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PRAYER OF THE NIGHT. Michael Pierce and Edward Floyd were two biologists that all thru their foster childhood were verbally and physically abused, developing a complex of hate against their caretakers, which later on with the used of alcohol and drugs push them over the limit to really show how disturb their minds were. Thru series of biological experiments, using praying mantis and venom extracted from rattle snakes, they managed to get the insects to develop resistance against the venom of the snakes and later on exposing the praying mantis to their victims becoming serial killers. The saga of crimes increased in the town of Lake George; located in the Adirondacks in New York, bringing panic and terror to the area... The crimes became very complex due to the difficulty of finding clues since their killer were very smart getting rid off evidences at the time they dumped the bodies. Gianlucca Kanessa was the leading the investigations in the case, he was a young local detective from the town’s police force working together with FBI agents which later on were introduced to help catching the serial killer. Due to the smartness of the killer a mixing of identification was created, were Edward Floyd became the serial killer, killing Michael pierce and taking his identity. Finally the case was crack open by detective kanessa and Edward Floyd the serial killer got himself into

Horror / Thriller
Walter Barrios
Age Rating:


The following day in the afternoon just like clockwork Edward went to visit Michael in the hospital. As he was walking in the doctor who had just gotten off duty was going out. Edward asked the doctor how his friend was doing:

EDWARD: ” Hi, DR.KERSLEY how are you and how is Michael doing? ”

DR.KERSLEY: ” I’m fine thank you. I have received the test results on Michael that we did this morning.”

EDWARD: ” Oh, what do they show you? ”

DR.KERSLEY: ” Well, they show that there is still a small deposit of blood in the brain area. We are presently trying to drain it out. But the nervous system is not responding as we had hope it would. It is just a matter of time before we get the right combination of treatment we hope to get his system right.”

EDWARD: ” Do you have any idea of how long it might take for him to wake up? ”

DR.KERSLEY: ” I can’t say. It could be tomorrow it could be tonight. It could even take longer than you or I know.

Everything else is going according to natures course. The only thing we can do is wait until he comes out of it.”

EDWARD: ” Thank you Dr Kersley. I guess I’ll go upstairs to see him now.”

DR.KERSLEY: " Ok, Edward go ahead. Maybe your being there will help. In the meantime if there is any change in his condition, We will be sure to call you right away.”

Edward then stepped into the elevator and rode it up to the seventh floor. When he got out, he went straight to room 750, which was Michael’s room. As his eyes grew accustomed to the dim light of the room. Edward saw that Michael was in pretty much the same condition as before, with his head swathed in bandages. His head also sported a small plastic tube coming out of the cranial area that kept dripping blood out of it. On one side that was the oxygenating machine that was holding Michael’s life and Edward’s hopes together.

Edward felt very depressed to see perhaps the best friend he had in this condition. He decided to leave after a short while.

Edward went out and sat in the truck a while lost in deep thought slowly giving way to strong anger. As he felt angrier, he drove away from the hospital. He drove away from Glenn Falls and continued to wonder if and when Michael would ever come out of the coma that he was in. As he drove, he began to notice that the leaves were falling down from the trees. They were driven down by the wind that was blowing. Edward also noticed that the sun was setting, signaling the end of another day. After a while he finally got to the parking lot by the lake, below the Henry Williams Fort. He parked the truck and then walked from there to the same bar that he knew by now so well. Edward spent most of the night drinking beer and playing either pool or pinball. Around eleven-thirty he left the bar walking along Canada Street toward the parking lot where he had left the truck. It was cold out. The village looked as it always did, with the stores still open for business and all of the young adults and teenagers hanging around on the street corner. It was a typical night late in October. When he reached the lot where the truck was parked, Edward reached for the keys to unlock the door. Just then he heard out of the surrounding darkness a voice that said:

" Do you want a date baby? ”

Edward looked around in the darkness toward the fence on the sidewalk and saw leaning against the cement wall a black girl.

She walked over toward him and repeated the line as before:

" Do, you want a date baby? ” (And with a smile on her face, sounding sweet and tender, She said:) “I wont charge you too much.”

Right away Edward saw the opportunity for the next victim of the mantis venom walk right up to him. Looking at the young prostitute, he said:

EDWARD: ” And how much is that ? ”

GIRL: ” I’ll charge you $40.00 for a half hour. ”

EDWARD: ” Don’t you have a special for the whole night? Or won’t your manager let you work overtime? ”

GIRL: ” No, I don’t have a manager to begin with and the rate for the whole night would be $250.00. ”

( Without thinking about it twice, Edward accepted her offer and asked the girl to get into the truck. He drove away afterwards.)

The young girl was about 26 years old with long straight hair and had black eyes. She was as tall as Edward. When she got into the truck, she introduced herself:

GIRL: " My name is Patty and I don’t do kinky stuff. My butt is out of the question. ”

EDWARD: " Ok, Patty. Don’t worry about it. I don’t go for that stuff either. By the way My name is Edward and I have better plans for you.” (As he began to touch the girl’s legs and kept moving his hand up her black skirt that she was wearing. He said:) ” You have very nice legs.”

