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Friend is a horror tale about a little girl's imaginary friend who might not be as Imagine as her mother thought. Join us on this creepy little tale and hope you enjoy. Want to know more you'll have to read to find out. Also please ignore any grammar, punctuations or spelling errors. I have dyslexia that unfortunately works against my writing.

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Chapter 1

Her parents watched her as she sat in the corner and play with her 'friend'. They found it cute how she made an imaginary friend. They continued to watch her playing as she picked up her tea pot "would you like some more tea friend?" She asked the air, she let out a giggle before pouring tea into the cup. Her mother smiled at her before walking towards her bending down to be at eye level with her youngest daughter "Mimi honey, who's your friend?" She asked her. Her daughter stopped looking at the empty spot in front of her before bringing her attention to her mother, she smiled big at her mother pointing at the air "this is friend" she tells her happily, her mother looked at the spot her daughter was pointing at she looked back at her child "I know it's your friend, I asked what their name was" She tells her daughter, Mimi though about for a minute "oh, well mommy his name is friend" she tells her, her mother raised an eyebrow at that answer she knew kids called their imaginary friends all kind of names but this seemed different "just friend?" She ask the small child, her daughter nodded "uh-huh, he told me his real name but he said I should just call him friend" her mother glanced back at spot again before asking "and what is his real name?" She asked hesitantly. She watched as her daughter shook her head "nope, can't tell you" was all Mimi said "why?" She asked her, Mimi looked back at the spot before nodded "uh-huh, okay yeah I understand" she says to the air before looking at her mother "he said that you don't need to know, and if you ask again somethings gonna happen" her mothers eyes go wide with shock as she stands up fast, still looking at the empty spot. She starts leaving but as she goes she hears her daughter speaking again "that wasn't very nice friend" something wasn't right she decided she was going to find out more about her daughter's friend. That night she tucked her daughter in her bed she figured she'd try and get more information "so Mimi why don't you tell me more about your friend?" Mimi let out a loud yawn "like what mommy?" She asked sleepy her mother though about what to ask, Mimi was only six after all "well how about where did friend come from?" Mimi started to slowly close her eyes "that's easy mommy, he use to live here a long time ago" she tells her. That didn't make sense this house was just built about a year before they moved in "in this house?" She asked her sleepy daughter Mimi shook her head slowly sleep starting to take her "not this house but something else, I can't remember what he said, but he said he had fun with all his friends here, but then something bad happened and they were all gone" she tells her as she falls asleep. Her mother sits on the edge of the bed thinking over everything she said, as she began to stand something flew pasted her head hitting the wall behind her, she looks down to see one of Mimi's dolls without it's head she turned around slowly worried what was behind her but when she looked nothing was there, whoever or whatever friend was he sure didn't want her to know anything about him, and that thought alone scared her more then she thought it would. She left her daughters room and went to her own room, she crawled into bed next to her husband she could hear him quietly snoring she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, in the middle of the night she felt something on top of her and began to wake up, when she opened her eyes she seen a man staring back at her, she tried to scream but he covered her mouth, the moonlight light up the room and she could see the man better, her eyes went wide in fear this whatever it was, was not a man it's eyes were black it's hair was also black and it was long she could see it went down it's back it's face wore a twisted expression it's nails were long and sharp she could feel them cutting into her cheek as it covered her mouth, it smiled sinisterly at her before bringing a finger to its lips telling her to be quiet, she nodded at it hoping that it would let go of her, she was relieve when it did in fact let go "now stop asking questions" it hissed at her, she let out a gasp this was friend, "friend" she whispers friend tilted his head to the side before smiling big showing her sharp looking teeth, he pointed a long nail at her "no more!" he hissed angrily before disappearing. She let out a loud gasp before sitting up in her bed breathing heavily, she looked around frantically looking for friend "it was just a dream" she says to herself quietly, she lays back down as she runs her hands down her face she freezes when she feels the cut on her cheek, she lays there thinking if that wasn't a dream and that thing was friend if he can do that what else was he capable of doing?

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