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.The Curse Returns

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A cult. A detective. A boy. A killer. Two families. Who will get killed? And more importantly who will kill them ?

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Prologue- Moving Away

Moving trucks cloud the area around our house.

Awakening the feelings of how badly do I want to go to my bed and sleep. How I would convince my parents not to move.

Its been a tough job of the ten times we have shifted I could never convince them.

They did not shift much till I was six year old. Just once maybe, so not a big deal but as I grew up they kept shifting every other year.

My dad's the head journalist in a popular newspaper and instead of asking the people under him to move around and get some news, he tends to do that himself. The reason of which, I can never understand.

It was the first sometimes but now I am used it.

But what I don't like about moving is the spooky houses we live in.

Dad loves to investigate about these houses and their backstory and it does earns him a nice sum of money but because of this he always moves to some spooky place with weird people.

I wish I didn't have to go there.

Well the new spooky place here i come.

But I didn't know this time would be so different.

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