Secret Door

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Chapter 6


Two weeks later the ‘Gallant One’ reached the port of Musgrove and hundreds flocked to the docks to welcome everyone that had survived back home. An inquest was held into the deaths of Taylor, William, Davies and Drysdale and well as the six crewmen. After the lengthy hearing it was established that ‘Persons Unknown’ were responsible for the deaths of the four scientists and six crewmen.

Jenkins and Parsons went back to their respective families and vowed never to take another voyage into the unknown, both were changed men. They mourned the loss of their friends and never missed visiting their families, and over the years they would come to terms with what had occurred on the islands known as the Dark Lands and the Igons. They would both live long lives.

Once he had regained his strength and mind, Cotter stuck to his word and paid Captain Foster handsomely as well as the remaining crewmen. He too would never voyage out to other lands in search of strange buildings and places. Emily Jane Cotter lost everything as Miranda Fellowes felt it her duty to tell Cotter about his wife’s dalliances with her behind his back of which she absolutely regretted. Cotter’s lawyers then stripped his wife of everything and she had to go back begging to her family but they too disowned her. She would never be seen again.

Cotter continued his work, but in a different area and never made contact with either Parsons or Jenkins again. His interest now lay in the exploration of space, of its planets and galaxies. It had taken him some time, but now, as he descended down a long set of stone steps he walked towards a large stone doorway with strange symbols carved into the archway.

Moving his hand over four of the symbols he heard a click and the stone door opened. He continued to walk along a passageway; this too was covered in strange symbols and was lit by low lanterns. He protected his eyes with dark glasses and as he entered the main room, he turned on two lanterns. Looking around he inspected his work once again, the large control panel with flashing coloured lights and dials as well as the two large glass cylinders, which stood against one wall. Towards the end of the control panel was a large stone type chair that had plastic tubes near it. In turn these tubes traveled from the chair area to the two large glass cylinders. Hanging from ropes in the centre of the room was a figure, quite naked and female and to the left of the room on its wall hung a very detailed map of space. Upon this detailed map of space was a planet that had been circled in red, the planet that went by the name of Igon!

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