PATTY: ” Oh, Thank you. ”

They kept driving through the dark road that led to the house and Edward still was feeling up the girl’s body. As he was doing this she asked him:

PATTY: ” Are we close to the house yet? ”

EDWARD: ” Yes, It’s just after the next turn coming up. ”

The wind had stopped blowing but it was still cold out. The moon was so bright shining over the lake and trees as they finally go to the house and pulled into the garage. They walked through the hall that connected the other rooms of the basement as Edward kept hugging her from the back. Kissing her on the neck and fondling her chest. She sat on the edge of the bed to take her shoes off. Edward helped her take off the rest of her clothing. Then she asked Edward for something to drink as she laid back on the bed. Edward walked upstairs and poured a beer into a glass and as he came back down he said:

EDWARD: ” I hope beer is fine as that’s all I have. ”

PATTY: ” That’s fine. You don’t mind if I light up a joint do you? ”

EDWARD: ” Not at all as long as I get some Ok? ”

( She took the glass and after she drank some she said:)

PATTY: ” Who lives upstairs? ”

EDWARD: ” The owner of the house, who is my best friend. He has gone away for the weekend.”

( Edward began to kiss and feel her body once again and moments later they were lost on each others body.)

The time kept moving on and they were still fooling around until both of them got tired as Patty fell asleep on top of Edward’s chest. Later Edward being very careful not to wake her up, pushed her aside and got up. He walked to the garage after he put his pants and shoes on. He picked up a rope and a roll of cloth tape. He then went back to the room where Patty was. Tying both arms by the wrist to each corner of the bed. He was about to put the tape on her mouth, when she woke up. After she felt her arms tied tight to the bed, she began to shout at Edward:

PATTY: ” Get me loose, I told you before that I don’t do any kinky stuff. ”

EDWARD: ” I didn’t say you would. ” (As a smile ran across his face.)

PATTY: " Release me or I will scream so loud that everybody is going to hear me.” ( And as she was about to scream, Edward jumped on top of her and said: )

EDWARD: ” No you don’t bitch.”

She kept moving her legs up and down and her face side to side screaming, as Edward tried to put the cloth tape on. Edward got so upset and slapped the girl very hard. She began to cry, as Edward shouted to her:

EDWARD: ” Shut the fuck up you bitch. ”

(Edward kept on hitting her till the girl gave up and he finally put the tape on.)

The tears from the sad face of Patty kept rolling down her face. Then she realized at that moment that her life was going to be taken. Her looks showed only mercy for her life. Edward had already made up his mind and proceeded with the experiment. He walked toward the lab and turned the switch of the lamp a few times until the door opened. Upon entering the room, he then took a container and filled it with the other insects. He then walked back to the other room. As Patty was trying to get loose, Edward got the container opened and threw the mantis at the girl. She was bitten twice by two of the insects on her stomach and the other two landed between her legs, biting her after she moved her body up and down to dislodge them. She squashed the two of them with her bottom. The other two were walking on her chest and were biting her on it once again. As she kept moving from side to side. Meanwhile the cold blooded killer watched the girl fighting for her life as the insects bite her in the arms again. A few minutes later Patty stopped moving her body and Edward very carefully, using a towel put the mantis back into the container. He then took them back to the laboratory. The girl had been bitten several times by the praying mantis. Her eyes looked like crystals as a pair of tears ran down her face to her ears. Edward watched the paralyzed girl as she slowly died. The body of the girl began to shake as her last breathing approached, when finally it happened the shaking stopped and she closed her eyes.

Edward walked upstairs with an evil smile on his face, very pleased with the success he had just witnessed. He stopped at the refrigerator, took out a beer and toasted his success. He then went back to the basement to take a last look at the girl and decided to dump the body. Edward removed the tape from her mouth, cut the ropes tied to her wrists and wrapped the body with the white sheets from the bed. He then carried her to the boat.

It was very foggy outside when he walked out to the boat carrying the body on his shoulder and dumped her in it. Still a little dark but with the sun soon to be up, he turned on the ignition and took off right away. He drove up north about two miles away from the house. He decided to throw the body there because the fog was gone and the sun was coming up. The clock on the dashboard of the boat showed 6:00 a.m.. Edward looked around for other boats in the area. After he made sure that nobody else was around he picked up the body and released her into the water. He left the scene very quickly. When he returned home, he put the keys on the coffee table and laid down on the sofa, going to sleep for a couple of hours.

Late in the afternoon he got up and drove to the hospital to check on Michael’s condition. Edward spent quite some time with his friend. He whispered in Michael’s ear about the experiment saying:

EDWARD: ” Michael, The test was a success. ”

When a nurse walked in and said:

NURSE: ” Hi, How are you doing? ”

(Edward was a little nervous and turned toward the nurse to answer.)

EDWARD: ” Fine thanks. Do you know if DR.KERSLEY is in? ”

NURSE: ” He is, But I don’t know on which floor. Anything that I can help you with? ”

EDWARD: ” Well, Maybe you can. I want to know if there has been any more testing done. And are there any changes in Michael’s condition? ”

NURSE: ” I am sure not going to lie to you, but his condition is just the same. Don’t lose faith, he will come out of his coma.

I saw another patient in this same state and he got better.”

EDWARD: ” I hope so too. Because it hurts me so much to see him this way. Well, thanks anyway. I’ve got to go now. Bye- bye and thanks again.“-

Edward left the hospital around 7.00 p.m. and on the way home. He stopped at the bar looking for the drug dealer. He asked for him at the counter.

EDWARD: ” Hi, How ya doing man? ”

BARTENDER: ” Oh, Hello. What’s up? ”

EDWARD: ” Do you know if Frank is going to stop in today? ”

(The bartender knew exactly whom Edward wanted as it was he who introduced the two of them.)

BARTENDER: ” You need some Angel Dust friend? ”

EDWARD: ” Yeah, Do you know where I can find him? ”

BARTENDER: ” Hold on let me see if I can get in touch with him.

