The Silent Stalker

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Have you ever been followed to a point where it becomes terrifying? To see people you cared about vanished before your own eyes? To see your own life vanished into darkness... that's what Ellie & Evan feels when a obsessed stalker enter their lives, taking people they knew or loved out one by one. This person won’t stop until he gets what he wants. ✧ Includes ✧ ➝ Strong Language ➝ Smut ➝ Violence ➝ Gore

Horror / Mystery
Christina Wolf ✨
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Sobbing was the only thing that filled my ears, I was dragged through some muddy hall. To be honest, I don’t know where I am?? My body stopped as a metal door opened, I think... I couldn’t see. A blindfold was placed on me before I got here. I tumbled on the ground as I was tossed in like a rag-doll. The door closed as footsteps entered the area.

My blindfold was stained with tears as I struggled to get free. Cold and rough hands touched the bottom of it. Once light hit my eyes, I began to scan around. “LET ME GO!” I mumbled as a gag covers my mouth preventing me from screaming.

The masked man picks me up bridal style and places me on the rotten mattress. He didn’t hesitate to tie my arms and legs to the bedpost. Once the gag came off, my mouth went flying.

“Fuck you, you sick per-” a ‘smack’ sound echo through the halls. It left me in a shocking state.

“You be a good girl while I bathe you.” The stranger said with a weird tone. Squirming around to get loose, I heard whimpers. So, I wasn’t the only one here. The stranger pulled out a bucket full of water and began to wash my wounds.

“You were hard to get. I had to get rid of people to have you in my hands. Now that you are here, the wedding shall continue as plan."

“Fu-fuck you and your twisted wedding you sicko.” I spat on him. What a wrong choice considering he has the upper hand. Yanking my hair, he places a butcher knife by my throat.

“I can see that you will be fun to torture... I will break you down like the others.” He laughs menacingly. “So, sit tight and enjoy your stay... my home is your home for good.”

He left the room still laughing. Once that door was close— I started to sob, wondering how did it end like this...

~ Couple Of weeks Ago ~

Leaning on the controls, I tapped my foot in annoyance. “Come on people!! This scene doesn’t need to be read millions of times!! I think it’s perfect!” I shouted at the actors on stage.

“It seems like our tech engineer is getting antsy. Maybe it is time to wrap up rehearsal." The director stated as he collected the scripts from everyone.

“Thank god... you try to be up here listening to them fake cry while fixing the lights.” I whined.

“It’s not like you have somewhere to be Ellie!”

“Yeah, anywhere but here for tonight. I got the day off tomorrow, I’m trying to get a head start on sleep.” I said.

The director chuckled as he walked off the stage with the others. As I was wrapping things up, a loud voice called my name. I couldn’t even look until a body came flying towards me. I got knocked over, which made me land on the switches. All the lights went crazy.

“Can you not break the controls, Ells.” The director asked.

“Sorry, Henry. I lost my balance.” I said as I pushed the person back. “Evan, Jesus fuck, can you not tackled me like a football player? I still got to work.”

“Sorry Ellie, I haven’t seen you most of the day. I just want to show love that’s all.” Evan fixed his clothes after that bear hug he gave me. By the time he did that— I was already walking to the dressing room.

“That’s how you feel? Leaving your brother by myself up there.” he pouted.

“You act like you haven’t been here plenty of times. You are a big boy and people like you can handle themselves. Besides don’t you have a date with Brandon?”

“He’s late... again. So, I told him that I will be with you until he comes.” Evan smiled while catching up with me. This boy is always late for their dates. Our parents are slowly hating him because of that. They don’t say “late” anymore... they said “Brandon”. That’s how bad it got. When people talk to Evan about it, he thinks it’s his fault in a way. Which is not. It’s only his fault if he doesn't scold his boyfriend for the tardiness.

As we were talking, I bumped into someone without noticing. Items fell on top of my head. What is this?? Tapping around, I figure out it was underwear. Screaming, I got up with anger. “What in the hell ??” I said to myself.

No. It wasn’t just one pair... it was multiple in the box. Who could it be carrying these, John. John is a dog. I tossed it back to him and wiped my hands on Even's shirt. “What the hell?!?! I don’t want nasty diseases on me.”

