Tortured and Pregnant

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The Doll House

Hanna's POV:

I still can't believe that Spencer is pregnant. "please follow the lighted path way" a voice said. "we heard you bitch" I snap and we link arms and walk down the hallway into another room. someone then turns around. "Ali? your alive" Emily says in dis-believe. spencer then clutches onto her stomach and breathes heavy. "Spence you okay," Alison asks not knowing whats growing inside her best friend. "yeah i'm fine" spencer says low. "here, sit down," Alison says patting a spot next to her on the couch. "Spencer's Pregnant" Aria blurts out and Alison is in shock. "who's baby is it," she asks and we all get quiet. "spencer's boyfriend," Emily says knowing their history. "well who's spencer's boyfriend," Alison asks. "Toby Cavanaugh" Aria says low. alison looks surprised but she isn't mad. "I'm happy for you spence," Alison says and we smile. "okay so I figured out that at night the lights and camera's go off for two minutes." Alison says. "so we have to find out where we could get out and wait until the next night to escape" spencer says understanding what Alison is saying. "at least we still have our spencer" emily says and we all laugh.

Calebs POV:

me, toby, and ezra are doing our best to find the girls but it's like A is a pro at technology. we finally discover a location in the woods. "bingo" ezra says and we all get our stuff. and toby calls tanner. "toby they've been gone for almost 2 months they might be a high chance" tanner starts. "don't you dare finish that sentence" toby says cutting tanner off. we then see smoke coming out of trapped doors. "over here" Ezra shouts trying to pull open doors. when he finally gets them open the girls come running out. including, Alison? aria runs to ezra. hanna runs to me and spencer runs to toby. spencer seems a little bigger than the last time i saw her. when we all came to spencer and toby the girls smile. "did you tell him yet" emily asks. okay now I'm confused. "spencer's pregnant" hanna blurts out. "who's the father" ezra says clueless and we all point to toby. when we all congratulate spencer and toby or as hanna likes to call them spoby. toby goes to put his arm around spencer's back but she flinches. we then all go to the hospital.

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