I’ll be right back. Here have this beer on the house, while you wait.”

The bartender gave Edward a beer, then walked into the bar’s office. After speaking to his cousin, who happened to be Frank and had a special deal with him. Which gave him a commission on every buy they made. The bartender then went back outside of the office and spoke to Edward:

Bartender: ” This must be your lucky day, He said he’ll drop by in half an hour.”

EDWARD: ” Great, I’ll wait here then. Give me another beer. ”

BARTENDER: ” Sure, No problem. Here you go. ”

Edward took the cold bottle of beer and set his eyes upon the Television set which was placed up on the wall. It was turned on to watch a football game. He rested his arm on the counter.

After a while The bartender called to him and said that he should go meet Frank who was outside waiting. Edward got up and walked outside. On the other side of the street, there was a Blue BMW with tinted glass windows. Blowing the horn at him inside the car was Frank. Edward walked over to the car and said:

EDWARD: ” Hi, How ya doing man? ”

FRANK: ” Ok, Get in. ”

EDWARD: ” Sure. ”

FRANK: ” Are you hungry? Because I’m starving man and I’ve got to get something to eat. Do you want to come along? ”

EDWARD: ” Okay, Yeah. I’m kind of hungry too. ”

FRANK: ” Good, We’ll go to a nice little Italian restaurant in Glenn Falls that I know of, Okay by you? ”

Both men drove off together on Canada Street for a while. During that time a small conversation took place about their backgrounds. They finally got to the restaurant. But before they went in, Frank said:

FRANK: ” First things first. I have five ounces of dope. Do you want it all? ”

EDWARD: ” Let me see how much money I’ve got then I’ll tell you.

Ok, I hope this will last me a while.”

They finally made their transaction and stepped out of the car, then they walked inside of the restaurant. There weren’t that many people inside and they were able to be seated right away.

As they finished ordering their drinks and the waitress walked away to get them, Edward said:

EDWARD: ” So, How long did you live in Baltimore? ”

FRANK: ” About five years. Then I moved to Brooklyn, N.Y. . I was living close to the Botanical Gardens there.”

EDWARD: ” I know where that is. ”

FRANK: ” I got into some problems with some guy’s territory and I had to get out.”

Edward kept questioning Frank, when the waitress interrupted:

WAITRESS: ” Here are your drinks. Anything else to order? ”

FRANK: ” Yes, Will have two orders of the Veal Parmigiana. Ok?”

WAITRESS: ” Ok, Anything else? Something to drink? ”

FRANK: ” Yes, Two more beers please. ”

After they had finished dinner and were about to get up and leave, Frank offered to take Edward Home. But Edward refused and said:

EDWARD: ” Just drop me of in the village parking lot. My car is there, Ok? ”

After Frank took the check and paid it, both men walked out of the restaurant and got into Frank’s car. They headed back to the village, where Frank dropped off Edward at the parking lot.

A few days went by and every afternoon, just like clockwork Edward visited Michael in the hospital. Then one day as Edward was about to sit on the bed facing Michael, Michael opened his eyes.

Edward got so excited and began to try and talk to Michael saying:

Edward: ” Michael, Do you know me? Mike ... ”

( Michael didn’t react at all. He just kept staring with his eyes open without blinking at Edward. Then Edward walked out of the room to look for the doctor. As he went in search of the doctor he met a nurse who he stopped and asked her to please call Dr. Kersley.)

A few minutes went by and the doctor arrived. The doctor said to Edward:

DR. KERSLEY: ” I’ve been expecting some reaction from him.

Because of the fact that all the tests we’ve given him show that there is really no damage to his brain. This is a good sign. We now must wait for him to respond more normally and he should be as good as new. ”

That same day about four miles up north from the house. The body of a female was found, washed up on the shore by three teenagers fishing around by the lake. They got curious about the strong bad order they smelled around them and thinking it was from a dead animal, they searched around to see what kind it was. They were surprised to see the body. One of the kids got sick and vomited, while the other two covered up their noses. They then pulled their friend away from there and running through the trees and bushes made their way back to one of the kids houses. There they met his father who they excitedly told about the discovery of the body by the lake. The father right away called up the police.

Later on the police showed up and cased the area around the lake taking in the body for forensic examination.

As the investigation became more intensive, news of the discovery of the body found by the three teenagers around the edge of the lake leaked to the people of the town. Bringing with it a feeling of insecurity because of the fear that a psycho killer might be loose in the area.

Back at the police station, the preliminary report of the autopsy performed on the body was received by the detective assigned to the case, David Jones. After he read the report, he noticed that the finding of the preliminary autopsy was that the girl had been poisoned and dumped into the lake. Not drowned as had first been thought.

David Jones was a very smart streetwise detective. He had a good deal of experience dealing with psycho serial killers, He had even captured a few of them before. Some in Buffalo, N.Y., Virginia, North Carolina and Massachusetts. He was only 37 years old, but extremely good at his work wining a few commendations for it. He always said:

DET. JONES: " To catch a killer, you must think like one. ”

He was a goodlooking man, white, tall with light colored hair. A very macho type guy and extremely arrogant. At the time that he was assigned to the case. There was another local detective named Gianlucca Kannessa, who was a little upset over being passed over and not handling this case. Gianlucca had worked hard to get a chance at a case of this caliber, but the captain gave the case to detective Jones. Gianlucca was a very clever guy and kept his anger to himself and just followed and looked over everything done by Detective Jones. Detective Kannessa was 32 years old and about 5ft - 9 inches height with black hair and black eyes. A very goodlooking guy with an Italian background.

