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Nothing is as it seems for a new nanny in a strange house.

Horror / Mystery
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July 10th

July 10th

It’s hot and muggy, and has been raining off and on all day. I’m glad to be on this train, putting the miles between myself and home, which has become dull and dreary since Olivia got married. I know she did it to escape her parents, but I believe she’s out of the fry pan and into the fire! She hasn’t made any attempt to contact me since her wedding day. It’s lonely being an only child whose best friend abandons her! I felt like she was my sister, but then I remember she has a sister of her own, and no need for me now that she has married Jacob! No matter, I’m off to a new place to become a nanny. Mother criticizes me for working so hard at studying just to become an “overpaid babysitter.” I just need to get away for a little while. I couldn’t believe how quickly my advertisement was snatched up from the paper. I’m glad it’s raining. The gloom suits my mood. The humidity on the other hand has made my hair impossible. I think a skirt wasn’t the best idea. I start pondering all the millions of people who’ve sat in this seat, and my bare legs are touching the rough fabric… I’ll try not to think about it, but it’s hard in this heat. I hope Mrs. Amherst is nice. She seemed like it on the phone, but she also sounded… well... jumpy or nervous or something. I guess I’d be jumpy too if I had twin two year olds and little to no help. I wonder where her husband is. She said he was out of town but she didn’t say why. The interview was fairly short. I hope the house is nice. I’m assuming it is at the rate they’re willing to pay me!


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