The King

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Chapter 11

The throne room is beautiful. Just like every other room in this palace the King calls home. It makes me think of the homes I grew up in. How poor we were. These walls are made from Gold and Marble. Our walls were made from wood and stone.

I peek from under my lashes as Cyrus enters with his head held high, an aura of intimidation coming off of him in waves. The future Queen is waiting on the other side of the throne room and she immediately rises when she sees him enter. She bows, murmuring a greeting to him.

I watch her carefully, wondering if she fears him or not. It doesn’t take long to see the way she fiddles with her fingers. She fears her future husband. What could have brought them together in such a way?

“Marzia, what brings you to my palace unannounced?” He asks. She lifts her gaze to look at him, her dark eyes shaped like almonds. She’s a strikingly beautiful Beast, as are they all. Her hair is styled to show off her delicate neck.

“I haven’t seen you in weeks, your majesty. I thought it would do us some good to spend an afternoon together.” Her voice is as shaky as she is. She does a poor job of hiding her fear. Cyrus raises a brow at her before a light chuckle leaves his lips.

“You thought? That’s new.” He says in disinterest before turning away from her, making his way to the throne. He takes a seat glaring at her with a terrifying expression before he looks to her servants.

“Leave us.” He quips. They all bow and turn to exit the room. I take that as my cue to leave as well and begin to move towards the exit when his eyes fall on me. He doesn’t have to speak a word for me to know what he’s thinking.

Not you.

He seems pleased with my quick reaction to his unspoken command. A small smirk appears on his lips as he turns back to his frightened fiancée.

“Our marriage isn’t for another year Marzia. I have no interest in seeing you before then. There is no need for you to come here under the guise of spending time with me. I know your father put you up to this.” He snaps. She flinches from his tone, finally raising her gaze to meet his. There’s a small hint of defiance in her tone.

“I know you hate this decision Cyrus, and I am doing the best I can to meet you halfway on this. This wasn’t my choice either.” She whispers. Cyrus lets out a loud laugh before responding.

"Your choice..." He mulls over her words, only causing more tension to rise in the room.

“Come here, Marzia.” He says. Her name rolls off his lips with ease but I’ve been around the King enough to know that tone he’s using. Goosebumps have already broken out across my skin as I imagine the cruel decision he has made in his head for Marzia.

She makes her way across the room, standing in front of Cyrus on the throne. He glares her in the eyes before his eyes slightly shift, looking at the ground in front of him before landing back on her face. I notice the breath leave her body as she comprehends his unspoken command.

“Wait... Cyrus, I didn’t mean to offend.” She whispers. He holds his hand out gently grabbing hers.

“Marzia...” He says. That’s all he says is her name and she begins to tremble as she kneels before him. I watch in horror as her shaking hands move towards his pants, unfastening them. She doesn’t acknowledge the fact that I am still in the room. Her eyes are only focused on the task in front of her.

I’m pulled out of my thoughts as his chuckle echoes throughout the room. I watch in shock as she pulls his cock from his pants. My eyes widen at the size on him in her hand. I immediately drop my eyes as she places her lips over him, not wanting to see him debase her in such a way.

The sounds grow and I squeeze my eyes closed even tighter as her muffled screams echo throughout the chamber. I don’t know how long it lasts, but I almost breathe a sigh of relief when I hear her collapse onto the ground.

“Slave.” I jump when I hear the King’s voice. I look up, meeting his gaze.

“Yes, your majesty?” I ask. He motions for me to come to him, so I force my legs to do so. Shaking all the while. I notice the corner of his lips twitch in amusement as I approach until I am standing in front of him.

He grabs the skirt of my dress, keeping his eyes lined to mine. I can see the excitement in his gaze at the situation. A loud tearing echoes throughout the room as he rips the bottom of my dress and hands it to me.

“Help the Queen.” He says. His voice laced with malice. I bow slightly, reigning in my terror and quickly move away from him to the future Queen. Her eyes are downcast, the corner of her face covered in the King’s semen.

I bend, moving the fabric to her lips to wipe it away. Her gaze meets mine, swallowing me whole and she immediately yanks the fabric from my hands shoving me hard.

“Get away from me, slave.” She hisses. I land hard on my ass, the force of her shove propelling me further than I had anticipated. I can feel the burn as my skin drags across the floor. I hear the King’s chuckle as he stands from his throne, putting himself away. He makes his way down towards her. He places his hand under her chin lifting her gaze to meet his, using his thumb to smear his cum on her face.

“I suppose your trip here shouldn’t be a total waste. Be in my chambers tonight.” He says standing to leave. She glares at the ground.

“And if I refuse?” She calls after him. His loud chuckle echoes off the walls. But he doesn’t spare her a second glance.

“Then someone else will be.” He continues to walk, calling for me as he reaches the exit.

“Slave. We are leaving.”

I tense as the horns go off signifying the beginning of the hunt. A hunt in honor of the King leaving to fight another battle on behalf of the Beasts. I fear for the village that is about to be ravaged by the King and his men. I doubt it takes all of them to even take down this village. It only took the King to ruin mine.

I see him a small distance away speaking with some nobles. One of which I recognize.


