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After graduating high school they plan a trip to Daytona Florida but little do they know how to get there and they stop upon a cabin and knock on their door the question is are they welcomed or are they unwelcome

Tyler Rexroth
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You can hear moaning from the other room two young teenagers in love as they look at each other holding one another as Billy grabs Grace’s neck she scratches his chest. They kiss each other as Billy sits up and rolls on top of her he pins her to the bed.

‘I love you Billy’ Grace softly says as she breaths heavily.

‘I love you Grace’ Billy responds as he kisses her breast

nothing could ruin the both think the movement the way they look at each other everything that’s happening is perfect. Then the door opens rapidly.

‘Hey you slutty fuckers we gotta go to school its 6:47’ Scott says as he runs down stairs

‘Goddamn it Scott’ Billy’s says as he rushes to put his cloths on. They both run down stairs and eat breakfast as fast as they can.

‘Are you guys excited about prom’ Scott’s mom ask

We all said yes.

Grace kisses Billy and runs to the bathroom Scott waits until he hears the bathroom door close.

‘Did you tell her that your in a different college then her’ Scott said

‘No I didn’t have the chance to tell her yet’ Billy responds.

Scott tools his eyes

‘You don’t have the time to tell her but you have the time to call your ex and tell her how much you miss her’ Scott says

‘Mind your own fucking business you don’t see me wondering bout your damn life’ Billy responds.

You can hear footsteps coming from upstairs coming down. Grace sits back down and kisses Billy on the cheek. Scott loses his mind.

‘Fuck this I’ll walk to school so you guy have a “chance” to talk’ Scott say as he leaves with his bag

Grace looks at Scott as he walks out the door in confusing.

‘What’s his deal’

‘He woke up on the wrong side of the bed dis morning he’ll be ok’ Billy says as he eats his breakfast in the awkward silence

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