cole says as he hands the shell to Ben, “We should be careful then, we don’t know if it is some random thief or a security guard” Leonard says while trying to open the door to a sports store.

The group manage to get to the drug store without any infected problem but find that the place was already looted, “Fuck, someone appears to got here first” Leonard says as he enters carefully to the store, “Let’s just hope that we can find the stuff we need” Ben says following Leonard to the inside, “First let’s check the place to make sure that there is no one inside” Leonard tells the group while checking one aisle. “Well it appears to be empty and whoever looted this place he didn’t take much.” Leonard tells the group at the entrance of the store, “Here is the list of what Doc needs” Ben says as he hands the list to Leonard, “Ok, let’s make this quick. Cole, you stay here you will be on watch while we look for the items we need” Leonard says to Cole, “Yeah no problem” Cole responds. The others enter and separate to start looking, Ben start looking in the shelves at the entrance for some antibiotics after looking through some of the shells manages to find three bottles of antibiotics and some water, Leonard went to the back of the store and started looking for more stuff and manages to find some goodies. After a long search the group mage to find all the stuff and extra. “Well fuckers let’s move our asses to the supermarket and get the fuck out of here,” Jhon says as we walk out of the door, “We should the other way to go there we might find something on the way,” Leonard says to Ben while pointing the other corridor, ” It’s not a bad idea but let’s make it quick I want to go before it's dark,” Ben says as he starts to walk to the supermarket.

As the group walks they notice that that way it has some infected, “Do we go back the other way?” Cole says to the group as he backs away a little, “I don’t...” Ben tries to say but stops when the infected notice them start moving towards them, the infected don’t move very quickly but they are very dangerous if you don’t take them seriously. “Goddammit! No time for that kill them!” Leonard yells to Cole while he cuts one of the infected heads with the ax, “Well time to see if this is as lethal as in the movies” Ben says as he makes hits an infected in the head. After killing all the infected the groups continues to the supermarket when they get the group to realize that one of the gates closes the store is open.

Doc was checking Alice again to see how was she, this time Alice was finally awake, “How am I? Alice ask Doc while he checks her temperature, “It’s just a little fever and the pain in the stump is normal” Doc says while he gives her some water, “Ben?” Alice asks Doc, “He should be here soon don’t worry, just rest” Doc responds to her while he leaves the room. “How is she?” Dana asks Doc as comes downstairs, “To be honest, not good the fever and the pain might be from an infection” Doc tells his wife while grabbing a glass of water, “But you can treat her when Leonard arrives?” Dana ask him, “If they manage don’t to get here in the next hours she might die”

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