The King

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Chapter 12

The King has left the castle. It's been a week since the King departed with his men to the edge of the forest to seek out more villages like mine. Villages that are harboring weapons made to kill Beasts.

It's strange how having the King absent has placed a kind of lull over the palace. The servants don't beat us as often, and slaves themselves have gained personalities. I try and keep my distance just the same seeing as anyone of us could be dead within the week once he returns. I don't want to deal with the sadness of loss anymore than I already have to.

I can't get the King's words out of my head. His strange confession. Has he just grown an obsession with me and wants to act on it? Whatever it is that's going through his mind, I hope his time away from the palace deters his lustful need towards me. I've seen him do unspeakable acts with all kinds of women. The last thing I want is for him to perform those acts on me.

I don't know what fate awaits me upon his return. He acted strangely for the rest of the day and didn't even give me instruction upon his departure. He barely even glanced at me as he departed the palace.

"You're the King's slave?" I look up at the sound of a new voice. It's a girl. She must be older than me by a few years. She takes a seat in front of me with her bowl of soured gruel, a small smile on her face. It doesn't seem genuine.

"The King's slave?" I ask. She nods her head, her smile widening.

"You're all anyone talks about. The King has never kept a slave alive as long as he has you. Not only that, but you serve at his personal leisure." She says. I let out a scoff looking back down at my bowl.

"So what..." I murmur. It's not like that title gets me anything other than personalized punishment.

"What's it like?" She asks. I look at her now. She has light brown hair and dull brown eyes. But she seems interested in me for the moment. I look around the room to see if anyone else is listening to our conversation, but all the other slaves seem keen on their bowls or small friendships they've made.

"It's hell." I say. A frown appears on her lips.

"I'm sorry, it must be awful for you. It's just... strange. No one's ever heard of the King sparing a slave before." She says. There's something else behind her gaze. Something that I don't trust. I push my bowl towards her.

"You can have mine. I'm not hungry." I murmur standing to leave. A look of shock crosses her features, and she stands with me.

"Wait, I didn't mean to offend." She says quickly. I pause slowly sitting back down.

"My name is Laura. I work in the Kitchens." She says offering me a small smile. I nod my head, not wanting to go this far in a conversation with her.

"What's your name?" She asks after taking in my silence. I take a deep breath looking her in the eyes.

"You can call me the King's slave if you like. My name is not important. You won't be using it for very long." I say. Her eyes widen slightly, her whole mood changing.

"So you become the King's personal slave and suddenly you're better than everyone?" She asks. I let out a humorless laugh.

"No. I've become more accustomed with death. And I know how easy it is for you to die. So I would rather keep anything that personalizes you out of my mind. I'm sorry, but it's just easier that way." I say. I don't wait for a response as I turn to leave, suddenly losing my appetite.

"Straighten out those sheets, slave." One of the servant's hisses to me. Word has been sent that the King is on his way back to the palace after a successful battle with a boat load of new slaves and information.

I feel tears threatening to form at the thought of how many humans have been killed at his hand. As per instruction, deep cleaning the King's chambers is something that is done before his return. And since I have been in and out of the King's chambers the servants thought it best if I helped out.

The King's sheets are extremely soft. I've never felt such a texture as I smooth out the covers over the large bed. I turn around when I hear a loud gasp from the corner. It's the two servants that are in the room with me. They found the King's crystal decanter that holds his wine.

My eyes widen as they open it and giggle to each other. They are very brave. But I can do nothing, not even scold them as I watch them pour themselves drinks. It's shocking watching these women steal from the King as if they won't be killed if they are caught. I turn away from them, going back to my cleaning so I can leave the chambers. The King will be back tomorrow and I want to have a good night's rest before I am forced to tolerate his mood.

"I've never had anything like this!" The women giggle behind me. I reach for the old sheets on the ground scooping them up and making my way for the door.

"Where do you think you're going, slave?" One of the servant's hisses at me. I pause in the doorway with the sheets, turning to face them. The blonde points to the corner.

"Sit and wait in the corner." She snaps.

"Elisa, if we get caught we will be flogged. But if the slave is caught, she will take the fall." The brown haired servant says. The blonde, Elisa, looks at me with a narrowed gaze.

"Slave, come here." She says. My heart drops from the realization that they are using me as a scapegoat. I take a small step back finding my voice.

"No." I whisper. Elisa's gaze narrows as she stares at me.

"No?" She growls. I shake my head.

"I will not-" I'm cut off as she crosses the room in an instant, her hand colliding with my face. I cry out in pain, the room spinning around me. Before I can reorient myself, I feel my arms and legs being dragged away from the doors and to the corner of the room. They roughly shove me in the chair yanking me by the hair.

