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Other than references/names mentioned in holy scriptures or any biblical sources, this story, its characters and story development is MY creation, which has taken me a long time to create, do not disrespect that.

All Rights Reserved © AJ Wright/NightElflady

Sources used for reference are listed below:

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Yeẓer Ha-Ra’: If you wish for an in-depth explanation, visit: which I used for reference. But, for a VERY QUICK interpretation and how I tied it into the story, see below.

Rabbis deduced that there are in man two Yeẓarim: the good (Yeẓer Ṭob) and the evil (Yeẓer Ha-Ra’). Some interpret Satan as the one who controls the Yeẓer Ha-Ra’ in forms such as temptation, sin, and an abdication of faith. According to certain scriptures, Cain (Qayin) defended himself before God for having slain Abel (Havel) by arguing that God had implanted in him the Yeẓer ha-Ra’. Well, God created everything after all...

For the purpose of story-telling in Tides of Sorrow, Cain’s Yeẓer Ha-Ra’ was enforced by Lahash and Samael when they manipulated Cain into killing Abel. When he struck his brother, he buried him to try and hide his crime, and God ‘marked’ Cain.

If you recall from the story, Cain wept long and hard, his tears soaking into the ground (these tears of grief was the moisture Abel felt upon his lips as mentioned in the Epilogue of this, The Crimson Flow). The tears ‘sustained’ him only.

In this story, Cole (Havel/Abel) who was primarily influenced by his Yeẓer Ṭob in his biblical lifetime (an all-round good guy), invoked his Yeẓer Ha-Ra’ by renouncing God as he lay buried, dormant for countless centuries until he was ‘discovered’.

Then he rose from the dead to seek out his brother, Cain.

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