The Rotten

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“You want me to salute that pile of walking puss? Salute my ass.”

- Captain Rhodes, Day of the Dead (1985)

Ben and Leonard just stood there watching Jhon, he killed Thomas and he didn’t care at all. “You killed him, you just killed him we could have helped him,” Ben says as he walked towards Jhon. ” He was a danger to us and especially me, and I won't let any of you get me killed,” Jhon said as he leaves the house. Leonard just put his hand on Ben’s shoulder and walk away. Ben was horrified by what Jhon did, Thomas was a great person Ben didn’t know him well but in the little time he had spent with him he knew, Ben then hears Clarence cries coming closer, she just comes running into the house but Leonard stops her so she couldn’t see the horror inside. Ben just walks out of the house and goes to see Alice.

As Ben is entering the house he realizes that he needs to tell Alice about her family, he just walks to the room where she is as he walks there he notices that Doc isn’t around, he thinks he just went to see his wife. “Ben? Is that you?” Alice says worried from inside the room she is in. “Yes, it’s me Alice” Ben respond to her, and then Alice come out of the room quickly to hug Ben. ” I was scared, I heard some gunshots.” Alice says to him while she hugs him but then she notices all the blood on Ben’s shirt. ” Ben, what happened, why are you covered in blood?” Alice says to him while stepping back. ” Alice I’m sorry but your family was infected, we couldn’t help them they were a danger, we had to do it,” Ben says to her as he puts the machete on the table and walks toward her, Alice started crying without speaking, Ben just hug her without saying a word. Alice started to calm down and asked Ben, ” Did they die without suffering?” Ben just look her in the eyes and respond with a nod, ” My brother Howard came to visit along with my cousin Tom, they just wanted to see mom and dad, they were just passing by, they...” She couldn’t finish the sentence, ” I’m sorry Alice they never deserved this no one deserves this” Ben told her trying to calm her. “Am I infected? Ian bit me, does that means I’m Infected” Alice asks Ben while she stops hugging him, “You Fucker! She was bitten?!” Leonard screams to Ben while walks toward him, ” You told me that she was fine, that she cut her hand with glass!” Leonard says to him while grabbing him.

Ben didn’t know what to say he was scared of what would he do to her, he kept thinking about Thomas and what Jhon did to him, Leonard then hit him and throw him to the floor, ” You asshole! She is going to kill us all! She is infected!” Leonard says to him while he kicks him in the stomach. ” She is not infected! She is fine! Doc treats her she will be fine!” Ben scream to Leonard while standing up, Leonard then tries to him hit when Alice points him with a machete, “Stop hurting him or...” Alice is interrupted by Leonard “Or what!? You are going to kill me? You already are going to do it if we don’t take care of you!” Ben then tackles Leornard to the ground, the two started struggling as Alice watches without knowing what to do, ” I heard some scream and the door was open is...” Doc says while he enters the room and sees Ben and Leonard struggling, ” Stop this! What is going on?” Doc asks as he grabs Ben, Leonard stands up and pulls out the gun and points it to Alice, “You know what's going on Doc! She is infected” Leonards screams to Doc, Alice was scared but she didn’t put down the machete she just stood there shaking, ” She may be fine Leonard, the infection may not spread from her hand” Doc tries to explain to Leonard, Alice then runs towards the back room and lock herself in. Leonard tries to open the door but fails Doc then lets go of Ben and tries to stop Leonard but Ben runs faster toward Leonard, who then points the gun towards Ben, “Stop right there Ben or I’ll shoot” Leonard says to him. Before Ben could say something they hear Alice screaming from inside the room. “Alice! What happened? Are you ok?” Ben screams to Alice as he tries to open the door, then Ben finally breaks open and he sees Alice on the floor, and the machete covered in blood and next to it Alice’s hand cut off.

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