Tortured and Pregnant

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Emily Fields, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, and Aria Montgomery are kidnapped and put into a bunker known as the dollhouse but tables turn for spencer when she finds out that she is pregnant with her boyfriends baby. when they get rescued they think the torment is over but it gets worse.

Horror / Mystery
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The Kidnapping

Emily's POV:
Me and my friends, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, and Aria Montgomery were all having a late dinner at the rose grill. not to mention it was also our friend's funeral. "I feel like we're being watched," Hanna says as she looks outside the window. "well we just found out that our friend was killed we're probably the main suspects" Spencer says with sarcasm. "this is why people call you the queen of sarcasm" Aria says only half joking. I then realize there is a body figure outside looking straight at our table. "guys I think hanna is right" I say as I signal to the body figure. "let's go" Aria says as we follow. we start walking down the dark streets with only the flickering street lights as our light. I then hear Hanna scream then Aria and Spencer. I then feel someone put their hand over mine and soon enough I'm out cold.
Spencer's POV:
I then wake up in a room that looks just like mine at my house. but then I remember what happened. I then see the chair. the chair that look exactly like the one Toby made me. I then flip the chair over and as I suspected it had a sticker label meaning that whoever put me in here bought it. then my door opens. "please follow the lighted pathway" a speaker said. I then get up and exit my room. "SPENCE" Emily screams as my friends run to me. "where the hell are we" I ask confused. "we're in some kind of bunker" Hanna says. "more like A's dollhouse" Emily says with a little of her known attuitde. "and we're the dolls" I say. all of a sudden the girls get quite. "what's wrong" I ask as I turn to them. " -A told us something" Emily says quietly. "what did -A tell you" I ask confused. it's like they don't want to tell me but have to. "Spencer your pregnant" Hanna blurts out. "HANNA" Emily and Aria shout. "wait but how toby and spencer haven't done it because spencer's saving herself until marriage" Emily says. and I get quiet real quick knowing that me and toby have slept together more than once. "Spence?" Aria asks noticing how I got quiet as soon as Emily said that me and Toby haven't done it yet. "what are you not telling us" Emily asks. "you guys had sex before Ali's funeral didn't you" Hanna says smiling. "how did you even know he came over" I ask confused. "well me and Caleb got into a fight so I came to your house and when I got there I saw you and Toby arguing then I saw he kissed you then you guys started to make-out. that's when I left" Hanna says and I just stay quiet knowing that Hanna isn't wrong. "wait a minute so you and Toby had sex before yesterday" Emily says and I just nod. "did you guys use protection" Emily asks and I think about that night and the events but I don't deny it.

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