Late in the afternoon after Edward got out of the hospital, he went back to town. He walked and wondered around the town, till it was 7:00 p.m.. It was still light outside, but soon it would get dark. He walked to one of the bars and had a few beers. Edward was completely back into his old habits of drugs and drinking. He was reliving in the present his confused and complex childhood that he had grown up with. He was sitting by the counter, when he overheard two girls talking about the murder victim found by the lake. A smile crossed his face as he wondered if that was one of the two dead girls he had dumped into the lake they were talking about. At 11:30 p.m., Edward left the bar and got into his car to drive home. As he was driving down the side of the street he noticed someone thumbing for a ride. Edward turned on his high beams and pulled over right after he noticed that it was a female hitching a ride.

The girl walked over to the passenger side and when she approached it, Edward opened the driver’s side door and said:

EDWARD: ” Where are you going? ”

GIRL: ” Just to the village. ”

EDWARD: ” Ok, Get in I’ll take you there. ”

( After she had sat down comfortably in the passenger’s seat. The girl proceeded to introduce herself.)

JENNIFER: ” Hi, My name is Jennifer, thanks for stopping. I’m pleased to meet you. ”

EDWARD: " My name is Edward. Where in the village are you going? ”

JENNIFER: ” I’m coming from Quebec, Canada. I want to go to Williams Fort. I’m supposed to meet up with some friends in the village and keep going to New York City.”

As both of them began to have a good conversation Edward, drove off toward the village. Jennifer was a very young girl with not too tall a build, very pretty with a free spirit. They were a few blocks away from the village, getting closer to the street that lead to the beach of the lake. Just then Edward said:

EDWARD: ” Do you mind if before I drop you off, I go to the marina?

I don’t want to have to go back there later. ”

JENNIFER: ” Is too far to walk to where I want to go from the marina? ”

EDWARD: ” No, it’s not that far from the marina if you don’t want me to drop you off. I’ll only be a couple minutes, just long enough to pick up some things a friend of mine owes me. ”

JENNIFER: ” Ok, Go ahead you’re the one doing me the favor. I don’t want to take you out of your way. ”

As soon as Edward got an affirmative answer, he turned right at the light that had on it a sign saying to the marina. After a few minutes driving around the lake, the road began to turn darker and darker. The only light coming from the on coming cars. Jennifer turned on the inside light of the car to look for a Chapstick in her bag. she said:

JENNIFER: ” Where the hell is my Chapstick? ”

At this point in time Edward, who the minute he picked up the girl had very evil intentions toward her, noticed that Jennifer had not put on her seat belt. Very spontaneously checked for going or coming traffic. After seeing there was nobody else on the road, he put both hands around the steering wheel. Taking advantage of Jennifers’ being busy, he slammed on the brakes very roughly. This forced the girl to collide head first with the dashboard of the car. The car continued to slide for a few moments. It later came to a complete stop. Mean while Jennifer had received a very hard blow to her head and had become unconscious. Edward turned off the overhead courtesy light and then drove on.

The next day by the pier where the ferry’s passenger landing zone was, there was a big crowd of people surrounding both the police, the ambulance and the town sheriff. They were covering up the body of a black girl with a white sheet. Apparently who ever had dumped the girl’s body in the lake had used some other sheets.

These sheets had gotten tangled up and drawn away by the propeller blades of the ferry boat were they were found later by the mate of the boat after it had come to a complete stop.

The remains of the girls body were taken away for an autopsy to try and determine the cause of death. Detective Jones was at the scene and so was Detective Gianlucca.

Jennifer the Hitchhiker was raped and physically abused by Edward. She was then subjected to the venom of the mantis like the other victims. Her body was finally disposed of two days later. The night this happened was very cold and chilly. Edward dumped the body in the lake just as he had dumped the others then left the scene. Three days later, there happened to be a boat in the vicinity. This was about three miles from Michael’s house. The boat was rented out by a couple who were vacationing in the area. After a day spent fooling around on the lake the husband decided that it was time to get back to the dock. As he proceeded to heave the anchor into the boat, he noticed that it felt very heavy as if he had grabbed on to something. As the anchor with its extra weight came towards the surface of the lake. The woman who was with him peered over the side to see what he was complaining about. She startled him with a scream. Having the coolness to bring up the anchor anyway, he lifted the anchor with the body into the boat and then covered it with the boat’s tarpaulin.

After this he got on to the boat C.B. Radio And called the village police. The police notified the harbor patrol which arranged to pick up the body. Later on the lake became closed to the general public and special patrols were set up to patrol around the lake. Panic hit the small village as news of the enlarged police presence hit the street.

While Det. Jones was at the scene where the body was found, Det. Kanessa was checking the files of the other murder victims. These files consisted of the autopsy reports and dental records and such. Here he finds out the cause of death and learns that the killer was using the same method of using a snake like venom to do in his victims. By the small marks on the body the medical examiner guesses that the means the psycho used was injection but how or what was used was unclear.

The next day the sun shone through the room of Michael’s at the hospital. It was definitely the end of fall as the weather had turned decidedly colder and the leaves had finally started to come down from the trees, they were being blown down by the strong winds that were now blowing all of the time. It was breakfast time at the hospital. And as the nurses were serving it, one of them happened by the room where Michael was and heard a commotion going on inside. It sounded like a metal tray being dropped or thrown on the floor. When she walked inside to investigate, the nurse saw Michael sitting on the bed. She said to him:

NURSE: ” Hello there, can I help you? ”

MICHAEL: ” What am I doing in the hospital? ”

NURSE: ” You were brought here seven weeks ago with a head injury.

