The King

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Chapter 8

I feel numb. Each time I blink, each time I close my eyes, I see Dimitri's tortured expression. And the way Felix looked at him, the way he touched him...

I can't imagine the horrors he is having to go through. I recall Cyrus telling me he would never touch me in that way to stain his reputation. That extends to all of the nobles, right? Is Felix that careless about reputation that he would do such things to Dimitri?

I have to swallow back the tears threatening to spill from my eyes as I imagine such a man violating the man I love. I've never seen Dimitri so terrified. He's always been strong, forward, and brave. Even when faced with the King when we first arrived, he fought for me. But his face in that chamber was a face I have never seen before.

He was utterly paralyzed with fear.

I have to push my thoughts deep down as I follow the King and Theresa through the empty halls. He has his arm around her, pressing kisses into her neck and cheek. She continues to giggle as he does so. I can no longer hold back the tears as I think of the times Dimitri and I would kiss and hug. That chance has forever been ripped away from the both of us.

We reach the King's chambers, and the guards pull the doors open for the both of them. I keep my gaze down, continuing to walk when a guard places his sword in my way.

"Where do you think you're going, slave?" He hisses.

"Do you not see the tray of food it carries? Let it through." I hear Cyrus's voice cutting through the door and the guard reluctantly lets me pass. Bitterness seeps through me at his referral to me as "it". None of them miss the opportunity to make me feel less than alive. And as I walk into the chamber, I feel less than small. Theresa wears a beautiful silk gown at that hugs her features and reveals her healthy body. While I am in a used, dirty, crusted gown, with matted hair and I am forced to follow and serve them.

I am nothing.

I slowly raise my gaze as I enter the King's chamber. He and Theresa are already on each other as she pulls at his clothes. He looks at me, a wicked smile on his lips.

"In the corner, slave." He whips away from me, his hands roaming over the body of the woman. I quickly move to the corner, keeping my eyes down. Theresa giggles as he touches her in her most intimate of places. I couldn't imagine being with a man like the King. It took me years of seeing Dimitri to even work up the courage to express my feeling for him. Especially my sexual feelings. The King is not only engaged to be married to another woman, but I have seen him with different women, sometimes three at a time.

"You aren't really going to let the slave stay and watch, are you?" I'm pulled out of my thoughts as Theresa begins expressing her disdain with me being here. I look up and suddenly wish I hadn't.

The King is shirtless, his pants hanging dangerously low on his hips. His face is dark, and his eyes are void of emotion as he glares down at Theresa. He slowly steps closer to her placing his hands on the shoulders of her silk gown. In one swift movement he rips it from her shoulders, exposing her breasts.

He roughly shoves her on the bed, and a gasp escapes her lips. Her eyes widen and I can immediately see that she is frightened.

"You can leave if you have a problem with that." All of his amusement has evaporated in an instant. He looks deadly serious as he glares down at the woman. I can feel the fear she releases as she gazes up at him. I clutch the tray even tighter, trying to anchor myself to something as I watch this horror unfold before me.

"N-no, your majesty, I didn't mean to offend-" He cuts her off as he crawls over her, placing his hand over her throat. His eyes visibly darken, and the room suddenly feels heavy. He roughly pushes her deeper into the bed.

"Shut up." I shiver from the chill in his voice. He doesn't speak again as he unfastens his pants. I immediately drop my eyes, staring at the ground. But I can still hear them. I can hear her gasps. I can hear him roughly grabbing her, and holding her down. And I can hear her gasps turn to screams.

I squeeze my eyes shut as the rhythmic slapping of their bodies colliding fills the room. Her loud cries grow to moans, and suddenly it sounds muffled. I look up, expecting him to have strangled her, but what I see paralyzes me in fear.

Her face is pressed into the King's mattress, his hand holding her down by her hair. Her back is arched as the King enters her roughly from behind. Each thrust elicits a loud moan from her. The King is looking down at her when his eyes slowly rise, finding mine. I feel locked in his gaze as a wicked smile slowly crawls on his face while he fucks her mercilessly.

He uses his other hand to slowly reach around her, squeezing her breast before he wraps his hand around her throat, lifting her, exposing them both completely. He keeps his eyes focused on mine, but I can see everything. I can see her voluptuous breast, and beaded nipples that are jarred with each thrust, and I can see the way her back is arched as the King holds one of her hands behind her back while the other squeezes her throat.

Her mouth is open, her eyes wide as she glares at the ceiling. It's all she can do. He has her completely immobile.

"Ah, My King, I-I'm cumming!" She screams. As soon as the words leave her lips, her entire body seizes up as she begins to convulse. My eyes widen as fear washes over me. She looks like she's having a seizure. Her eyes roll back as she convulses ever so slightly each second, yet she continues to moan through it.

The King's smile widens as he takes in my reaction. I can only imagine the horror etched on my face. He gives her three more hard thrusts before he finally lets go of her and she collapses on the mattress in front of him.

I gasp softly. Did he kill her?

I immediately drop my eyes not wanting to see the King completely naked. I fear that if I do, he will kill me where I stand for gazing upon his body when I am only a slave. Slaves have been killed for much less. But my body is shaking even more so at this point. I don't really know what just happened.

I immediately jump when I hear a deep breath. It's her Theresa. She's alive.

"Get dressed. Get out. And if you value your life, don't ever question me again." The King's voice rips through the chamber colder than ice.

"I-I'm sorry, My King. Please forgive me... It will never happen again..." She whispers.

"Good. Leave."

