The Rotten

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“I’d say I’m a pretty darned good father. My father tried to eat me. I don’t remember trying to eat Timmy.”

- Mr. Robinson, Fido (2006)

The group was in front of the mall entrance, the doors were closed so and the place looked deserted the only people around were infected and dead, these were rotting already so the smell wasn’t pretty. Leonard gave a look to the door trying to see if there was a way to open them avoiding the noise of breaking them. “Come on hurry up! What are you taking so long? Those infected fuckers are starting to notice us!” Jhon angrily tells Leonard, “Calm the fuck down, if we break the door those infected fuckers will get us”. Leonard says calmly to Jhon while standing up, “You know what fuck all these I’m getting in” Jhon says as he takes out a gun and shoots the door’s glass.

Doc was staying at Ben’s place to check on Alice while he waiting for the group, Doc’s wife Dana was worried for Alice so she decided to help his husband. Dana a younger than Doc but she looked older to other people and that was because she was always sick and in the last years she had spent a lot of time in the hospital, but she was a tough one, she always looked to the bright side of her sickness and that was that she could spend more time with his husband. “Do you think they will make it in time?” Dana said to Doc while entering the room where Alice was, they put Alice in Ben’s parent's room on the second floor of the house, Doc didn’t answer he was focused on checking Alice pulse when he finishes he just stands up and wrote something on a piece of paper where he had been monitoring Alice to see how she was, ” I really hope they manage to make it tonight, I don’t want her to die from an infection after she cut her hand to save herself from another” Doc said while looking at Alice.

The group broke one of the glass doors of a store and hid for awhile waiting for the infected to go to another part of the mall, “What the hell was that asshole! Are you trying to kill us” said Ben to Jhon as he pushes him, “Sorry but I’m not planning to stay long enough for the infected to kill us, in here we can survive and you start to be more polite to the guy with the gun! Its common courtesy!” Jhon says to Ben as he points the .22 handgun to him, Ben just stand there without saying a word, “Put down the gun Jhon, he just scared and he knows the place well, if we want to go quickly we need him” Leonard said while pointing his .45 revolver to his head, Jhon just put the gun down and walk to the back of the store, “I’m not scared, but thank you” Ben said to Leonard, he didn’t answer he just nods. “So where do we go first the market or the drug store?” Cole asks Ben, “We go first to the drug store, it is on the other side of the mall but that way we can gain time for the infected to walk away from the market that is in front of us. This store has an exit on the back, we can get out that way so the infected don’t see us” Ben explained to everyone while pointing to the back of the store and looking through the windows to see if an infected saw them, “It sounds perfect to me” Leonard said as he looks to Cole and Jhon, they just nod accepting the plan, “Well let's go them”

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