You have been in a coma since then until now. Can you recall your name or anything? ”

MICHAEL: ” No I don’t remember anything. ”

NURSE: ” Please try to see if you remember anything. Your name or a friends name. Anything at all. ”

MICHAEL: ” No, I’m sorry. I cannot remember any thing. ”

NURSE : ” Please stay here while I go get the doctor. ”

Doctor Kersley spent some time with Michael trying to help him regain his memory. But it was of no use and the doctor decided to wait till after he saw his other patients. Then he would look in on him again.

It was past lunch time when Edward arrived for his daily visit with Michael. When he got up to Michael’s hospital room, imagine his surprise to see his friend awake and sitting on the bed as he walked into the room. As he fully entered the room, he also saw Dr. Kersley there to trying to get Michael to remember anything. Edward was about to say something to the doctor when Michael said:

MICHAEL: ” Wait a minute doctor. I think I know this face. I last saw this guy 25 years ago when we were in school together. What is your name? ”

EDWARD: ” What’s the matter Mike don’t you remember me? My name is Edward. ”

DR. KERSLEY: ” Edward, He doesn’t remember a thing. ”

EDWARD: ” Hey, Michael. Don’t you remember the house by the lake? ”

MICHAEL: ” What house and on what lake are you talking about?

I don’t remember any House by a lake? ”

EDWARD: ” You don’t remember the house we live in? ”

MICHAEL: ” No, Edward I don’t remember any house. ”

( Michael looked confused and was extremely slow to give answers to questions at this time. He gave up answering and just stared out the window of the room, wondering who he was and where he was. )

EDWARD: ” Hey Dr. Kersley. Do you think Michael is ever going to get his memory back? ”

DR. KERSLEY: ” Only time will tell. ”

EDWARD: ” When do you think he can go home? ”

DR. KERSLEY: ” Maybe tomorrow. That is if he doesn’t show any side effects. ”

Around 9:00 a.m. of the next day Gianlucca walked towards his desk carrying a handful of reports with him. These reports were the autopsy results on the victims found so far. It was supposed to have been given to Det. Jones. But since he was out, Gianlucca received it for him instead and he decided before putting it on Jones’ desk, He would look it over first. The latest report said: ” The girl has been sexually abused and that the medical evidence we have before us, is inconclusive . We have no way to prove rape with out sperm samples. The only way we can even say rape is by the marks on the victims private parts.

It looks like the killer used a condom when he raped the victim. ” The report went on to state further that the additional marks on the wrists and legs of the victim showed her being possibly bound to either a bed or strapped up against a wall. It also showed black and blue marks around her chest and neck. The small marks on her legs and chest determined that she was killed the same way as the others. This was because the biopsy showed the same kind of snake like poison was being used each time. At this point Gianlucca, who was not supposed to be working on this case, began to get deeper into the facts and started putting a few facts together. He realized that the physco must be milking a deadly snake and that after he abused his victims was injecting them with the strong venom. After carefully putting the reports for Det. Jones on his desk, Gianlucca decided that he would check out a theory of his about the reptile angle by checking the pet stores in town. He would check to see if anyone had bought recently a very poisonous snake and if so who it was.

Mean while Det. Jones had thought of the same idea after he had already read the preliminary reports. He went to the village and started checking the few pet shops in the area. There were only three stores in the village. After Gianlucca had checked the first two, he went towards the third one. As he neared the store he spied Det. Jones walking into the store. He decided to wait for the other detective to leave before going inside. After a while Jones walked out and drove away. Then Gianlucca got out of the car and walked towards the shop. After he had entered the shop and looked around for a couple of minutes. Det. Kannessa went up to the cashiers desk and asked for the manager after first identifying himself as a detective. He asked of the young kid behind the counter:

DET. KANNESSA: ” I’m Det. Kannessa is the manager in? ”

STORE CLERK: ” Another policeman was just here asking me the same thing. ”

DET. KANNESSA: ” Oh yeah and what did he ask you? ”

STORE CLERK: ” Well first he asked if my boss was in. By the way my boss is off on vacation, collecting new reptiles for the store. Then the other detective asked me, what my name was and how long I had been working here.

I told him that I’m new. I’ve only been working here since two weeks ago.”

DET. KANNESSA: ” When do you expect your boss back? ”

STORE CLERK: ” Oh, about a week from now. He said he was combining business with pleasure. He wanted to see if he could get some different suppliers for the store.

DET. KANNESSA: ” Did the other officer ask you any other questions besides when your boss was coming back? ”

STORE CLERK: ” Yeah he did. He also said that he was coming back later to talk to my boss in person. ”

DET. KANNESSA: ” Let me ask you one more thing. Has any one in the last two weeks been in here buying a large amount of snake food? ”

STORE CLERK: ” No sir. There hasn’t been any movement at all on snake food that I know of. ”

DET. KANNESSA: ” Ok, Kid that’s all. Thanks and I’ll be back later in about a week to question your boss. ”

At the hospital, Michael is finally getting released so that he can go home. Edward has arrived to pick him up and is to drive him home. On the way home, Michael who has been in a coma for the last seven weeks asks a bunch of questions of Edward. These questions regard Michael’s lifestyle, family background and anything else Michael can think of to help him get his memory back. As they get closer to the house, Edward asks of Michael:

EDWARD: ” Do you remember the village we just drove trough? Have you ever been here before Mike? ”

( But it was impossible for him to get anything but the same answer to each question. )

Two days go by with Edward trying to help his friend to regain his memory. On the third day Edward left Michael alone in the house. He was testing him to see what he would do if he was left alone. Edward didn’t trust Michael anymore. That was the reason he had for pretending to leave and go to the village by himself. Instead he stayed close by the house.

