The soul of the dead

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It was a very dark night I was in my house alone doing my hw. Then I realised that a face had appeared on my black burned table. The face was screaming as if begging for help.

Horror / Fantasy
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The face of dead!

It was the middle of I was ready to go to the party all dressed up. I climbed down stairs and got in my car. It was after an hour that I reached the site. A bunch of screaming was coming from the place with flashing lights. I parked my car and ram twiards the spot but only to find out that there was one! I mean it was litrally empty. I looked around suprised as I remembered that I had heard a screaming sound. Then I realised that a man with four hands was straing at me! I turned away and straight up started to run. Without thinking about anything I closed my eyes and just ran. But it was too late the moment I started to run the man jumped on me pushing me on ground! Then he eld my neck and twisted it all three sixty I screamed in pain asking who he was and why he was troubling. The man laughed and said

"I am your doom!" He said picking me up and throwing me in a huge whole. I shrieked as I fell in the dark hole and the man jumped with me! Two seconds later I hit the ground hard breaking all of my bones I tried to get up but I couldn't the man jumped on my body and then suddenly a red circle marked around both of us the circle was on and green both of the colours. The man held me in the air and then ripped off my hair throwing it on ground. The moment threw it i....everything suddenly turned to took me some seconds to realise that I was in the man's horrible body and the man was in mine! I screamed in horror the man laughed and said

"For thousand of years I have been stuck inside that body by some weird old man now I am finally freed.!" He said vanishing and trapping me in hole!

The end

Thanks so much for reading means a lot. Do tell me how it was even if it was bad. And also review it. Again thanks for reading!

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