The Mere Luna

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She is a young girl,who loves school and has little crushes Soon teenagers gets missing and she soon got involved which caused the unveiling of some hidden secrets and birth of new dangers. Things get kinda complicated and the people she loves are all in danger. Being a Luna with so many powers that she herself doesn't know she posses, she becomes the prey of the twins. Most especially the one who wants to use her to sustain his life span and the other inflict pain on her.

Horror / Romance
King Esther
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I was drowned, my head was swollen, my spirit overtaken, am struggling ,struggling with myself, struggling to stay alive ,struggling to keep moving.

I screamed but I was voiceless, my body switched positions, it twisted and turned, it rose high above the river , the water rose with me, and it got me thinking am I controlling it?

The moon is full, I hear the wolves howling like the wind and running in a pack. I saw a pair of red eyes looking at me, but the body remained hidden in the shadows.

I soared high up and the water came up too, I tried to get a closer look but the water pulled me back in drowning me till I was at the bottom of the river

My hair turned blue, my leg vanished and was replaced with a tail.
The water began rumbling, it’s like it’s fighting but with what?

A young boy fell in the water, he couldn’t breathe, I touched him and he opened his eyes, they were red.

He took me and swam up to shore and gave me a bite.
Am I a Luna or a mere Luna?

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