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Read a book about four teenage kids on the way to save the world. Each of them all different but have one thing in common.... they’re weirdos. The weirdos made up their name when they were way younger because they all were bullied or made fun of. The weirdos swear, they learn and they find out that the only way to save the world is to face their fears. {the main character is a female} {has some other peoples point of view}

Horror / Adventure
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Listen. Do you hear it? The sound of the cry’s coming from the deep, dark tiny hole that is attached to the ground? The hole that no one can see because it is covered with pavement.

Can you hear the silent whispers from the monasters lurking beneath the house on Mulberry street? The big house where two old ladies live. They’re innocent, but that doesn’t give them a reason not to be crazy.

They go to the police station everyday, complaining about the screeches of children everynight. Or the sound of tears falling into a deep bucket.

Listen. Can you hear it? The monster slowly growing, it’s power slowly becoming stronger and its all your fault. Your anger, anxiety, sadness, greif, curiosity. It’s feeding itself and using you for Your emotions. It’s playing with you, changing you, growing you into one of his own. And you don’t even notice.

It’s okay. You didn’t know that there was a dark, hideous monester growing under the big house on mulberry street. You didn’t know that it was eating Your happiness everynight for dinner. You didn’t know... but you should’ve.

There’s things in school, that the teachers forget to teach you. The things that should me tested but aren’t. Instead they test your patients with a ruler and Your happiness with stacks of homework. Maybe they hated you and deep down wanted you to get hurt. Or maybe, just maybe, it was unspoken warning.

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