The Rotten

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“This is the way the world ends; not with a bang or a whimper, but with zombies breaking down the back door.”

- Amanda Hocking

Thomas, Clarence, and Jhon were the only ones that agreed to check on the residents to see if they are ok, Jhon was living alone for a long time he was divorced with two children that hate him, he was never a good father o husband, the were proof enough on the scar of his wife. Nobody knew anything about his marriage he was always in his house or the construction job the reason that he decided to help was that he didn’t want to find that there was infected hiding that could end up killing him, he was just looking out for himself. Clarence just got out of college and she was supposed to start working in some firm the next week, and that wasn’t going to happen soon now. She just wanted to help people she was known for being a helpful resident and always smiling, she was living with Thomas a friend from her childhood since she started college and that is the reason why Thomas decided to help to spend some time with her.

Jhon first started knocking on the Smith’s house to see if they weren’t hiding something that could kill him, the person who opens is David with a smile on his face. “Hello there Jhon, what do you need?” He says making him a sign to come in. ” Don’t worry this shit won’t take long, just tell me if any of you fuckers is infected or bite, so I could take care of him and not letting him kill me first” Jhon says looking directly in David’s eyes. “Well you don’t have to worry about anything asshole because we are fine, you can rest in peace now,” David tells him while closing the door but is stopped by Jhon. ” I want to see your fucking wife and son make sure they are not infected if you don’t mind,” Jhon says again while he pushes the door open again, Ricky and Ana show up to prove that they are fine, Jhon looks at them smile at David and goes to the next house.

“We are just here to make sure there is no one hurt that needs help” Clarence is saying to Jorge one of the residents.” Everything is fine, we just have one problem, and that’s my daughter’s idiot boyfriend who results to be in the house without our knowledge” Jorge says while pointing at Joanne’s boyfriend Travis. “Well he hopes that he doesn’t bring troubles and stay inside the house for now,” Thomas says as the walk away. Thomas always had a crush on Clarence but he never did something about it just keep quiet and never tried to ask her out, and when she moved with him at the beginnings of college he thought that something would happen if they lived together, but nothing happens. “Well that’s all the residents, do you really think everything will be fine?” Thomas says in a depressing tone. “I don’t really know Thomas, I know that the military won't come soon, I know that Leonard just said that to make us feel secure” Clarence responds to Thomas while hugging him. “You idiots finish with the other houses?” said Jhon while he walked closer to them, they both respond with a nod. “You made sure the fuckers weren’t lying right?” says Jhon to them with a bad temper. “We made sure asshole,” Thomas says while he and Clarence go look for Leonard.

The sound of someone knocking on the door makes Ben feel uneasy and ask Doc to move Alice to the laundry room so no one sees her, when Doc finish moving her he goes to the door to see who it is. Ben opens the door to find Leonard standing there looking at him. “What is it Leonard, are looking for Doc?” Ben tells him trying to hide that he is nervous, because of what Leonard would do if he finds that Alice is bitten. Leonard just stares at him with an uneasy look and asks. “Ben, whose blood you have on your shirt?”

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