The Rotten

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“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.”

-Seth Grahame-Smith

Ben was just standing there watching Leonard, he forgot to change the shirt but there still was a way to avoid telling him about Alice, it was risky but it was the only choice. “Oh, the blood? It’s from Alice she cut herself with some broken glass in the house when I saved her from an infected one” Ben said hoping that Leorand believes him. “Did you just said an infected?!” Leonard responds furiously Ben while grabbing him. ” Don’t worry they are locked in her house, we close the front gate when we escaped”.Ben told Leonard as he pushes him away.

“Hey, Leonard there you are!” Clarence said as she ran along with Thomas towards Leonard. ” We got a problem, we were double-checking the house next to this and it appears that there are some infected ones in there,” Thomas said while he tries to catch his breath. ” I know, I just find out. And when were you planning to tell us this Ben?“. Leonard said looking back at Ben. ” I was going to tell you after Doc finishes patching up Alice.” Ben told him while grabbing some keys and closing the door. ” Leonard how are we going to deal with this?” Clarence asked while she tries to hide her fear. “As they say in the news, killing them” Ben responds in a cold way while he walks towards the tool house. ” He... he’s right,” Leonard told Clarence while he follows Ben.

Ben open the tool house and started to move a lot of boxes, his father didn’t have a lot of tools really and he used the tool-house to storage lots of junk, after moving lots of stuff he grabbed an old ax and a machete, he passed the ax to Leonard and they started walking towards Alice’s house. “Hey what are going to do with those things?!” Clarence asked Ben and Leonard. “Well, I don’t suppose you want to kill them with your fists or screaming at them. So that's what these guys are for, I would like a gun but I don’t have one.” Leonard said without turning back to look at Clarence. ” I have one, I can help you”. Thomas said as he shows them a handgun he had with him, Ben and Leonard just look at him and nod. The three continued walking to the house without listening to Clarence's complaints.

Ben took out the keys to the front door that he grabbed from Alice when she was being patched up by Doc, as he opens the door Leonards points to an infected that was inside the house and one on the right side near some bushes. “The one by the bushes I think it was her boyfriend Ian, the one in the house it’s James his father, I can’t her mother Tara and his older brother Howard so be careful,” Leonard said as he steps inside, Leonard starts to go near to Ian when he is about to swing the ax towards Ian it’s stopped by Thomas shooting like crazy to Jorge who was coming out of the house. Thomas shoots five times Jorge in the chest making fall to the ground and making Ian notices them and jumping on Leonard.

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