He’s dressed up for this event. A warriors blade resting on his hip as he speaks to the King. He has a look of disinterest on his face, though he always seems distant whenever I see him. But his dark eyes give off a terror I can only imagine. I breathe a sigh of relief when I realize Dimitri isn’t here. A small part of me worries though. If Dimitri isn’t here it could mean Felix hurt him. But I have to keep those kinds of thoughts out of my head. Especially if I want to remain sane today.

I look around for the King’s fiancée as well but she is nowhere to be seen. For the first time in a while, the King didn’t require my presence in his chambers last night. I imagine it’s because his fiancée was occupying the room. But I also wonder how badly he injured her for her to be absent from such an important event.

“Slave.” I look up to see the King fastening the quiver around his chest. Once he finishes adjusting it, a servant hands him the large bow and he begins walking towards me with that unreadable expression.

“We are joining the hunt.” He says walking past me. I don’t bother to hide the shock on my features. I step forward already protesting.

“We, your majesty? I am not prepared nor have I trained for-”

He whips around to me, a murderous glare looking back at me.

“If I send you into this forest to hide and hunt you down like the animals we seek, will it have been worth it to question your King?” He asks. I slowly shake my head.

“No, your majesty.” His expression slightly calms and a small smile appears on his lips.

“Then come.”

None of the servants follow us into the thick brush. I feel my heart beating fast as the extent of the situation dawns on me. I’m heading into the forest with the King alone. I keep my eyes trained on his back. He has broad shoulders and a muscular form. His white hair has been pulled into a top knot as well. He’s a cruel and terrifying beast hiding under the guise of a beautiful creature.

We walk for a while before the King decides to stop near a creek. He quietly bends, placing his hands in the water. I take the time to look around at the greenery. It’s beautiful and abundant. This forest makes me question the one I grew up in. I look up towards the sun shining high in the sky. I haven’t felt or seen the sun since my capture. I find myself disappearing from this moment, just focusing on the warmth the sun gives me.

I look down at the King who is splashing water on his face. His eyes are focused across the river, his face lax of any emotion.

“Did you have a good night, Anna?” He asks. His eyes stay focused across the river so it takes me a moment to register his question and I immediately stammer a response.

“Yes, your majesty.” I murmur. He chuckles softly standing to his full height.

“Look at me, Anna.” He murmurs. I slowly bring my gaze up to obey him. His dark eyes roam over my face. He reaches out to me and I can’t help but flinch. I hear his soft chuckle followed by his hand against my cheek.

“I missed your presence in my chambers.” He says. I don’t know how to respond. Or if I even want to. I’m completely confused by his sudden mood.

“My fiancée is an eyesore. And a terrible lay. At least with you there would have been some amusement. Seeing the horror in your eyes always seems to lift my spirits.” He adds. I notice his thumb lightly brushing back and forth on my cheek as he speaks.

"I do wish you could've seen what I did to her last night. You would have been absolutely horrified..." He trails off, his eyes roaming over my body. The darkness in his pupil expands, almost blacking out his entire eye.

Fear washes over me completely, the gravity of the situation settling in. I'm alone with the King in the middle of the forest. Completely at his mercy.

"I..." I trail off not knowing what to say. Or how to avert the King's sudden interest in me.

"Your majesty, the hunt..." I try. He chuckles softly, his hand roaming to the collar of my dress.

"The hunt will happen whether or not I participate. I don't need the entire day to hunt down the beasts I can smell them from here..." He trails off leaning in closer to me.

"The same way I can smell you, my dear." He murmurs.

"I can smell the terror as it leaves your skin. Like the prey that surrounds us, you are no different. It calls to me..."

His hand dips under the collar of my dress, brushing against my breast. I let out a loud gasp trying to move away from him but he only moves with me, pinning me against a tree.

"Your majesty-"

"Shhh... I couldn't get you out of my head last night, Anna. The longer I fucked and beat her, the more I wanted it to be you writhing under me. Not her. Why would I feel such a way for a human? A slave no less?" He presses his lips against my throat and a shockwave of electricity ripples through me.

"Maybe I've grown bored with the upper class. Maybe my boredom has reached an unspeakable place. Maybe, I just need to indulge in the one thing I have been forbidden to touch..."

"Wait, please-"

I'm cut off as he presses his lips over my own. His kiss is searing and sends heat through me, settling in the pit of my stomach. I immediately begin to struggle against him, placing my hands against his chest, but its no use. He's much stronger than me.

He finally pulls away from me, his eyes bright with lust as he gazes over me in confusion and arousal. I'm shaking in terror as he brushes his thumb over my swollen lips, his hand squeezing my breast.

I struggle once again, but I can tell it only arouses him more so I sit still letting the tears fall.

"Please, your majesty... don't do this. I am just a slave. I am nothing. You can't ruin your reputation on the likes of me-"

I'm cut off when his hand wraps around my throat like a vice. I immediately struggle as the world begins to dim. He glares at me in irritation before speaking again.

"Do not tell me what I can and can't do, slave." He hisses. I try and respond, but it's no use. There's no air left for me. Just when I think I'm going to pass out, he finally lets go of me, and I drop in the dirt, gulping down as much air as I can.

I slowly look up to see Cyrus glaring down at me in a mixture of confusion and anger. He reaches for the bow, turning away from me.

"Come. Let's hunt."

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