The King

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Chapter 18


He’s gone. Just like that he’s gone. Once again he’s been ripped from me when I was inches from touching him. I stare at the door that’s been closed for what seems like hours, but I know its only been seconds.

I turn to look at Cyrus, anger bubbling to the surface. He takes note of the look on my face, because he quirks a brow at me laughing in the process.

“Oh don’t look at me like that, you’re breaking my heart,” he chuckles as he steps away from the door.

“You’re a monster,” I whisper. I let the tears fall freely as I glare him down with all the hatred I can muster. I have nothing to lose now, and I refuse to let him think he’s won.

“Why? Why would you do all of this? Why would you torture us like this? All to sate your sadistic desires?” I shout. It’s as if a something has snapped in his mind, because all of his amusement dissipates in an instant. I don’t even have time to register him moving. He vanishes and in an instant his hand is around my throat as he pushes me against the wall.

“Where did this confidence come from, slave? Did you forget your place?” He growls. I don’t think as I let the rage consume me. I spit at him.

“I will spend every last second of my life trying to kill yo-”

I’m cut off as his hand presses roughly over my mouth. I don’t know if I should be frightened or not, but I just hope the rage I feel can carry me through this moment. Cyrus’s face is strangely calm. He doesn’t look at me as he wipes my saliva from his face and he’s perfectly calm as he does it.

“Your entire race has spent their every waking moment trying to kill me, Annalise.”

His grip tightens, and I reach up trying to pry his hands away from my mouth. It’s no use though. He’s extremely strong, and my hands are nothing to him. His dark eyes meet mine and he squeezes even harder.

“If I snap your jaw, how long do you think you’ll be able to live before you starve to death?” he asks. He emphasizes his question but tightening his hold to an unbearable grip. I scream under his hand, tears flowing freely down my face.

His eyes roam over my naked body and he finally lets me go. I drop to the ground in a heap trying to get my whits about me, but he doesn’t give me a chance. There’s a rough yank on my leg as he drags me across the room to the bed.

As soon as I land on it I try and get up, but he’s over me, holding me down. His sinister gaze roams over me with amusement and he easily holds my arms above my head.

“When I came back from battle that night to find you drunk and out of it, I was going to send you back with the servants and punish you with lashes the next day...” His free hand roams down between my legs, easily spreading me for his pleasure. His fingers delve into my folds, finding my sensitive bud.

He begins rubbing in a smooth circle, causing my body to heat up immediately from his knowing touch. I try and pull my arms out of his grasp but have no strength to do so.

“But the longer I looked at you, the more my desire took hold of my thoughts. The blush that stained your cheeks, the way you lick you lips when you’re nervous...,” he nuzzles my throat, kissing me once before he latches onto the sensitive flesh. My body is slowly following his every command.

“The way you moaned on my cock all night...,” he dips a finger inside of my quivering sex, purring in delight when he finds me slick with need.

“I knew that if I didn’t take you that night, I would regret it.” Cyrus adds another finger, stretching me further. I shudder in pleasure a warm wave washes over me, building to something more intense. Something more pleasurable.

“I knew that I would never let that boy have the chance of taking your sweet virginity. It will forever be mine.” He finally pulls his fingers out of me and lets go of my hands.

He uses his hands to hold my legs open, positioning himself at my entrance. I expect him to roughly shove into me but he doesn’t. He leans over my body and uses his thumb to wipe the tears from my cheeks.

“Look at me, Annalise,” he says softly. I obey him, meeting his dark depthless gaze. At the same time, he pushes past my entrance, filling me entirely with himself. I open my mouth, wanting to scream but a soft gasp escapes my lips instead as pleasure ignites me.

“Feel me. Feel the pleasure I can give you. The pleasure you thought could only be given by that half-breed,” he purrs. He slowly pulls out only to sheath himself back inside, his pelvis pushing against mine. He begins thrusting like he did with all the women before me, except instead of pain I expect to feel, I feel pleasure.

My body isn’t my own anymore. Pleasure is all I feel. It’s all I know. It’s something Cyrus coaxes out of me with ease. He knows my body better than I do, and he spends every moment he can letting that fact be known.

