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The Forbe

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A local car salesman visits his childhood vacation home for a weekend vacation. Little does he know that an unseen force is waiting for him on the other side of the door. It can see the salesman but the salesman doesn't see them.

Horror / Thriller
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Driving in the rain

Marc drives on a rainy but somber road to his vacation house where he spent his childhood in as a boy. The house is located right on the outskirts of town.

(Inner thoughts)

"Why did my family get a house right out in the middle of nowhere when vacation houses were cheap in town at the time"? "Maybe I'll never know".

Marc is a Car salesman that is well known in the town and Is well respected in his community. The cabin has trees on side to side that narrows down as you get close to the property. The house has two windows right in front of the house as well as only one window on the second floor of the home. It was filled with full of tall weeds and broken pieces of wood assuming it came from a tool shed that got shredded to pieces in violent wind storms throughout the years. The paint on the cabin looked like it has seen better days. It wasn't even painted for years since his parents and grandparents died.

As he drives into the property of a cabin-like house the lights are on. "That's odd that the lights are on in the house". As soon as he got his duffle bag with just essentials with slacks and shirts the lights were off including the front porch. Thoughts of dread and uneasiness overwashed his enthusiasm.

Were the lights on actually or was it all in his head? The lights didn't work prior to going to the location. The lights were turned on by the power company three days prior to Marc even showed. The business was done through the phone to the power company that was nearby.

He pulls his policeman flashlight from the front of his rollable duffle bag to flash in the front of the windows to see if the lights coming on was a group of local pranksters that ran out through the back door or an intruder that turned the power on as a sick joke.

The switches however were untouched, the doorhandle operated normally, and not even a struggle of the home's objects was ever moved. With Marc tired from his 4-hour journey and not thinking twice the car salesman entered the quiet and yet outdoorsman in nature of a cabin.

The house has a fireplace with a taxidermy lion on top of the fireplace, Guns on their original gun racks that were from the civil war, and a kitchen full of taxidermy animals that looks like something from a duck hunting show on TNT.

As he settled in the home he decided to turn the television on and plants himself on the old sofa the vacuum cleaner begins to turn on for a few seconds and the cleaner shuts off.

In utter disbelief on what just happened, he started to slowly walk towards the vacuum to further investigate and the odd thing is the cleaner wasn't even plugged in.

He starts to dream up theories on how the vacuum cleaner turned itself on and off in a matter of seconds. Maybe it had a power glitch that turned the cleaner on and the cord fell off the outlet (the plugs are very loose since the house is 3 generations old)?

Maybe mice bit the wire and made the cleaner go haywire? Or the third theory (in the back of his head) maybe it's an unknown force that is trying to say something and doesn't want him there?

As soon as he thought up the last theory "I can see you"...The whisper whisks on by as Marc quickly darts his flashlight in the pitch-black void of the room "WHO'S THERE"?! Marc shouts out in demand in the dead of night but no-one was there. "WHO'S THERE"?! He demanded the second time but still no answer.

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