Michael all alone at last, wondered around the house familiarizing himself again with it.

He finally walked down to the basement and after looking around down there he fell asleep on the bed that was down there.

During his sleep, he dreamed that he was in the same house. He was walking around it like he had just done. Through the hall that connected the garage and the basement. He saw a door in his dream on the right side of the hallway and a very bright light shining out from the inside of the room behind the door. As he got closer to the door in his dream, the door closed on him very quickly. He tried to open the door but there was no visible doorknob. He then tried in his dream to open the door by slamming his body against it but the door wouldn’t budge. He then walked in his dream into the next room. Here he saw a pool of blood on the floor. Right next to this pool, he saw a body of a female lying face down in the blood. He looked aside from the body in the dream and saw a man standing next to the bed with a kitchen knife in his hand. He got scared and surprised in the dream, because this man looked exactly like his friend Edward. But the image that he dreamt was so blurry that he couldn’t recognize for sure who it really was. In his dream he went closer to get a good look at the figure, but as he did he saw that the figure raising his hand and grabbing him by the hair. The figure then very savagely cut his throat with the knife. Here Michael woke up with a start. As he woke from his dream, he heard somebody opening a door upstairs. He then hurried upstairs to see who it was. He then realized that as usual it was his friend Edward coming in.

Edward smelled of beer, but was high also as he said hello:

EDWARD: ” Oh, hello Michael how are you? Was your day as good as mine was? ”

MICHAEL: ” Oh it was alright but I feel very strange in this house.

Well, I’ll talk further with you in the morning. I’m really tired and I would like to go get some sleep.”

EDWARD: ” Yeah, sure go ahead. ”

( He said this as he opened the refrigerator to get a beer. He then went into the living room and sat down to watch some television afterwards.)

Mid morning the next day, both men got up. After Edward served himself some coffee. He asked Michael:

EDWARD: ” Why did you feel so weird in the house yesterday? That’s what I thought you said unless I’m mistaken.”

MICHAEL: ” No, your right that’s what I said and it’s because I had this real silly dream. ”

EDWARD: " Oh, what was the dream about? ”

MICHAEL: ” Don’t worry about it. It was so stupid that I’m embarrassed to tell you about it. My mind must have been playing tricks on me.

I dreamt that there was a dead body in the basement. It was all so very frightening and real. ”

EDWARD: ” Your right that was a very stupid dream. ”

Michael never forgot his dream and decided to follow up on it . Later that same day as he walked by the basement hall he got a flashback of the dead girl on the bed.

Every time he walked through that same hall he also got a flash back of the laboratory room. Michael waited for Edward to go out so he could check on the basement alone. As he waited, he walked to the front door to pick up the newspaper that was lying on the front porch. He began to read it. In the paper there was news of a serial killer. It seems that the killer had been going around the area killing women with snake venom after raping them.

At this same time Michael had told Edward of his dream. Edward became afraid that Michael was getting his memory back. He knew that it was like the doctor had said, only a matter of time. Edward knew that Michael was up to something. Because during the day he would quiz Edward about aspects of his past trying to get some clue as to what had been going on for the last seven weeks.

Michael in turn felt that there was something strange about Edward and was not sure of his relationship with him anymore.

Later, Edward became sure that Michael would do some searching around in the house when he wasn’t there. He decided to see exactly what Michael would do. After he left the house. Michael trying to put all the pieces together from the past seven weeks, went downstairs to the basement. He looked around for the door to his laboratory. He looked for it along the wall that lead to the lab room that he had been seeing in his dream. As he looked, he kept seeing flashbacks of the dream. He started to try and bang on the wall to see if there were any hollow spots that might reveal where a door might lie.

The light in the corridor suddenly burned out and as he reached to turn the rotary switch off. His hand slipped and turned the switch position to the right, turning the magnetic lock off. All of the sudden out of no where there appeared the door that he had been searching for. As the door magically opened for him, Michael walked inside. There in the room he saw his praying mantis and the large glass container with the poisonous snake they had used to secure the venom for the experiment from. He also saw the other lab equipment that he had seen in his dream. After a few minutes of taking it all in, especially the mantis and the snake. Michael thought of the report he had read in that mornings newspaper. The one he had read about the use of some kind of snake venom by some psycho to commit the serial murders. As Michael thought about it taking the scene in the hidden lab, he also started to remember Edward’s weird behavior. He then came to the conclusion that it must be Edward who was this serial killer. He turned and left the hidden room, determined to call the authorities and report Edward.

As Michael went out of the hidden entrance to the room. Michael was met by a very large kitchen knife. It was held by Edward who had been standing there all of the time Michael had been in the hidden room. He had made his entrance into the lab with out making a sound. As Edward stood there he said:

EDWARD: ” I’m sorry old friend. But I must ....... ”

With that Edward plunged the kitchen knife deep into Michael’s stomach.

He stabbed him several times there. Michael held onto Edward as he was falling down. The blood flowed freely, running down his body. He tried to say something but couldn’t, his strength failing him.