My back arches involuntarily as my inner walls begin to contract around him. My entire body seizes up, my hands clinging to his arms for some kind of anchor as he draws my body’s climax out with his powerful strokes.

“Hngh!” I can’t help the guttural groan that escapes me. I feel Cyrus’s lips against throat. His lips are soft as he presses light kisses against me. I finally come down from my high, collapsing in the cool sheets. As I catch my breath and come down from my euphoria, the tears begin again.

I can feel Cyrus’s hard length still inside of me. He still hasn’t found his release which means he still isn’t done with me. He chuckles softly as he slowly pulls out me, causing me to spasm lightly around his exiting cock.

“Anna... why are you so sad when I am giving you nothing but pleasure...”

His hands snake up my body, cupping my breasts.

“You should be happy. You have earned the favor of the King. No slave has ever earned anything but lashings and death from me.”

“Why are you doing this to me,” I sob. Cyrus’s hands stop roaming over my body, and shifts in the bed rolling us over so that he is straddling me. He looks down at me with a strange expression, a frown on his lips. He tilts his head finally coming up with an answer.

“Because I want you, Annelise.” His dark blue gaze roams over my face, lingering with interest. I try and look away, but he grabs my face with his hand making me face him.

“Look at me,” he says. I feel swallowed up by the intensity of his gaze. It’s a gaze I don’t understand. I tense when I feel him pushing against my entrance. My hands fly to his chest pushing him.

“Wait-Ah!” I cry out as he thrusts inside of me, my body immediately accommodates itself to him. The dull ache that was dying down has reignited, my body reacting to his stimulations. A smile pulls at his lips as he stares down at me.

“Wait?” he murmurs. His thrusts grow more violent, forcing cries from my lips.

“Look at me, Annalise,” he growls. My tear filled eyes meet his and a smile forms on his lips. Pure happiness radiates from him as he takes in my distress. I feel him growing larger inside of me, until he finally finds his release. He shudders above me, grinding against me. Warm spurts of liquid bathe my insides, pushing me over the edge as I find my orgasm. I open my mouth, letting the soft moan wash over the empty room. The same room Dimitri and I were fighting for each other in.

We both come down from our sexual high, and the reality of what just happened sets in. I immediately jerk away from Cyrus, falling onto the floor. He doesn’t seem fazed by my reaction, only amused. He sits up in the bed looking down at me.

“How sickened would your Father be to see his daughter squirm on the cock of the King,” he chuckles. He stands up getting out of the bed in all his naked glory.

“How disappointed would the entire Hunter clan be to see their greatest hope naked in the King’s palace. The same King she was bred to kill, but now has no chance.” Cyrus squats to my height, placing his finger under my chin.

“You asked me ‘why’ earlier. The moment you stepped into my Kingdom, I knew something was off. If that half-breed hadn’t failed in protecting you, your father giving you such a trinket would have been harmless, maybe even helpful one day. I sensed the power in that necklace. I sensed it because the Beast used to make that power was my Father. The King before me.” My eyes widen at his words, and against my better judgement, I try and pull my face out of his grasp. But he tightens his grip, keeping my gaze.

“But now you know, that in any shape or form, the past and the future you have is irrelevant. You will never become the woman your King expected you to be. You will never save the people that are counting on you. You will never become the woman that half-breed will love. You will never leave this Kingdom.” His words cut deeper each time he speaks and he knows it. A smile creeps onto his face as he takes in my reaction.

“And do you know why, slave?”

His eyes take on a deranged look as he speaks to me and I don’t fight the shiver that crawls up my spine. I slowly shake my head wanting nothing more than to look away but I can’t.

“No, your majesty.” The breath feels like it’s been knocked out of me, his dark soulless eyes swallowing me whole.

“Because I want you, Annalise. And I will have you as many times as I must to sate my desire.”

He runs his thumb over my bottom lip, leaning in close to me. He’s inches from my lips when he pauses laughing softly.

“Now, get out. You have chores to attend to.”

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