"Let go of me!" I scream. I try and scream more but the moment I open my mouth they begin to pour the bitter liquid past my lips. I cough and choke on the wine, clenching my teeth but the women are ruthless. One holds my nose waiting for me to open my mouth again so that they can shove the liquid down my throat. I don't know how long they do this to me, how long they torture me but soon the room is floating, and my mind is in another dimension.

I hear the women giggling and drinking next to me, enjoying the liquor. But I can't keep my thoughts straight let alone my mind. My mind is all over the place, bringing back memories I had stuffed down deep.

My father, my village, Dimitri. Just thinking of them brings an ache that seems incurable in my chest in this state. I feel tears threatening to appear as I think of the life I will never have. As I think of what happened to my father.

Images of Dimitri's face as his new master touched him flash across my mind, dragging me deeper into a depression that I can't seem to get myself out of. I wanted nothing more than to marry him and live out our lives away from this war but now I've been dragged into the very heart of it. We're so easily disposable in this world. Our lives don't matter in the least.

I lean back against the chair, my body suddenly feeling too heavy to hold up. I tilt my head to look at the women that forced this state on me. The two servants are still sitting at the King's table, sipping from his crystal glasses. They seem to be enjoying themselves. And they will continue to do so once the night is over. Because I will take the blame of drinking the King's wine. And my life will end because of it.

I smile to myself. They have actually done me a favor. I can only hope that death will come swiftly for me and before the King's return. I close my eyes leaning back in the seat. I'm almost asleep when I hear something that makes my blood run cold.

"What is this?" My eyes fly open and I sit up in my chair looking in the doorway. An icy sweat breaks out across my skin as I look in the eyes of the one being that terrifies me in this entire world. The King himself. He's back early.

He's still in royal attire, his blade resting on his hip. The same blade that was once coated in the blood of my people. His dark eyes roam over the room, landing on me. I take note that his eyes narrow ever so slightly. I sit up trying to speak when the servants pipe up.

"Your majesty!" They both fall on the ground, their heads pressed into the floor.

"We left her to clean and came back to find her in your wine, your majesty. We don't know what-"

"Stop." He snaps. He walks past them pulling his blade from around his waist. I hear their whimpers as he walks over them.

"Leave." He snaps. The women immediately stand, making their way to the doors. I try and move as well but he doesn't even look my way as he speaks.

"Not you." He says. My fingers are digging into the underside of the seat as the doors close behind the two servants leaving me alone with the King.

He pulls the rest of his armor off, including his shirt until he is left in nothing but a pair of pants. I can't help myself as I take in his muscled body. His skin is flawless expect for the faint scars from something horrible in his past. Even still he has no remnants on him that he was in battle at any point this week.

He finally turns to face me, his dark eyes roaming over me with interest. He makes his way over to me, leaning in front of me. His face is smooth, with no emotion. No hint of what he's feeling.

He reaches toward me and I flinch, but he only runs his thumb along my cheek. I can't keep my thoughts silent anymore.

"Please... they forced me. I tried to leave..." I slur out. He chuckles softly.

"Of course they did." He says standing up.

"After the week I had, I wanted to come back to my palace and have a good nights rest. But instead the slave I so loathe is in my chambers, drunk off her ass off my wine," He says. He walks to his bed, plopping down on the sheets I just spent an hour making.

I slowly stand from my seat.

"I will leave, your majesty. Goodnight." I say. I make my way to the door after he doesn't respond.

"No. Come here, slave." He says. I slowly turn, making my way to where he is on the bed. He sits up as I approach, his eyes roaming over me.

"Tell me about your week without me... If you can," He says in amusement. I try and drop my eyes but he stops me.

"Look at me, Anna." He says. So I do. I raise my eyes to look at him as I speak. I begin to relay my week to him, but he does little to show that he is even paying attention. His eyes rest on my lips as I speak. He moves while I'm explaining cleaning the stalls, his hand reaching over me to my hair.

He easily pulls my hair out of the bun that holds it, letting it fall around my shoulders. He doesn't seem interested in the least with what I am saying as he stands, walking across the room to the doors. He stands in front of it, locking it before he turns back to me.

Silence washes over us as he faces me.

"Your majesty..." I whisper. He comes back towards me, his face terrifyingly blank.

"Tell me about your future." He says out of nowhere. I'm shocked by the sudden question, but I feel the tears coming on as I think about my future. I have none. And that is something that he has made sure I know at every turn. Tears spill over as I respond.

