Our Trip To The Cabin

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One day your friend calls and says yeah let's go to the cabin. Would you go but you would go wouldn't you. then you suddenly realize you and your friend and friends boyfriend realize you left a little too late and before you know it its pitch dark and then you realize your lost on the highway at midnight in pitch darkness. Then you realize that the town the cabin is around. has a UFO landing pad. Making natters worse. What would you do drive home or keep trying to find the driveway to your cabin. Would you be afraid. Take a read and find out what happens

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

…My day Started with the phone ringing at seven thirty in the morning. It was Melanie Smith. My best friend from high school.

Hi Girly wake up its me Melanie. Pack a suitcase now We are going to my cabin for the weekend. Me and david have been thinking about it all night and Sarah is here as well and you better hurry Patty. We want to leave right away. Mel says to me over the phone.

Me and Sarah and Mel had just graduated high school three weeks ago and David her boyfriend two years ago. I give a sigh out ok i will be right over i am just a little tired and was not expecting this. I get dressed right away and have breakfast and then pack

Phone rings its me Mel. Me and David are going to pick you up. You better be ready.

We spend the whole day shopping for food and beer of coarse we were not ready for this trip by all costs and next thing we know its supper and next thing we know were watching a movie. We suddenly realize its nine oclock at night.

Well lets get a move on we were not planning this trip very well were we.

The next thing we know we are leaving at ten thirty at night. I yell at Mel you think this is a smart thing to do.

Of coarse it is we will get there at midnight and we well go to bed at two thirty. Come on and lets get a move on.

Melanie mom and dads cabin is located right on the outside road of a town called Saint Paul. Saint Paul is know for having the very first UFO landing pad ever. It was built as part of the Canadian Centennial celebration and is a monument to this day in the town.

We leave and by the time we get there it is twelve thirty. We keep driving around and it seems that we are having a hard time finding the drive way to her cabin.

Why on earth can i not find the way. It seems so dark here. It must be some where. Me must keep looking. Melanie says to all of us.

We decide to drive up a few farms to see if the farmers around here could help but when we get out of the car at each farm we are met with very over protective dogs. That come running out protecting their families. All of us run back to the car screaming. Oh shit.

Maybe we should drive into Saint Paul and see if there is anybody to help at the bar they have there and if not will go to their police station. I explain to Mel. We have been their on one of our last trips.

Sounds like a plan. I will just turn the car around and head into Saint Paul. Mel says to all of us.

We inter Saint Paul around twelve forty five. The town seemed very eerie quiet. Like their was nobody on the streets of Saint Paul not one person. We made it too the Saint Paul hotel and bar. We all get out of Mel's car and walk to the hotel. We go to turn the nob and its locked and then we walk one minute till we get to the bar and get ready to go in. It is locked as well

What on gods heaven is this. Mel yells out. The Hotel is locked and the bar is never locked on Fridays. What on Melanie's Earth is going on. While we walk back to the car we can feel a eerie creepy feeling in the air. I could feel goose bumps riding up my arm

Mel you do not think something is wrong do you. I say to my best friend.

You always think the worst of situations woman. You making Mel feel more scared Pete Sake. Lets get to the Police Station.

Well she is right it is weird David and Sarah say in the car. We have never seen Saint Paul like this before either.

We get to the police station a little past one in the morning. We get out of the car and right away we since that eerie feeling again and again absolutely nobody not one soul did we see on our drive to the police station. All we saw were houses with their back door lights on but no other light in side the houses were on.

We ring the door bell and we wait and wait and we wait no answer. I would only stand a few feet away from Melanie as I was starting to get really scary goose bumps riding up my arm. As we are walking away we notice a man coming from the back of the station. A rather young black man in a police uniform We were all wondering why it took him ten minutes to answer our rings and that gave us even more goose bumps.

Hello how can I help you young people.

We told him about our troubles and wanted to know what he thought we could do.

Why is the hotel locked and the bar Melanie asks the officer. It is not normal for them to be closed.

Well maybe their is a reason I am not sure. My advise to you young people is too leave Saint Paul right now and go to another town or drive home. I am sorry this happened to you guys and I wish you all the best of the luck. The officer says to us all. He walk back to the back of the building and leaves all of us right away.

I look at Mel. Why on earth did he tell us to leave right away and go to another town. He was rather polite to us but rather eerie like the rest of Saint Paul is right now.

As we are walking back to the car we feel the eerie feeling getting stronger.

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