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.The Curse Returns

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Packing Up

I have been so reluctant to go that I didn't even pack my things for going.

My artwork lays scattered in the room, the laminated poems hung on the walls, the short stories on the floor and between all of them lies two carton boxes mocking me for my cowardness, of how I cant convince my own parents, for the fool I have made of my self.

Better though I still have an hour and I have already taken a bath.

I start collecting the havoc of things in my room putting them, almost throwing them in the cartons. I was angry and upset but so angry I didn't know. I had always respected my books and art works more than anything in the world but now im literally throwing them in the cartons.

As I pack one carton with my art works, the other one lies empty, to be filled with my books.

Am I exhausted? Yes but just physically no. Im exhausted internally, my mind's numb and so is my body, I'm screaming internally at myself but is it of any use? No.

I look outside the window, the weather getting gloomy as if its pretending to be me. Or maybe it is trying to cheer me up but just hurts me more.

I lived here for almost one and a half year, the longest i have lived somewhere aftee I was six.

I was happy here. I made friends. Not a lot but I did.

I didn't want to go.

" Alex, are you done there dear?" Came the voice of my mother from downstairs which broke the trance i was in.

"Im coming in ten mom" I answered and hurriedly packed my books in the carton.

I started putting all my books in the carton.

Packing up gave me an sense of nostalgia, reminding me the day I unpacked everything.

I remember that day like yesterday, i was gloomy and upset but the reason was different, I had lost my puppy the same day we moved, it was heartbreaking.

This place did wonders on me. It made me smile again.

I was happier. But now its of no use. As I stand up to take the carton downstairs and look at the sky. It was about to rain infact it was raining slowly.

As if the nature was trying to stop us from moving. Asking us not to go. Telling us things will go bad there.

But did it stop my father from calling me downstairs to put my cartons in the trucks? No it didn't.

I hope it did.

Climbing down the stairs slowing, as if remembering this house for one last time but the journey came to an end at the last step. I put my cartons in the living room along with the other cartons.

Alas, I had forgotten to put a name on them but I was too upset to do that anyways.

So I skipped the stairs upwards and reached my room.

Put my other things in my backpack and glanced at the weather once again.

It was going to be an menacing storm.

Rechecking and locking up my room, I went to my sister's room.

She was just five but the naughtiest thing you will meet ever.

But it was her only which kept me sane.

"Stacy, you done packing?" I asked.

"Yes, bo" she said smiling.

"Should we go down then, dad's waiting."

"Yessss!" She replied enthusiastically making me melt at our voice.

I don't know her weird fascination with calling me bo.

I remember that day she said her first word. She was trying to say 'bro' but it came out as 'bo' and she stuck to it.

I love her so much and she's so daring for her little self I tell you.

I took her cartons as she skipped down the stairs with boss baby bag.

She had three of them, full of her books and games.

Mom had already put our clothes in different cartons.

After putting everything down, I went upstairs to lock the rooms.

By the time I came downstairs, the cartons were packed in moving truck.

As mom and Stacy moved out, I looked around my dear house knowing I would miss it here. As mom locked the house and gave to the property dealer, I put Stacy in the car and took one last look at the house and sat in the car.

Hey there,

So thats the first chapter.

So i want to let you know about something. First of all im sorry for updating late.

Secondly, criticism and pointing out mistakes in my grammar and spellings are welcomed.

Also let me know if any particular part you find boring because many times it happens that if we stretch the description it gets boring. So please let me know.

And what do you think will happen next?

So I think you all can see the tags so what do you which will be the most appropriate one for this by now.

Also are there any of you who have moved all.their life and what do you feel about it?

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