The man who froze his family!

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It was a foggy night I realised something weird about one of the cornor of my room. I stepped a bit closer to it and next thing which I experienced scared me for life rather...if after afterlife!

Horror / Fantasy
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The man who froze his family

"am gonna kill you!" Shouted the man come closer with his liquid boiling feets the man was black liquid subtance I wasn't sure how he was even alive. As he stepped clser towards me the floor of my room burned the man laughed and held my neck with his boiling hands as he held my neck he appearence started to change his hand twisted at three sixty his neck bent down on the ground. His back twisted too his head suddenly half vanished. I screamed in disgus

"Please I beg leave me!" I screamed in pain my neck burned...burned horribly I tried to move..escape but I couldn't my hands and legs both froze at the current movement. The man held his hand staright into my neck my neck started to change into liquid! Just like the man's his eyes turned to black pitch black he grinned and threw me on ground. My body felt as if I had no energy it bones I tried getting up but failed. It felt as if I was dead yet alive! I don't know how that makes sense. The man heldnme high in the air and bashed my head in two! Then here I was floating in a blank sapce! Was I dead?

The end

Thanks for reading. Tell me if you liked or didn't like it. And also tell me the reason. Once again thanks for reading

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