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August 15th

August 15

Things are not what they seem. I don’t know what’s happening around here. Last night I awoke to a sobbing noise. At first I assumed it was Mrs. Amherst, and was about to go back to sleep. Then I saw the hunched figure of a child in the corner by the fireplace. I reached for my glasses and knocked them on the floor. This startled the child and she got up and began running into the closed door over and over again. I finally got my glasses on in time to see the figure run down the hall. She was wearing a long white nightgown. I got up and ran after her. She flew down the stone steps and out the heavy oak door onto the lawn of the chateau. I ran after her, but tripped and sprained my ankle. I saw her approach the well and then... well... she vanished. I was hurt and so I called for help. Mrs. Amherst found me. “I’m so sorry I didn’t come sooner. I heard you crying but I thought it was... I thought it was someone else... she muttered. Madison came out and helped me back to my room. The strangest thing is I think Mrs. Amherst was more upset than me. Neither Madison nor Mrs. Amherst asked me what I was doing outside… when I went to bed I heard Mrs. Amherst repeat to Madison. “I thought it was her… I thought it was her… I hear her sometimes… What does it all mean? Now my ankle is purple and bruised and I have to use crutches. Madison helps me tend to the boys thank goodness! I am so glad Captain Amherst isn’t here to witness this. He wouldn’t stand for any of it. Is this part of my sleep walking? Am I losing my mind? I don’t believe in ghosts... do I? I am terrified to go to bed at night.


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