The Rotten

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“This is the part in the movie where that guy says, “Zombies? What zombies?” just before they eat his brains. I don’t want to be that guy.”

-Holly Black

Ben runs as fast as he can as tackles Ian off Leonard, he then grabs the machete and stabs Ian in the chest but it doesn't stop him, Leonards goes and kicks Ian throwing him to the floor then grabs the ax and swings it at Ian's skull. “Fuck, that's just messed up, it didn’t go down with that machete to chest... god...” Leonard says as he takes the ax of Ian’s dead skull. ” What fuck was that Thomas?! You could have got us killed here!” Ben screams as he walks towards Thomas. ” I’m ... sorry, I just panic I saw him with his guts out and... sorry.” Thomas says, but that doesn’t make Ben or Leonard less angry. “Just be more careful next time,” Ben says while he pats Thomas on the shoulder. “Fuck! No way he can still stand up, he was stabbed in the chest that should kill him!” Leonard says when notices that Jorge stands up when Ben sees him stand up runs toward him and impales the machete through his head and killing him. “Ok, I think we should aim to the head,” Ben says as he takes out the machete of the skull of Jorge. “It appears that is easier and remember don’t let them bite you.”

Ben, Leonard, and Thomas enter the house and notice the blood bath in the living room and two blood trail, one going into a room and the other going deeper into the house, they decide to leave for last the one in the room and go for the one deeper, as they follow the trail Ben start seeing some of the pictures in the house and thinks to himself what Alice is going to do now that her family is gone, and the remembers when Alice asked him to stay with her and not leave her alone and realize that now she is alone with no family. “Hey Ben, are you ok?” Thomas asked him when Ben starts to fall behind. “Yeah, sorry. Don’t worry I was just thinking” Ben responds and starts to catch up. They reach the room where the blood trail enters.” Ok everybody calm, when enter look for the infected and go to the head, ok?” Leonard says to Ben and Thomas, then Leonard opens the door and notice is the garage and the car park in there, they enter and starts looking for the infected. “There he is!” Thomas scream and starts shooting at the infected, two bullets to the chest, and one to the head. “WHAT THE FUCK DID WE TOLD YOU THOMAS!?” Leonard screams as he goes to Thomas. ” Sorry I just...” Thomas tries to apologize but is stopped when an infected under the car grabs him and bites him and taking a piece of flesh from his leg. Thomas starts screaming and kicks the infected and shoots the remaining bullets but without putting any in the infected head, Ben then rapidly uses the machete and staps the infected in the head.

“Fuck no, I don’t want to die. no please no!” Thomas starts to scream and falls to the ground. ” Chill out Thomas we have Doc, he can patch you up,” Ben says to Thomas to calm him. “No, he is infected now Ben, there is nothing Doc can do,” Leonard says as he grabs Thomas gun, Thomas panics and starts to run. ” Thomas come back!” Ben scream, “Leonard what the hell was that? He is scared” Ben tells Leonard as he goes near him but it stops by the scream of Thomas. ” There's still one more in the house,” Leonard says to Ben as they run to the living room. When they reach the living room they find two bodies one is Tara and the other one Thomas and both their skulls smash in, and Jhon standing there with a hammer in his hand, he just looks at Ben and Leonard and says, ” The kid was infected and I was not going to allow him to walk freely in this community”

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