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The Forbe

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The Force Sees Marc

In utter denial and disbelief "It's not like a voice was there it's like I thought about it." As soon as Marc was thinking about what the heck he has heard a loud shatter comes from the kitchen. "Oh great somebody broke in the house and there is no ammo for the guns in the rack."

Now getting into survival mode, he grabs a baseball bat from an umbrella rack. He runs back to his duffle bag to grab his taser along with the bat on the other hand. He darts towards the kitchen hoping to catch the elusive intruder.

And once again like his previous encounters, nobody was around in the kitchen but droves of shattered plates and wine glasses with opened cabinets and cupboards like somebody was having a panic attack opening up the cabinet in a quest for medicine.

Now overcome with extreme horror he runs to the back door frantically trying to get the door bolt unstuck. The door bolt and lock look like it has been glued or welded shut by the previous renters before Marc. He runs out the back door to see if somebody pulled a prank on him again like before not a single struggle happened to his car or the outside door of the house.

Coming to the conclusion that the childhood cabin was haunted he runs back to where his belongings are. As he reaches the room his duffle bag was turned over with his shirts were on the floor and slacks were also on the floor. Sweating profusely in fear he grabs his car keys.

As he darts towards the car a dark purple mass stops Marc in his tracks. It hovers towards Marc and grabs his head with its bony hand sucking the air out of the salesman disintegrating the skin on his face leaving only with muscle mass and bulging eyes. The tall figure grabs the soul and ascends to hell in a vortex of the trees.

What was left behind was the man's belongings and his car remains outside like it was when he drove into the cabin. The owner's body is now gone without a trace. Like the previous tenants that similarly disappeared witnessing the same figure as Marc did.

The next day his belongings, the broken plates and glasses, and the car was gone. The ghost reset the house back to its normal state with time magic waiting for the next victim that's gonna rent the cabin. After the city finding out about the mysterious disappearances that took place around the cabin, the house was demolished as well as a priest named Jeffrey James doing a cleaning of the property ridding of any further supernatural activity.

As Jeffrey James is performing the cleansing ritual Marc now a warlock spirit attacks and possesses the priest. Jeffery starts scraping his skin with sharts of wood as he roars out of pain and rage.

In his mind, as he sees Marc cackling in pure sadism Jeffery does a prayer that drives Marc out of his body leaving the Priest exhausted. "Thisss is not the end prophet of god" Marc hisses as he disappears.

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