The Purge

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There's something about The Purge that changes you. It either makes you a better person or a criminal for life. Laine Johnson has her whole night planned out, but she soon realized that you can't trust every person in your life. Some have deep, dark secrets that are unexpected. Will she survive and make it through the night as planned or will she face obstacles, making it nearly impossible to reach her goal?

Horror / Thriller
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The year is 2024. The United States of America is a Nation Reborn. Unemployment rates are at 1%. Crime has reached an all time low ironically because of one exception. Thanks to the recently adopted Twenty Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, Americans have the right to an Annual Purge, meaning one day every year, for twelve hours, all crime is legal (including murder, robbery, rape and vandalism).

Some people look at Purge as if it's Christmas morning. It's a night where all hell breaks loose and no one can do anything about it. Other people are scared out of their minds, locking themselves in their homes to avoid all violence (as if that's possible).

I never would have thought of doing this 5 years ago, but it all changed when I was betrayed. My name is Laine Johnson and this is my Purge night.

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