I hear the frantic rustling of clothes and the light patter of footsteps as she takes off out of the room, the doors closing behind her. I don't even know if she put her clothes back on, or if she even could seeing as he ripped her dress off. I have to bite my tongue to calm the whimpers threatening to leave me. I'm all alone, with the King.

"Come, slave. I'm hungry."

I will my feet to move, making sure to keep my gaze down. I hear his soft chuckle.

"You can look at me." He says. But I still keep my eyes down. I've never gazed upon a man naked. And I don't want the first time I do to be of a Beast. The King especially.

"Annalise." I tense when he uses my name. I hate it when he uses my name. I slowly raise my gaze making sure to look at his face. He doesn't look tired at all even though he used so much energy being rough with her. He gestures to the area next to his bed.

I quickly move around, holding the tray out so that he can easily reach it. He grabs another piece of fruit placing it in his mouth.

"Did you enjoy the show?" He asks. I feel my cheeks redden as images of what just happened flash through my mind. So I choose not to respond. He takes in my silence, laughing.

"You grow so bashful at the mention of sex as if you- Ohhh..." He trails off as he puts the clues together and I hate it. His loud chuckle fills the room.

"Look at me." His tone leaves no room for argument. So I do. I look him in his eyes, and it chills my body to the bone. His dark gaze roams over my body, coming to a rest on my face.

"You have never been touched by a man, have you?" He asks. I open my mouth to respond.

"No, your majesty..." I whisper.

"Odd since you and your lover were fighting so hard for each other. He never deflowered you?" He asks. I feel more shame. He speaks about my personal life and business as if he has every right to it. I hate it.

"No, your majesty."

He pulls the tray out of my hands, letting me drop them to my side.

"No wonder you look so frightened at the sight of sex." I narrow my gaze at him.

"That... wasn't sex." I say. He seems to be in a good mood and indulges me, his smile widening.

"Oh? Then what is, slave?" He's toying with me. Something he loves to do.

"Sex is... when you give yourself to the one you love. It's passionate and caring... and you create life from it-"

The King interrupts me in a fit of laughter. Loud laughter.

"Is that what your lover told you?" He asks. I drop my eyes.

"No..." I mumble.

"Strange you've never had a cock in that virgin pussy, yet you drawl on about the passions of sex."

I feel my cheeks burning from his vulgar use of language and he notices.

"Sex is about power. It's about taking your partner and controlling their every whim. Their pleasure. Being the cause of that pleasure and controlling it. Allowing them to have release. Allowing their body to react to your touch. If you control sex, you control their mind." He chuckles taking a bite of an apple. I glare at him in utter confusion.

"If your lover never told you or even tried to deflower you it's best he didn't fondle around between your legs. You should rejoice you never had to give yourself to him. It would have been a waste. Especially where he is now." Amusement is all over his features as he slowly tears my reality down. Silence washes over us, and he suddenly moves, grabbing hold of my hand. I have to ignore the heat that spreads through my palm at his touch.

"I see you followed my directions. What did you do with my robe?" He asks, genuinely curious.

"...I hid it, your majesty."

"Hid it? Where?" He asks glaring at me. I have to swallow my suddenly dry mouth as I reach for my leg with shaky hands. I slowly reach under my filthy dress, untying the fabric from around my thigh.

I fold it before holding it out to him. He actually looks impressed.

"You are very clever indeed." He says softly as he takes the fabric from me.

"I was curious if you would be foolish enough to keep it visible. They would have killed you if they caught you with this." He says walking away from me. I slowly look up as he crosses the room, and immediately drop my eyes. He is still naked, his muscular ass flexing as walks.

I hear him shuffling around before he comes back. I breathe a sigh of relief when he's wearing a robe. I notice the corner of his mouth slightly upturn as he takes in my reaction.

"Take that off." He says. My eyes widen and I step back.

"Please, your majesty I-"

"You reek. That dress is filthy. Take it off and wear this in my presence," He says as he drops another robe in front of me. My eyes widen slightly as I take it in. He turns away from me.

"I told you, I will not touch a slave. But I cannot stand you in my presence with such filthy clothes and smell."

I feel my cheek burn as a wave of embarrassment washes over me. It isn't my fault, the conditions we are put through here. I have never been this filthy in my life. He turns away from me and I use the moment to quickly pull the dress off and place the over sized robe on me. I use my hands to hold it closed.

When I look up, the King is watching me with an unreadable expression. He finally moves, laying back on his massive bed.

"Tell me about your lover, Annalise." I raise my brow in confusion. I don't even know why he would ask me about Dimitri. Unless he's planning to kill him.

"He's harmless, your majesty. He won't do any-"

The King laughs looking at me.

"I know he's harmless. I want to know what man fights as he did for you, carried you out of harm's way, but never claimed you as his own." He says. I blink on confusion.

"He... wanted to wait until marriage.." I say. I feel my stomach drop as this genuinely piques the King's interest. He slowly rises up in the bed, looking at me, his smile dropping.

"You were engaged to this man?" He asks. I slowly nod my head, forgetting all of the etiquette I've been taught since arriving here. The King's sudden change in demeanor terrifies me.

A scoff leaves his lips and he tilts his head at me.

"Whatever future you had envisioned with him will never come to be. It's best you forget he ever existed. I promise you, he will never look at you in that way again." He says with a sinister air around him. I drop my gaze, letting the tears fall.

"Yes, your majesty," I whisper. Silence overcomes us and he comes towards me, dropping the tray of fruit at my feet.

"Eat. You have until a servant arrives to escort you back to the slaves quarters."

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