“Either do I, I like my life, thank you very much. So, John... What are you doing with lingerie??” raising one eyebrow up in curiosity.

“Hey, it’s not like I take them alright, they were given to me by my fan-girls. I’m not that sick.” He got a hold of the box and covered it up. “By the way, Henry said you need to take a look at the plans for tech rehearsal next week. Those lights need to get fixed.” John explained.

Doing a frustrating sigh, I crossed the arms with a huff. “I’m just one person, the whole crew will be here tomorrow. I will leave them the details through text. Now will you excuse me, I want to get home.” I stated as I passed through John.

“Alright see you later Ellie. Bye Evan.” He waved.

“Man... I can NOT have your job. I will go insane dealing with that all the time.”

“You get used to it, if you’ve been working here for a while.” I said. Finally reaching to the dressing rooms, I walked inside while Evan waited for me. Without letting anyone know, I walked in on Eunha by accident. She was in undergarments. Chuckling, she yelped with fright.

“Ah~ let yourself be known before you come in Ellie... jesus.” She said. To be honest, I thought all the actors went home by now. I mean, you can’t blame me for being slow. That’s what I told her.

“What are you my mom?” she asked with a snotty attitude. Not all the girls are like this here, it’s just her because her dad owns this theater.

“I could be. You know, by the way I dress every day." I joked.

“Yeah, I see. Oh! Ells want to hang tonight?” She stupidly asked. Now, why would she ask that after being snotty?? Why would I say yes even if I did want to hang out?? We are not even friends. I told her that I wanted to relax at home. Those were my plans since I’m off tomorrow.

Here she goes with the snotty attitude again. Talking about how am I going to relax when two boys live with me. That’s an understatement as rent costs too much around these areas. It’s not like we can get a luxury apartment with our parents’ money. I had to get roommates to help with the rent.

At least it’s people I know that lives with me and not strangers. Those were my words to the rich girl. “I was just saying, damn... you have a stick so far up your ass that people can’t have a normal conversation with you. I see why you don’t have a lot of friends.”

“If you don’t like me for me, then don’t let the door hit you on your way out.” I took my things and files from the desk. Waving goodbye to Eunha, I walked out. I realized that my twin brother has vanished. “Guess Brandon finally came to pick him up, good. He won’t be home then.”

Strolling to the exit, an eerie chill went up my spine. That one minute everything felt off. Shrugging, I continue to head home from that hell hole. It was around 11:34 pm when I walked back.

Walking alone is peaceful because I hate drama and ignororance. I marched along the street to ses blue and red lights hit the night sky. Trying to figure out what is going on, I picked up my pace. The area I lived in is quiet and out the way. Why was the police doing there?? Something bad must of happened.

I approached the crowd that huddled together. I jumped up and down to see what was there— I couldn’t see shit. Pushing and shoving my way through, my eyes met with a horrifying scene.

Fresh blood splattered everywhere. It painted the walls, tree, and ground red. A woman’s body laid on its stomach as her eyes were wide open. The liquid oozed out like jelly. The spectators around her whispered saying, “This never happened before... our neighborhood isn’t safe... now could this happen... blah, blah, blah,” nonsense.

But my eyes were glued onto the body as the ambulance searched for clues. Suddenly, I rushed over the trashcan to puke. My stomach couldn’t take it anymore. It was my first time seeing a dead body. As I wiped my mouth with a tissue, something shined in the trash.

“Who would leave something like this in the trash??” I questioned as I reached in there to see what it was. Not a moment later, the object slipped out of my hand and hit the ground with a “squish” sound. “It’s an ea-ea-ear!” the light from the moon reflected off the earring and made it seem like it was silver in there. Holding back the second round of puke, the cops came over to see what was commotion about.

Shocked by the ear, they took me to the police station for questioning. What the hell did I touch?? Was that an actual ear or...? Trying to get that out my head, I wondered why would someone kill a woman in a lit alleyway like that?? If I was the killer, I would have done it in a dim light or no light at all. That would be a perfect scene to hide the body.

Whoever did this wants to get caught soon, but for now, I sat there thinking, “Welp, my night couldn’t get any worse."

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