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Doll of Sacrifice (Draft)

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They hoped that it was over, that after going through what felt like hell and the loss of a friend, that they would be able to pick up what was left of their lives and do the best they could. Taryn Lowell, however, held suspicion in the back of her mind that it was far from over. After confronting Toya Kitsutsuki, the man behind the kidnappings, disappearances and murders in a secluded Japanese village over an undescribed number of years. The reason for this thinking was because, deep down, she never truly killed him. A man that, for all intensive purposes, could never truly die. A twisted form of immortality, this man is now a living doll, and in his delusions, believes that Taryn is the one he has been waiting for. And for over the last two centuries, he practiced on others to perfect this unknown method to have her for the rest of eternity. With her worst fears coming true, Taryn must now navigate how to handle this as Toya no longer hides in the shadows, as if daring anyone who knows his secret to try and stop him. This becomes even harder when Taryn finds out how he came to her country to bring her back to Japan. To protect those whom she holds dear from this monster disguised as a man, she decides to do something that would only put her at risk and beats him to the punch before Toya has the chance to do anything, and waits…

Horror / Mystery
Tarynne Bourret
5.0 2 reviews
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Before Reading

Hey all,

So before you start reading this book, please know that this is the sequel to the first novel Mansion of Dolls. If you have not read it then it would be best to go back and do so because this story will contain heavy spoilers from the first book.

Also, note that these chapters are subject to change over time, I will most definitely go back and give it an overhaul when it's completed.

It's what I did with the first book (on a different site) and I will most certainly do so with this one since I first want to write it all out from start to finish, get feedback, and think over what I could do to change it once it's completed. It'll be a long process, but I feel it's the way to go to make this as best as I possibly can.

Even with all that I do hope you enjoy this story and where it takes off from where the first book ended!

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