Edward knew that he couldn’t dump the body into the lake anymore as it was being patrolled. He thought of burying him in the garden. After he had buried his friend there. The cold blooded killer changed the burnt out light bulb in the hall light and proceeded to clean up the bloody laboratory floor. He then later cleaned himself up and got rid of the bloody rags he had used to clean with. After finishing the job, Edward got into his car and drove around for a while.

After a few days had gone by. Detective Jones went back to the pet store. He talked to the store owner who was Tony, He had been the one who sold Michael the Poisonous snake:

DET. JONES: ” Hello, how Ya doing? ”

TONY: ” I’m fine thank you. ”

DET. JONES: ” My name is Det. Jones and I would like to ask you some questions if I may? ”

TONY: ” Sure ask away. I’ve got nothing to hide. ”

DET. JONES: ” Do you remember selling anybody in the last month or so, a very poisonous snake? ”

TONY: ” No, I don’t remember off hand but let me check my daily book sales. I might have but it was a while ago officer.”

JONES: ” If you have could I have the name please? ”

TONY: ” Here we go. Oh yeah. I sold one to a Michael Pierce. He is a biologist. He was doing a study of snakes.”

JONES: ” Please give me his address. I’ve got a few questions I would like to ask him. ”

( After Tony gave him the address of Michael. Jones walked out. After he had walked out, Det. Gianlucca walked in.)

GIANLUCCA: ” Hello. ”

TONY: ” Yes. Can I help you? ”

( The detective flashed his badge and introduced himself:)

GIANLUCCA: ” I’m Detective Kanessa and I won’t take up your time.

My partner just walked out of here and took off. I didn’t get the chance to find out where he was going in such a hurry. Maybe you could repeat to me what you told him. ”

TONY: ” Well, first he asked about anyone buying a Poisonous snake lately from me. I told him yes. Then he asked for their name and address which I gave him. ”

GIANLUCCA: ” Please give me that same information.”

Right after getting this information, Gianlucca left and took off in a hurry. By the time he got to the house he could see Det. Jones ringing the doorbell. He wasted no time parking the car very close to the house.

Inside the house, Edward was in the basement. He was just covering up the body of another girl.

This girl had been one Edward had treated to a drink in the bar in Glenn Falls the night before. She ended up getting very drunk and Edward asked her if she had wanted to do some drugs with him. They had gone back to the house where he had killed her. He had been getting ready to dump the body tonight when the doorbell began ringing. He stopped what he had been doing and went to see who was at the door. As he answered the door, the detective then introduced himself:

DET. JONES: " Hi, My name is Det. Jones and I would like to ask you some questions. I am looking for Michael Pierce.

Can I come in please? ”

EDWARD: ” Yeah, sure come in. Well Michael isn’t available right now. He’s down in Brazil, South America doing some research on the rain forest damage there.

I’m renting his house from him until December while he is gone. ”

( Fifteen minutes go by while Det. Jones is inside the house and Gianlucca begins to wonder a little. Mean while back at the house, Det. Jones and Edward keep talking. Then Jones asks:

DET. JONES: ” May I see some identification please? And do you mind if I have a look around ? ”

EDWARD: ” Not at all go ahead and look around.” (As he gave the detective his drivers license.)

Detective Jones felt Edward grow suspicious as he was looking around the house. He saw the stairs to the basement and said:

DET. JONES: ” Do you mind if I look in the basement? ”

( At this point Edward knew what was coming the minute the officer had introduced himself. He had to act unsuspicious

EDWARD: ” Yeah sure you can check down there. ”

DET. JONES: ” After you. ”

As Edward was forced to lead the way, he walked down the three steps. At this point his shoulder was at the same level as the waist of Detective Jones. Very quickly Edward swung his left arm, hitting Jones in the testicles with his elbow. This knocked Jones down immediately. As the man rolled on the floor in great pain, Edward hit him in the face a couple of times with his foot. He then took the officers service revolver and without thinking twice. He shot the detective in the abdomen.

Detective Kanessa heard the shot outside and ran up to the house. He stood beside the door and began ringing the doorbell. Edward who had run upstairs, heard the doorbell and proceeded to shoot at the detective through the unopened door. He shot at the door twice and then turned and ran out of the back door of the house. Edward ran all the way down to the dock and jumped into the boat, taking off in it. Det. Kanessa heard the noise of the boats ignition system and very forcefully knocked down the front door. He made his way into the house. Gianlucca quickly found Det. Jones down the stairway leading down to the basement lying in a pool of blood. He then ran out through the kitchen and out of the house. He saw somebody taking off in a boat. But he couldn’t get of any shots at the man getting away because of all of the trees in the way.

Gianlucca then returned back inside the house and attended to Det. Jones. He called for back-up on the kitchen phone. After a while the ambulance came with the police captain of the village. Det. Kanessa told the captain about the killer getting away and the captain called for reinforcements to go after him. The ambulance men took away Det. Jones to the Glenn Falls hospital.

By now more men had arrived at the scene of the crime and proceeded to look over the place for clues. In the midst of their searching they discovered the body of the dead girl. She was on the bed in the basement covered by the sheet that Edward had temporarily placed over her. She had been brutally strangled to death.

The police set up a check point on the main artery into and out of the town and on the highway in the surrounding area.

Detective Jones who had been taken to the hospital was in very critical condition. Having lost alot of blood when Edward shot him.

