The Rotten

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Chapter 7

“If we hole up I want to be somewhere familiar, I want to know where the exits are, and I want to be allowed to smoke.”

- Ed, Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Alice was lying in bed resting, Doc had spent all night patching her up, it was not easy for him because he didn’t have all the instruments that he needs, in the end, he just close the wound and make sure that there was no infection. “She will be fine for now, but she needs some antibiotics and I don’t have any with me,” Doc says to Ben and Leonard as he leaves the room where Alice is. “How are we going to get that, I don’t think anyone in this place has some” Leonard says to Doc while they go to the kitchen, Ben was thinking about what to do we had an idea but it was a little dangerous and he knew that Leonard wouldn’t approve, “And what are we going to tell the others about this?, if they find out about the bite it will be chaos,” Leonard says to Doc while he grabs a glass of water and sits down. “We don’t tell them the truth for now, only after she is better and about the antibiotics, I have a plan,” Ben says to Leonard and Doc as he enters the kitchen.

“Ok I’m fine with that and what is this plan you talk about,” Leonard says as he takes another glass of water, “There is a mall not so far from here, it has a pharmacy inside and a supermarket, so we can go and get the antibiotics and food because we are going to need it later because this won’t end soon” Ben explains to Leonard hoping that he will agree with it “That is a good plan Ben I like how you think, but there is one thing that mall won’t be full of infected? It is a mall that shit is always full of people” Leonard says to Ben while grabbing his ax, “That is true but the mall was close all these days, they were making some repairs and the only open store was the pharmacy and the supermarket, if we find some infected, they are not going to be any trouble. And we can go in my car so we can make it faster” Ben says to Leonard surprised that he agreed with the plan. Leonard went to look for two more people who could help them with this plan, Ben went to check on Alice and to change, he was still wearing the shirt with blood. He grabbed a hoodie and a wooden baseball bat that he had, when he was leaving he had the idea to make it a spiked bat so he went to the tool house.

Leonard only managed to get Jhon and Cole to help them, Cole was a professor in the near university, he decided that he wanted to be a teacher to prove to his parents that being a black person does not mean that he won’t succeed in life. Jhon was helping because he said that he will make sure that they don’t screw it up. “And what the hell is that Ben?” Leonard says to Ben when he sees him with the spiked bat, “This? I always wanted to make a spiked bat and this is the best moment to do it” Ben says to Leonard while he gives a shovel to Cole. “Ok everyone ready? We are going then” Leonard says as he enters the car, Ben turns on the car and drives to the mall. The infected that were at the front gate had move to other place so it was easy to leave without letting them in. On the route to the mall the group notices how the streets are abandoned and a few infected roaming the area after take other routes to get there because some streets are block with abandoned cars or full with infected the manage to get to the mall. The survivors leave the car in the front street to the mall because they could not get any closer with the abandoned cars in front, so they walked the remaining distance.

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