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July 15th

July 15

I got up early today so I could have a little time to myself. Yesterday was awful. The boys both came down with the stomach flu, so I spent most of the day cleaning up vomit, and consoling the poor things. There’s nothing sadder than a sick child. They were terrified every time they threw up. Mrs. Amherst was a complete wreck. She kept running between the boy’s bedroom and the kitchen, asking me questions and then asking Madison questions. At one point she lay down on the chaise lounge and sobbed. I’ve never seen a mother so upset about a little virus. Luckily Madison’s sister Sophia was visiting, so Madison could leave the kitchen and help to console Mrs. Amherst. The kitchen is a mad house since Madison and Sophia are doing all the cooking for the party today. I hope the boys feel better. I still have 15 minutes before I have to wake them. I’m sitting on the window seat in my bedroom, watching the sunrise. My room is small, but pretty. It’s on the second floor, and overlooks the rose garden. Everything looks golden in the morning light. The sun looks orange, and the clouds are gray and pink… maybe we’ll actually have a nice day for once! There’s beautiful wallpaper on the walls. Peonies in pink and red, and the trim matches. I even have a fireplace in my room, but have been forbidden to use it. The crows are flying again! Sometimes they sit on my windowsill and croak… it’s kind of eerie. I can see three right now, flying from one tree to another, scolding each other I know the number of crows is supposed to be significant, some kind of omen. I’ll have to ask my friend, Christopher. He knows about these things. I think I’ve been hearing crying sounds at night. It sounds like a woman. It’s much muffled, and it has an echoic quality to it. It’s always coming from the fireplace. I try and ignore it. I know old houses make strange noises, and that it’s “probably just the wind.” Well, I have a huge day ahead of me! Wish me luck. I’m meeting Capt. Amherst today, so I have the feeling I’ll need it!

More later!


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