Nefarious Files

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two little guardians

In the void between life and death, Rosetta and Melina were still standing in the degrading illusion of the demon of vengeance.

“Thanks for your help in releasing me from that demon, Rosetta,” Melina said.

“No need to thank me, Melina. The demon had my father in his clutches as well. I had to help him realise that he was in an illusion,” Rosetta said. Melina nodded.

“The illusion has almost degraded completely, when are you returning to your body?” Melina asked. Rosetta shook her head.

“Are you choosing death rather than life?” Rosetta smiled and shook her head again,

“Most, like the two of us, do not have the choice to live or die,” Rosetta said. “The day I died me and my father were on our way to the mall to pick up a cake for my mother’s birthday, but we were hit by another car on our way. My body could not withstand the force of the crash and was ripped almost in two,”

“What a violent way to die,” Melina said.

“My soul hovered around the scene long enough to see you and Barbus enter my father’s body and I knew that I had to try and help him.”

“Sorry about that,” Melina said.

“Don’t apologize, you were under the control of the demon.”

“I was murdered by some Mafia guys, who my father owed some money.” Melina said.

“So, you were shot?”

“That would have been nice,” Melina scoffed. “I was drowned. They chained a concrete block to me, then threw me into a lake.”

“Its a cruel world.” Rosetta said. “I’m glad I’m no longer there.”

“That’s true, it is a cruel world,” Melina said.

“It was nice sharing death stories,” Rosetta said, jokingly. A tunnel of light revealed itself before them. “Are you ready to see what lies on the other side?”

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