The order went out that the police were to look for a Michael Pierce as the prime suspect in the shooting of Det. Jones. Meanwhile Edward, who after getting into the boat got clean away from the lake area. He pulled up shortly a distance from the house. Edward then left the boat behind and walked to the nearest house. Here he found a 1973 white, Chevy Nova. By hot wiring the car he managed to start it and drove off. Edward knew that if he stayed cool he could avoid the dragnet the police were sure to be setting up for him. By the time the police were able to locate him he would be long gone.

Edward proceeded to drive through the village on Canada Street and out onto the entrance of Route 87 North. He then saw the road block ahead. He knew that the only way out was to go calmly through the blockade. Besides weren’t the police looking for Michael Pierce and not him?

Edward drove up to the roadblock and was pulled over. The police officer asked him for his license:

OFFICER: ” May I see your license please? ”

( Very calmly Edward answered:)

EDWARD: ” Yeah, sure officer. Here. What’s going on officer? ”

OFFICER: ” Just a routine check sir. Here’s your license back. ”

( The officer confirmed the information on the license and the photo I.D.. He was giving back the license, when he noticed that the cars inspection had expired. He then said: )

OFFICER: ” Sir, Are you aware that your State Inspection expired a month ago? ”

EDWARD: ” No, Officer. I hadn’t noticed that it had. I’ve been away out of town and I just got back today. I’ll take care of it first thing in the morning. ”

OFFICER: ” I still have to give you a summons, Ok? ”

EDWARD: ” Ok with me officer. ”

( Edward looked into the glove compartment for the registration and insurance card he though were sure to be there. But he couldn’t find them. He ended up with getting an additional three tickets and had to wait.)

Meanwhile, back at Michael’s house the investigation was still going on. One of the investigators, who was checking the upstairs bedroom had found a book lying under the bed. He had reached for it and as he did so steadied himself with his other hand on the bed. The officer noticed that there was also another thin book between the mattress. He took out this other book. It turned out to be Michael’s scientific diary. The officer turned over the book to Detective Kanessa, who now was in charge of the investigation. Det. Kanessa began to read the book and noticed on the last entry of the book, that a second person had been helping Michael with the experiment. This persons name was Edward Floyd. He then realized one thing. That it must have been this second person who had fired at him and Det. Jones. That man had then escaped on the boat. After he thought awhile about this possibility. Gianlucca went and talked to the captain. He told him what he thought and showed the captain the thin book. Right away the captain set about calling every road block on the police radio. He informed them of the second suspect wanted for involvement in the shooting. The captain asked for the arrest on sight of Edward Floyd or Michael Pierce.

Meanwhile on Route 87 North the officer who had stopped Edward got this information over his radio. He had been about to release a person who had the same name with three traffic summons. He got out of his patrol car and walked back to the car that Edward was in. Before he got too close to it. The officer took out his service revolver.

Edward, who was looking into his rearview mirror, had seen the officer talking to someone on the radio. After he had finished, the officer stepped out of his patrol car. As soon as he had seen the officer draw his gun, Edward knew that something was very wrong. He proceeded to immediately step on the car’s gas.

Edward took off in a cloud of smoke, leaving rubber tire tracks on the ground. The patrolman then ran for his car to give chase to the newly confirmed second suspect. While he was driving, the officer radioed to command and asked for back-up. He also confirmed that the identity of the main suspect and the second person, were one and the same person. The name the officer gave to the dispatcher was Edward Floyd.

The intense chase went on route 87 north for a few miles. Edward was far up front, when he first saw the second roadblock. This had been setup by the Police Captain after he had conferred with the command post. Command had relayed to him the identity of the suspect wanted in the shootings. He then decided after looking at the map to try and block of the main highway in the area. The plan was to catch the killer alive if possible. They saw from the maps of the area that the next exit was twenty miles ahead. Here they would make their stand. The distance involved would allow the police time to get into position. Also they could block any idea of escape south by blocking the other side of the highway.

The police were caught off guard by the fact that Edward instead of stopping when he saw the barricade, decided to try and run it like he had the other one.

They had parked their cars at an extreme angle to the highway. The police thought that no one would try and bust on through. Edward almost made it. He went through at such a great rate of speed that he had pushed aside the first blockade here like they were child’s toy cars.

But as he went through this first part of the blockade he then saw the fact that the police had planned well. There was a little distance back from the first more police cars lined along the road. Edward knew that he was about to be caught. Rather than being taken alive, Edward decided to try and kill himself by smashing into the ambulance parked behind the first part of the barricade. Since he was traveling so fast this caused a great crash, with the Nova catching on fire. The two cars were totally destroyed.

After they had gotten him out of the wreckage, the police put him in an ambulance to take him to the Glenn Falls hospital. Edward had suffered a severe head wound as well as many facial glass cuts. He had also suffered a badly fractured leg. The leg was so badly broken that the bone stuck out of it. Due to the large loss of blood and trauma from all his wounds, Edward collapsed into a deep coma.

The following day, Detective Gianlucca was promoted for helping save the life of Det. Jones. He was also congratulated by the staff and the captain on a job well done. Detective Jones also sent his thanks through his family. Later on that same day Gianlucca went to the Glenn Falls hospital to check on both his prisoner and Det. Jones.

When the valiant detective went to see the fugitive who caused all the fuss, he found the hallway outside crawling with security. Gianlucca also found his prisoner shackled to his hospital bed. Edward was in a very deep coma. Gianlucca found out from the doctor that they didn’t expect him to live.

Meanwhile back at Michael’s now abandoned house where it had all started. A praying mantis stood on the lower limb of a pine tree. As it surveyed the area it noted the lack of immediate prey.

The mantis then decided to leave crawling away from the scene.

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