"I have none..." I whisper. He smiles reaching towards me.

"Good girl."

His fingers curl around the collar of the dress I have on. My mind immediately goes into panic mode and I step back, slapping his hand away.

"No, don't touch me." I hiss. He stands, towering over me with his powerful frame.

"No?" He asks. He chuckles softly.

"Anna... We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either way, I will be buried inside that virgin pussy tonight." He says. His voice is smooth as he speaks the words causing a chill to break out over my skin.

"P-please..." I whisper. Dimitri flashes into my mind at this moment. His smile. His bright eyes. His always positive attitude. His proposal. His unconditional love. He's the man I was supposed to give my body to. A man. Not a Beast. But as Cyrus stands over me, I feel only helplessness.

Cyrus's eyes darken at my pleading, and he vanishes in an instant. I gasp when he is in front of me, a loud tearing echoing through the room as he rips my dress from my shoulders.

"No!" I scream. But he's on me. And it doesn't help that the wine is running through my veins. I stumble back, tripping over the tatters of my dress and cry out when I almost fall. But Cyrus catches me. His hands are tightly wrapped around my waist.

He whips me around, easily pulling me onto his bed. I scream and kick but it all falls on deaf ears. Cyrus easily pins my hands above my head, his other hand trailing down between my legs until his fingers are playing between my folds.

I cry out as a sensation I've never felt before washes over me. The heat from the liquor combined with this new form of arousal is too intense and I find myself squirming underneath him.

"No..." I sob. He inserts a finger inside of me. The feeling is foreign and yet I want more. I arch my back trying to move away from him, and he takes the moment to latch onto my nipple. I open my mouth as pure pleasure washes over me. He suckles my nipple with a mastery he gained from the many women in this position before me.

"Please... stop..." I moan. He chuckles above me.

"So you say, but your body wants me to continue." He murmurs as he laves my nipple. He takes the moment to insert another finger inside of me, spreading me further for his intrustion. I have never been touched in such a way, and the King of the Beasts is the first to do so.

His lips cover mine, and I take the moment to bite down on his lip, hard. He jerks away from me, and before I can react, the room is spinning and stars explode across my vision as he strikes me hard. I look up at him trying to regain my consciousness, and he's wiping the blood from his lip. He looks at the blood on his hand, then to me, his eyes filled with rage.

"You think you can stop me from taking what I want. I am the King of the Beasts. I am the ruler of your people. You will not keep from me what I have claimed." He hisses as he wraps his hand around my throat. I immediately begin to struggle, my hands clawing at his own, but he doesn't care. My struggles are nothing more than tiny swats.

He uses his hands to push my legs apart as he frees himself from his restraints. My eyes widen as I take in his size. I knew from all the nights he forced me to be in his presence as well as his interaction with the Queen that he was large. But it's completely different when he's about to put it inside of you.

I try and roll away but his hands wrap around my waist as he positions himself at my entrance.

"Please... don't..." I sob. He doesn't miss a beat as he shoves inside of me. I cry out in pain, screaming from the sudden intrusion. He pulls out slightly before shoving back in two more times, until he is fully sheathed inside of me.

I'm sobbing underneath him, my arms pinned above my head. The pleasure I felt from his fingers in gone, replaced with hot pain as he stretches me impossibly to fit himself. He finally lets go of my hands, and I pull them down, laying them at my sides.

"Look at me, Annalise," He says over me. I slowly shift my gaze looking up at him. The King of the Beasts. The Beast that took what I had saved for someone else effortlessly. He leans over me, placing a soft kiss on my cheek before covering my lips with his. His kiss is strangely gentle as he pulls out of me only to thrust back in. My hands fly to his chest, but instead of pushing him away, I use him to steady myself as he finds a rhythm.

I hate myself as a moan of pleasure escapes me. Cyrus threads his fingers through my hair, pulling tight as he begins to suckle on my neck. I cry out in pleasure and find myself suddenly reaching for something. Cyrus 's cock stretches me impossibly only bringing me closer to the release I seek. And suddenly, it hits me. A sensation I've never felt before crests over me, causing me to shudder in pleasure as my entire body clamps down on his.

I open my mouth to let out my guttural moans but my mouth is covered by his as he swallows my pleasure. I finally come down from my high, my body limp and weak. Cyrus chuckles above me, and I immediately realize he's still rock hard inside of me.

I raise my gaze to look at him and I'm shocked to see the evil glint in his eyes.

"The wine you drank was created for Beasts. It's far too strong for your kind. I doubt you will remember any of this in the morning. And I plan to drag this night out as long as I can."

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