The Rotten

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“I love zombies. If any monster could Riverdance, it would be zombies.”

-Craig Ferguson

Leonard and a couple of other residents manage to close the front gate before any dead ones enter, Leonard was scared but he didn’t want other people to know that. “Ok people we need to make sure this gate won’t open again, we just need to wait for the military to come and end this shit,” Leonard said to try to calm the residents of Silver House, of course, he knew that the military won’t come here, he saw the news, they were taking care of the big places in the city.

“And please don’t go near those things they are dangerous and if they bite you it will contaminate you with that disease, and it will kill you,” said one of the residents as he comes near Leonard. “These things appear to carry some kind of disease and you will get infected if they bite, so please don’t go near them.” The resident said to everyone. “So you’re the new guy that move last week right?” Leonard asked as he approaches the resident. “Yes, call me Doc. I moved here with my wife Dana”.Doc was saying to Leonard As he went back to his place to see how his wife was.

Ben grabbed Alice fast and ran to the front door, Alice open it and close it behind her. She was shaking Ben just told her to come to his house because he had some first aid kits in there. In the house, Ben took Alice to the kitchen and tried to take care of the bite. Alice couldn’t help to scream when he pours some alcohol into the injury. “I’m going to look for Doc, he is a doctor he will take better care of that bite” Ben was saying as he put some bandages on the bite. “Please don’t leave me alone, I don’t want to be alone!” Alice exclaimed to Ben. “Don’t worry this place is safe, it will only take a couple of minutes” Ben said to Alice to calm her. When Ben left the house he noticed the front gate all some of the residents there complaining to Leonard, then he saw Doc going to his house.

“Hey! Doc!” Ben yells to Doc while making a signal to him to come here. “Goddammit Ben, this is dangerous she was bitten, that means that she is infected,” Doc exclaimed to Ben about Alice’s bite. “We don’t know that for sure, she is fine! She doesn’t show any symptom that proves that she is infected.” Ben responds to Doc, as they discussed Alice just sits there watching them and scared of what could happen to her.” Please Doc just treat her, she will be ok” Ben told Doc to try to make him treat Alice. “Ok Ben, I’ll do it. I suppose that you don’t want anyone to know this right” Doc told Ben as he goes near Alice to treat her. “I will like that Doc, I don’t anyone to freak out about this”. Ben didn’t know why he felt that he needed to save Alice, he didn’t know her name he just knew that she lived next to him.

Leonard managed to make some people help him in the making sure that no one is infected, they were going door to door asking and checking on the people, he was going to Ben’s house thinking why he ran so fast to his house, Leonard thought that he was hiding something like that he was infected. Leonard walk through the yard and approach the door and started to knock on the door.

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