If tears could talk

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Elvira lost her mother from a very young age. Her father was horrible. Her only sister was dead. She usually sat in her room and drew all day, the lines and swirls on the paper calming her. She was kind of lucky that her father brought home someone every week from the bar. If he didn’t then that would be more time he had with her. And Elvira had the scars to prove that that time was not fun.

Horror / Drama
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Chapter 1

Elvira sat down on her floor, coloring in an adults stress coloring book when it had happened. ‘Finally’ she thought, ‘rain!’ Thunder boomed and crackled across the sky, the sound clouding her mind, and..she smiled.

A rare occasion now a days, for sure.

She liked having a small bedroom. It was her own tiny space that she could so whatever she wanted in. She liked having a large windowsill that she could sit on, close the curtains and hide from the world-hide from everyone. Sometimes she felt cramped in her tiny room, but the large windowsill always made up for it when it rained.

Even though when she thought she was hidibg from the world, she was staring out towards the world and the people outside her house could see her. So mostly she was hiding from her father and his ‘girlfriend of the week.’

He apparently brought home a new woman every week from the bar that he took advantage of, and brought her to his house. They were always drunk, so the girls often had no idea what they were doing. But her father did.

He always knew just the right way to make people crack. Make them miserable. Make them grieve.

But no, these ladies? He tried to make them feel as good as he possibly could.

She mostly stayed in her room during these times, because if not, she’d have to bleach her eyes from the horrors of what her father was doing with his new girlfriend on the couch.

She sighed at her thoughts, got up, and opened the curtains of her window sill that met halfway. She reached over, opened her blinds, then sat down, knees to her chest, and closed the curtains back up again.

She continued to color, looking outside every so often, the rain dropping on her roof and sliding down the side of the house being a relaxing melody singing in her ears.

On days like these she couldn’t help but think of her mother. Her eyes softened. Sometimes she thought her mom was still there, watching over her, smiling down upon her young face.

But her mother died years ago, giving birth to her youngest sister. The story was, Elvira’s father, Andrew, was angry at his wife, Alessandra for wanting another kid, ‘our first one’s a disappointment enough!’ He screamed at her.

Elvira still wonders why her father got so upset the literal day Alessandra was suposed to give birth to the child, instead of early on when the could’ve done something about it.

Alessandra told him this of course, “you’re the one who raped me! I didn’t wabt it either, but now it’s almost here, and I couldn’t be more happy! You should be happy too! Oh my god-“

you know what?! I’m tired of your sass!” He then stroke her across the face so hard, that she fell down the stairs, putting too much pressure on her neck, proceeding to breaking it.

The doctors did everything they could but in the end they could only make one choice. Save Soohia or save the child?

She died at the hospital, claiming that she’s had her life, and it’s her child’s turn to have a chance to live.

The doctors knew they couldn’t save her anyways, so they got to work. Opening her up and delivering her second child.

She knew she’d die if she closed her eyes, so screamed through the pain of the surgery.

She got to hold her newly born for just a few seconds before she whispered, “Sola” kissed her forehead, and let her eyes painfully droop as she slipped into unconsiosness and died, holding her child in her arms.

The doctors let the mother protect her child in her dead embrace, for just a few more saddened seconds, before they took the child away, placing her into Andrew's arms.

Andrew, of course, told everyone she ‘fell down the stairs by accident’ but Elvira knew. She saw it happen. Her big brown doe eyes watched the whole thing in horror, her midnight blue eyes filling with clear, shiny crystal tears.

Similar tears pooled around her eyes as she was brought back to the present, with only enough time to think of how her younger, and only sister died at the young age of five.

She thought back to that day.

Elvira and Sola were cuddling on the couch and watching Peppa Pig, just as Andrew walked in, and began drunkenly yelling at his children, hitting both of them with enough force to rip their heads off.

He began to curse at them, yelling at them. Every day he found a way to remind Sola that she was a mistake, that she was the reason his wife died.

Sola sniffed loudly, trying to will her tears away, “daddy...why are you doing this?!”

Andrew glared at his daughter, but couldn’t help but soften up a bit because his daughter was so adorable. Big, dark green eyes just like her mother. “Because, sweetie, ever since mommy died...things have been really hard for me”

Sola stood up, “it’s been hard for all of us, but you don’t see me smacking Evelyne! You don't see me drinking my life away, yelling at kids, and hurting people! Did you even love mommy?! Every day you tell us to get over her, how can you say that?!"

Elvira didn’t know why everyone called her Elvira since her first name was Evelyne, but that nickname was so common that she was shocked when her sister said her real name.

She didn’t even know that Sola knew her real name.

“Do you think mom would be happy now?! Do you think she’d be proud of the fact that you beat your kids, come home drunk everyday, and do illegal things?!” Sola yelled.

“What's that thing you hide in your cabinet? Crack, I think Elvira told me! I'm not sure what that is but it defiantly isn't legal! Elvie says you're always 'high' and that you shouldn't be doing that!" Sola got closer up her her father’s face with every word, until their noses were touching.

“What I do is my choice! So get AWAY FROM ME!” Andrew yelled, punching his daughter in the stomach, sending her flying...directly towards a pile of bricks that Andrew was going to use to fix the patio.

Elvira gasped, her sister’s head banged so hard, she cracked her head open, passing out from the impact.

Pools of blood surrounded Sola, all of them eventually meeting.

Andrew panicked, immediately coming up with the cover up story that ‘the kids were playing and she slipped.’

Elvira called nine one one, and the ambulance arrived within minutes, carrying Sola away. Elvira demanded to ride in the ambulance with her sister as Andrew drove to the hospital.

Elvira’s eyes shined with tears as they hooked her up to a medical heart rate monitor. The doctors said that as long as the line wasn’t red, she’d be fine.

As soon as they got to the hospital, the line dropped, and Sola was dead, Her hand in Elvira’s.

Suddenly back at the window sill, Elvira was aware of the tears that dripped down her chin and landed on the back of her hand. She was sixteen now. She loved her sister. She loved her mother.

But life wasn’t fair.

It never was.

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