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July 13th

July 13, 2008

Today was perfect day weather wise. Around seventy degrees, a bit cloudy… at least it wasn’t super hot and raining! Mrs. Amherst was gone all day with Emma and Daniel, preparing for the big birthday party. I met the maid today, although I wish I hadn’t! I awoke to a brisk knock at my door. Before I could respond the door was shoved open, and a girl about my age strode in carrying a pile of towels and sheets. She tossed them unceremoniously on the bed and looked me up and down. I must’ve looked a mess, my hair in disorder, my glasses crooked. “Well good morning. You must be the new nanny.” She then threw herself down on the bed next to me and proceeded to file her nails. “So these are your towels, and here are your sheets. I’m supposed to make your bed for you, but I’m sure you can do that for yourself...” She stopped filing briefly to give me a penetrating stare. Anyway, I’m Ava. Ava the maid, but keep in mind I’m not YOUR maid, no matter what anyone may lead you to believe. If anyone asks I clean your room and make your bed. If you say I don’t I have ways of making things very uncomfortable for you…” And with that she sashayed out, slamming the door behind her. I’ll just stay out of her way. It’s too bad we won’t be friends. I suppose I was hoping to replace Olivia. I dressed and went to wake the boys. We spent the day by the pool, which is amazing! It’s almost more of a cement pond that gets fed by a stream. The water flows in via a natural waterfall. There’s a big pool, and then a small wading pool for the boys. They splash and play and have the best time. Ethan is so happy go lucky and full of life. Joshua is more withdrawn, and cries for his mother periodically throughout the day. Around lunch time Madison the cook brought us lunch. She is the sweetest woman I’ve ever met. She’s smiley and plump, and she just loves the boys. She sat and chatted with me for a bit, asking me about myself etc. Her eyes crinkle at the sides when she laughs. And she’s so matronly towards Mrs. Amherst. So now I’ve met most of the staff. Hopefully the nice weather will continue.

More tomorrow,


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